Saturday, May 4, 2019

Silent Profound

It was Saturday night, around 8pm. I had finished my dinner and was watching a documentary on history of London. I heard a knock at our home's door. Anticipating that it must be someone related to my flat mate, I did not bother assuming that Rini would open the door expecting some food delivery. Quite unexpectedly, some 3 minutes after Rini must have answered the door, I heard a knock on my room's door. In my casual tone at home, wondering why Rini was knocking at my door, I uttered, "its open Rini".  The door knob turned and the door got opened. I looked up and a shiver ran down my spine, my body froze, my eyes took sometime to process what they were seeing. I immediately got up from my bed and just stood looking at the person opposite to me.  It had been close to 4 years since we had last seen each other and 3 year since we had last talked or had communicated in anyway. 

I went closer and invited her further inside my room, offered a seat and quietly closed the door.  None of us spoke anything; it was absolutely unreal for me, a mini-shock to me. I just sat at a comfortable distance from her but did not say anything, she also didn't say anything. For a long time I just kept  looking into her eyes trying to find out the reason which must have brought her here and then to identify the courage it must have taken her, especially, flying from Queensland to Buenos Aires (the place where I currently live). I did not speak anything and was waiting for her to speak; although this decision not to initiate the conversation was a conscious one it was rather unlike me. I am the one who initiates candid conversations even in awkward moments; but I thought that at that time it was important to hear Aisha speak.  She was twisting her fingers, may be guilty that she had come, thinking may be that it was a stupid move or may be thinking how to initiate the talk and explain the reason or wish to visit me out of blue. Finally I realized I'd have to initiate the conversation. So, I asked her in quiet joyful tone how her life was and what she was doing these days. She replied that she was working with an Australian firm as a Technical Lead in Machine Learning Division and was in Buenos Aires for a 2 day official trip which got over 2 days back. Its funny that she still found me at the same place where I was living when she had left to Queensland unannounced. Must have been a wild move of hers to check if I was still living here and I am guessing that seeing me must have shocked her. She told me that she was hungry; I got up and went to kitchen. That night I had prepared brown rice and boiled beans, peas; served her hot with some salad. I was glad that she was eating at home; sharing food and meal times was one thing which had bought us closer in our time; some 6 years back. 

After eating she said that she was getting married. I said, "Ok, I am very happy for you and your partner. I wish you all the best". She showed me the wedding card; a plain white glossy material sheet in which names of the couple were mentioned. I read, "Arianne"; tried not to react after reading the name and my smile only widened. In that moment, I understood why she had come to visit me. I hugged her and this was a closure waiting to happen. 

(A work of fiction)

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