Monday, November 12, 2018

When its cold....

When its cold , 
remember there's a fountain of warmth
inside of you.
That fountain of yours,
which still warms me,
when I shiver in the sunny mornings,
or warm nights. 

When its cold, 
remember the warmth of your touch,
which could turn every snow flake in my heart,
into a beautiful dew on a leaf at dawn.

When its cold, 
remember the times when Love has warmed us,
in its most innocent and unvarnished forms,
and made us strong humans,
to tackle any blizzard or storm. 

When its cold,
remember the warmth of your smile,
which stills warms my heart and soul,
and spread that warmth around you,
it will make it a warm cold,
the warmth of which, My Dear, 
only you'd feel. 

When its cold,
remember the warmth we planted in each other's heart,
and dream of an even brighter and sunnier future,
with Him who never let you go. 
Remember His love and warmth dear,
And this shiver will quiver in your presence,
and soon turn into 
Spring ,
which would bloom, 
learning from only you, 
the meaning of Warmth, My Dear.


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