Wednesday, October 31, 2018

So Easy

So easy to get lost in the dust of the world,
So easy to put a veil over the head and 
hide one's uniqueness, hide one's own self,
in this world. 

So easy to do the easy, 
and forget about the climb that takes us
to peaks beautiful and clouds unexplored. 
So easy to become an accepted entity,
discarding the voice within,
the real identify, the true identity. 

So easy to never know the grind,
to never know the pain of trying,
to never taste bleeding of the heart,
and face the silent cries in the night. 

So easy to do the common ,
to dream the common, secure, dreams, 
to sail in the silent sea,
and to ride the calm horse. 

So easy not to fight and just live,
waiting to die with gold trapped in banks,
forgetting death is every moment spent,
without thinking of the greater good
of our brothers and sisters,
forgetting that death is not supporting
the dreams of our brothers and sisters,
on this journey of redemption.

So easy to be indifferent, 
So easy to stop "being love",
when romance is over,.
So easy to forget her, the Beloved,
when Her ship sails afar.
So easy to settle ,
to make mouths shut,
and make  soul wail and scream,
and thereby dishonour life.

So easy to feel weak, to tremble,
to shake and to weep,
in the face of seemingly big mountains,
in the face of huge oceans,
and in scorching heat of sun.

So easy to live like dead,
while still being alive. 
So easy to become a victim,
while still being a warrior.
So easy to give up,
while the time aint up.

So easy to forget,
the Truth,
that actually makes life 
So easy.

Aint nothin supposed to be easy,
Gotta Rise, Grind and Shine,
Every Single Day,
till death bed. 

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