Friday, August 11, 2017

When it Rains, I Bloom

Rains. A five letter word which when manifests itself bewitches me, I forget everything and my only desire becomes to walk in rain, dance in rain, feel the little drops of elixir from Heaven above and to allow them to penetrate into my soul, to think endlessly about life while in rain, feel every drop that falls over my head and gently nod my head in acknowledgement of the blessing that lies in every single drop. I really do believe that rains are blessings from Heaven above and invariably whenever I feel them nudging me gently and with so much love and warmth, my entire physiological system, psychological being and spiritual essence bloom into ecstasy, rapture and a sense of immense and inexplicable peace dawns upon me. And when that happens my eyes get automatically closed and a gentle smile adorns my lips. Rains are a blessing and I love spending time in rains for as long as I can, forgetting everything.

My mind feels decluttered when I am in rain, more deeply resigned to my own world. It is like being somewhere else altogether or I get transported to my own Utopia and Elysium when I am in rains. The entire environment is rendered cool and cleansed after rains, the leaves shine, the sky is clearer, the petrichor proves that certain things which are beyond sight can only be felt with eyes closed : its like everything that comes in contact with rain retains a part of it, becomes better after the episode and rejoices that rain was there. Exactly like Love is, ought to be. 

Although there is no reason for why I love rains but I believe and I believe strongly that rains are nothing but an expression of Love. The kind of Love that soothes our souls, cleanses our spirits and invigorates us with its utter innocence, freshness and warmth. The kind of Love in which you trust so much that you just close your eyes and enjoy the "Here and Now", the present moment and feel it, cherish it and express gratitude for every single second of companionship. The kind of Love that really justifies the unconditional nature of Love, the giving nature of Love, a selfless Love, a Love that knows nothing about exclusivity or special relationships, a Love which just is, to everyone and to no one. That way rains become personified and teach me Love. Rains are such beautiful creations of Lord. 

And so, when it rained today and I was at office gate, I rushed to my cubicle, threw my mobile and rushed back in open space and enjoyed the rains. 30 minutes. Bliss. Even now as I write about it, my eyes shine, I am smiling, a kind of smile which lands on the Lover's face when he sees his Beloved and realizes that the Beloved is also looking at the Lover, my heart is beating perfectly and my breathing is peaceful. That is the magic of rains. That is the magic of Love, Love which only now I seem to be learning and which is making me unlearn everything that I ever believed was Love. 

Dear Lord, Thank you,
Your Ungrateful Child.

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