Sunday, May 21, 2017

An Adventurous End to the Sunday !

I believe few experiences are just too beautiful to be put into words, yet this one - beautiful, adventurous and playful as it was, deserves to be posted. 

"As I put disinfectant on the sole of my feet, I cannot help but smile widely at the adventurous end to this wild Sunday. After dinner, me, my friend and her friend went for a walk in a posh area which houses all the villas. Yesterday also, me and my friend had gone there and spent 90 odd minutes walking in the rain talking about everything from life to love to career. Tonight again, all three of us went to the same area, deciding what we shall tell the guard if we get frisked while entering the posh territory. Much to our delight, the entry was an easy affair. 

There is a mango tree that I discovered there yesterday only and ever since I absolutely rejoice seeing it. It reminds me of all the fruit bearing trees back at my village which we, all my siblings, used to climb in the long afternoons of our school summer holiday times. Seeing raw mangoes hanging out from its branches just touches my heart and makes me very very happy. As I was lost in the tree and its surreal beauty in the dark of the night and the light of the sodium lamps, my friend expressed a desire to have 2-3 raw mangoes. So, we began gathering them. We were able to find only one from the ground, which was already lying there on account of heavy rains the previous day. After much deliberation I decided to use my slipper as a stone for we could not find a stone in that clean locality! On the third throw a good raw mango landed on the ground and with that we were left with the demand of only one last mango. On my fifth or sixth throw, I cannot recall, the mango never came down, on the contrary my slipper got hung up there! I was delightful when it happened. This was something that was happening after like ages, something of this sort. All three of us began to discover the slipper that had got hung up on tree using our mobile flashlights; each one us trying to solve the challenge in a different way. After fifteen minutes, we decided that climbing the tree would ease out the expedition. This made me really very excited. It was 9:30 pm and I was all geared up to climb the tree, more so, I had the opportunity to test my bicep strength. With relative ease I climbed the tree. WOW!! It was a heavenly feeling, reminded me of the times when I used to climb jamun tree in my village and savor the delicious fruit for the entire of afternoon with siblings. 

Carefully, I was taking every step forward on the branch of the tree, wary of balance and cautious of mis-steps. After reaching a point where I could hold a hard branch over my head with both the hands and rest my feet on the one below, I shook the tree vigorously, with all might I had. The tree was strong, not as strong as the ones back in my village, but yes it challenged me and my strength. The next moment I shook it more vigorously, but only more mangoes fell from it and there was no trace of slipper. My friend handed me my mobile somehow on tree, I switched on its torch and began hunting for it. I believe I understood tonight very well what camouflage really is, my slipper had become a better example for that than a chameleon in the dark of the night hanging on a tree. I tried hard to locate the slipper but it was successful in evading us. All three of us were trying to locate the elusive slipper. Every time someone used to come, my friends used to sit on bench and pretend to talk while I used to feel like those dacoits who hide on trees to jump over their preys.  After some 20 minutes on tree, amidst mosquito bites and ant bites, I realized that approach needed to be changed. We had shook two big branches where we suspected the slipper to be and it had not fallen down, instead what we had now were 12 mangoes, four times what we wanted and a lost slipper, which we did not want. I climbed down and then again we began hunting for the slipper. The challenge had gone beyond the slipper, it had become an intellectual challenge and an event that targeted our common sense and smartness. After five minutes of coming down, we intently began our search and then I saw something. Looked like a sole of the slipper, I saw it carefully and then shouted to my friends and called them. The light in their eyes said it all. Finally, we had, after half an hour found our target. We began throwing stone or mango to try to bring it down, but stubborn as it was, like me, it was snugly fit with a branch-end. So much of providential happening and such a perfect way, I wondered and smiled. Finally, our efforts paid off and the slipper fell. All three of us, high-fived each other and rejoiced, it was an achievement, it felt like one. 

And now another task lay ahead. To smuggle, thats what my friend said, to smuggle the mangoes out of the society. All three of us, carefully put the mangoes in our jeans pockets forgetting the serum that was oozing out from them and walked out of the area without getting frisked at exit. It almost felt like some mission was complete. It was one hell of a unique and different experience. Playful end to a wondrously productive weekend!! 

Keep the child within alive, nothing is impossible for a child!!


We are a all a ray of "Hope for Peace"

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