Thursday, March 9, 2017

Do not allow the world to dictate what love will mean in your life

Human attraction, attraction towards a person, towards who they are, towards how we feel when we are with them. A feeling of instant connection, a feeling which is different and inexplicable, a feeling whose bits and pieces are enough to send a pleasant shiver throughout our body, a mere glimpse of that person brings a wide smile on our face, a sense of deep peace and tranquility associated with that person, a person whom we like, adore and sometimes, love. Human attraction is really not a complex rocket science, but as a society we have brutally categorized it bringing much insult and disrespect to the unique individuality of each person, bringing unwarranted discussions of character of a person based on his/her most personal of choices, created a deep seated fear among millions of others who feel gagged because they will be maltreated let alone respected. Where are we headed? How can it be wrong to feel towards a person? How can it be against any legal norm to harbor a sense of intense compassion towards a fellow soul? Isn’t that we need all the more today? Is terrorism or naxalism too less of a challenge that we have created this anthropogenic disaster in our society?  

It surprises me when people educated and literate express disdain for anything that is not heteronormative. It does not make me indignant however, because those who are against the expression of a “specific” love are ignorant and poor creatures who have yet not become aware of their own hearts and feelings. They have not yet understood the real spectrum associated with human race, somewhere fallen short of or even not tried to understand the entire basis of diversity in every specie and creation of Lord. As a society we still very much base love with opposite sexual encounter and look at marriage as the association of two different reproductive organs rather than a divine communion of two souls. Such wide chasms exist between hearts of people, even those who claim to be truly, madly in “love”. I cannot help but wonder about the type of “love” that then these people advocate. Where the appropriate response should have been an acceptance of the non-understanding of the concept, vehement protests against the most soft of human emotions and outright opposition towards the most pure of human emotions evokes in me a lot of confusion, despondence and a silent prayer towards those who do not know and understand. Never has it brought anger in me because I believe people act according to their level of consciousness.

The biggest desultory remark that we can ever give to one of the most precious feelings in world, love, is indifference, a sense of negation and non-acceptance. Love, it just happens. There is no “terms of agreement”, “rules or regulations”, “qualification criteria”, “right or wrong”, “allowed or prohibited”, love is not an algorithm that runs its set course. Love is a privilege, a feeling that makes us humans in the true sense of the word, a transformation, a gift. To restrict the privilege of love between men and women is not only a gross blasphemy against humans but it is a very incisive attack on the entire concept of uniqueness among human behaviors. I do not believe those who claim to be in love yet cannot understand when a man is in love with a man or a woman is in love with a woman. Why? Because it means they have associated love with reproductive organs and opposite sex, whereas the entire premise of love is based on no base. There are no and should not be any rules to love. Why? Because love is the only feeling that teaches us to transcend differences and embrace the person as he/she is, because love is a feeling which is beyond five senses, because love is really a communion of two souls. Love is not mathematics or finance that we apply logics, rationales or try to find realistic opportunities to express it! It is beyond any science, a phenomenon amorphous yet perfectly in shape.

To those who do not understand that “love” (love is love, I do not use homosexual love, bisexual love, transgender love or heterosexual love), I just wish to ask them, “Sir/Ma’am, what is it that you really liked in that person whom you love today and with whom you are together?” Certainly, it would have been the way they look, their manners and eventually their heart, right? As a woman can I not like a woman who looks beautiful, has good manners and has grace written all over her heart? As a man can I not like a man who is handsome, is chivalrous and has gentleness written all over his heart? What brought “normal” people close to their partners, are the same things that bring men closer to men and women closer to women. Where lies the discrepancy? Where lies any abnormality? What explains any sense of deviation from nature? Someone please explain it to me. As a society we have to grow together, help each other express their most core selves rather than sabotage each other’s unique personalities. As members of the society we owe it to each other, a sense of respect, acceptance and a lot of compassion and understanding.

There are already so many conflicts that exist on Earth which are eating away our vital powers, a jihad in the name of love is totally uncalled for. I have a message for those who are coerced to feel afraid, closeted and remain in continuous dread of “being caught”.

“You are absolutely human, displaying all perfectly natural feelings of a human and that is how it is supposed to be. Do not get worked up due to love fanatics. Do not spoil the love in your lives due to non-understanding behavior of people. I know it is hard, I know it is challenging and I also know how gratifying it is, to be able to live confidently and with pride about what one is. And you are not alone and those who make you feel guilty do not deserve to be a part of your life and should get their own definitions of love right. You are a child of Lord, created in His image, you can never be against any divine order. Carry your love with utmost pride and dignity, because if you do not, then who else will? As such there are rebels all around. Love is the most divine feeling in this world, experience it, live it and cherish it because love is not a body, love is that surreal feeling in heart which even the word “love” fails to explain. There is nothing wrong that you did or are doing, it is absolutely perfect. Feel grateful that love chose you and transformed you. Those who have been struck by cupid are the fortunate ones, do not allow the world to dictate what love will mean in your life. Do not let the world guide you about whom you love or wish to love. Fight for what you feel, fight to be able to express your truest and most clean of self. Fight for yourself because no one else will. Love and guilt cannot exist together. And you are really the ones who understand true love beyond body. Be that love. Love and never stop. I love you and respect you. What value you bring to the society is more important to me than your personal choices. Your love is worthy of respect as anyone else’s and I respect it”.


  1. Incredible. I feel myself out of words. How can one hold that much pure thoughts beyond any limits. I respect a lot your each and every letter you put here from the bottom of my soul. I humbly request every reader, go through the depth of every word, somewhere you will surely find yourself. Thank You Yashi for sharing such level of pure thoughts. Spread light all-around. Every single soul needs your word. Thank You.

  2. Thank you Saumya. You always encourage me to be better.


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