Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who am I ?

I am not the kind who will put up sad social networking updates to express that I pine for you in your absence. I am not the kind who will ignore the bounty of life and focus on the one thing that is missing in my life and make it the epicenter of my WhatsApp updates or Twitter feeds. I am definitely, not the kind who will bug you or message you that I am thinking of you and all the times we have spent together and the memories we made. I am the kind that you will not meet like. I am the kind who will pray for you in the morning as I always have for everyone who chose someone else; I am the kind who will send you blessings at night when I go to bed. I am not the kind who says that they will wait for you, because honestly I know nothing other than being open and accepting of the abundance that lies ahead of me. I am not the kind who cries, wails or dallies time musing of “what could have been”, because life is magnificent right the very second I am writing this. I am the kind who implants in the heart of people the love they have never seen and never will. I am that I AM. I am the kind who is grateful and aware of the fact that there is no entitlement that I possess to anyone around in my life, I am the kind who will let you breathe, dance, and yes fall in love with someone else (as if you need my letting go, or anybody’s). I will peacefully tread ahead in my path, I am that kind. I am the kind who becomes further entrenched deeper in my own soul post an event which the illusory world refers to as a “heart break”. I am a unique kind.

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