Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Seeking Answers

These days I am doing a lot of reading on physically challenged people. The more I read, the more incomprehensible and unimaginable it becomes for me to understand the daily hassles they have to go. Earlier I used to see the physically challenged in the streets but never paid much attention to their lifestyle, except for feeling grateful for my body. But now when I see them I can know how days must be both emotionally and physically challenging for them. It can really be tough for a normal human sometimes, when life takes toll in all its beauty: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually; however for these people stigmatization, discrimination and open prejudice can be quite debilitating. Not to refer to pity but to the mental disconcert that they have to endure. 

I cannot imagine the handicap they have to face in their lives. I am grateful that my limbs are working and I understand now how important and non-negotiable it is to exercise daily (yes, no days off). And now I understand how incompetent and insensitive our public places are to the needs of the physically challenged people. As a normal person I will never understand their hurdles, only through some amount of reading am I able to discern some challenges they face. But there is also something else that makes me curious. 

When God created everyone, then why did He create people with physical and mental deformities? Why did He choose to give them physical problems? It almost makes me cry and whine at the same time. this is cruel, I feel. It, I know, takes a tremendous amount of courage to really be able to cherish and live life despite the physical challenges that people face and now I understand the courage of those inspirational figures whose names are written in the annals of the history for their achievement. I can never understand their problem and makes me feel that I take my body so much for granted. They might be thinking, "If I only had a body as good as theirs, then I would take great care of it". 

It is a gift, it really is, this perfect body. I can do whatever I wish to from this seeming mortal piece. Meaningless in the Bhagwad Geeta but still an important vehicle which helps me to manifest the soul and the power that is behind my  genesis, we must take care of our body in every possible way. It makes us accomplish tasks. Imagine how  you feel when you develop some fracture or sprain in the ankle, it is always debilitating and emotionally heart wrenching. On my morning walks when I see someone on a walk with his crutches, I feel proud of that person and bad at the same time for over taking him. Would not he feel like throwing his crutches seeing everyone around running with their legs freely? Still, every day this guy comes, and walks to his heart content despite his disability. I think he is a role model for everyone out there. I cannot take pride about this body. This is just a gift that has been bestowed upon me, I take no pride on it. I am happy that it is functional and helps me to meet day to day challenges.

I pledge this very moment, to take care of my body, because if my body ain't healthy I won't be able to help anybody else.Or was God trying to say that there is much more closer to a human's essence than the physical  body itself, but then how do you answer for the mental in-capacities?

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