Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Love, they say, is life
Love, they say, is the sole truth,
Love, they say, is a shade,
In which life seems a utopia.

Love, they say never, is a knife too
Love, they say never, is a drug too
Love, they say never, is a dream too
The kind,
Which rips the heart and leaves it bleeding,
To be pacified only by more Love.

Love, I know is life,
Love is all there is,
When falling in love fades away,
Love is life,
I live in Love,
I breathe in Love,
I sleep in Love,
I am Love.

My life is all about Love,
Giving, Sharing, Listening, Helping, 
Love is the elixir of life and
Oxygen of a happy life. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Indians : their own enemies?

These days i am reading extensively about the Indian health system, both the public sector and private sector. While private sector is unfortunately dominating and emerging every day to be a powerful giver of health care at prices according to its own volition , the institution of public health is really in shambles. And a sound public health is the only promise which can cater to the health needs of a nation of 1.2 billion. Given the poverty in India, and its effect on the health of the Indians who are BPL families, there is a really an ever before need to overhaul the current health care system. 

But strangely enough after incessant readings there is a very clear point that emerges out of my ruminations and it is this:
"Almost at every place where there is complaint of inadequacy of the health care delivered, it has been envisaged quite clearly that the people involved are not responsible enough, are not empathetic enough, are not considerate and in the haste of just finishing off there duties rather than realizing the greatness of their work and the suffering of the people, often tend to act like truants. In this way, Indians who are serving these people are acting like enemies to the health condition of our country as a whole, in short, foes to their own fellow citizens : We, the People."

For me this is quite a significant finding. Imagine a situation wherein, people in health care jobs actually are committed to the idea of health and well-being of everyone and realize the importance of a healthy life and play a role in conferring that sort of life to others through their services. If every PHC can ensure the presence of one good doctor at all times of the day, then health issues will be dealt with at more ease, if instead of seeking to finish off job early the paramedics stay keen on delivering and our environments become more comfortable for the physically disabled then in some time our health scene in India will definitely get a make up for better. 

Its time we start ruminating the way we are contributing towards our nation and also its time to galvanize people to realize the purpose they are serving. Only empathetic statesmen can make the laity believe so and one of those statesmen is a reality in making. 

Jai Hind.


She had resigned from the current job where we were working and was serving her notice period, my cricket team mate. Adventurous, as sporty women are, I asked, rather told her to join the trek troop of our office for the next upcoming trek to Kodachadri. She complied, though now she tells me that even then on the last day she was not so sure of joining in. Nevertheless, she was a part of the team that trekked to one of the most challenging treks. 

Who would have thought that this single event of two days and one night will become so unrealistically significant and precious and converge into a sound friendship? I had known her for quite sometime but not as a person. Traveling, I read somewhere, brings people closer and I believe this is what happened to the both of us. In those two days of exploring the wilderness we explored each other quite reticently as individuals and humans. It had been 18 months that I was in Bangalore and did not really have any "real" friend, the kind to whom I could tell everything, my past, my present and my every piece of heart saying. And then, out of nowhere, she happened : an apostle of infinite warmth, care, humility and politeness. It struck a chord because she cared for people in general and this empathy made my reverence for her transform into affection and gratitude. I chose to make her my friend and quite fortunately she chose to make me hers. This reminds me of a line from a famous article,

" Friendships are unique relationships because unlike family relationships, we choose to enter into them"

Starting of a beautiful young adulthood friendship. I am grateful for the way events have turned out. There have been times of intense ruminations and cogitations, but i believe it is easy to fall prey to negative thoughts than to cultivate the positive ones that make us feel blessed. Being positive and thinking positive can take a long time to be imbibed and only in the times of seeming confusion it becomes lucid as to how far we can go to be grateful for what we have. 

This event in my life also opens myself to a greater realization that God has always sent great souls in life of mine. Its our thoughts that can make us perceive incidents in our life as boon or as bane and guess what, "there is no event in your life which will happen which you can call as bane when you are in the twilight of your life". So, I have accepted it as another great association where in I can share, give and become more aware of my conscience and become a better and more patient individual. Everything in life is a gift, even suffering. When we know not suffering, we shall never know what receiving love and grace is. May be today I do not know the importance of friendships, but I keep them and nurture them as beautiful flowers in my garden of life. Everything happens to help us evolve as humans by testing us. 

And research says that the key to happiness is relationships. So, have you forgotten that one friend to whom you recall everyday but have not talked to in a while? Then may be its time to give them a ring and tell them that you value them and will be there for them and never abandon them. Friendships are relationships which when beautiful transcend every other relationship that we make with people in our lives. So, cherish it and the good thing about friendship is that you can still be you and not be judged by your friends. 

Feeling happy, 

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