Saturday, January 2, 2016

Altruism Everywhere

The image that is on left, yes you get it right, are the remains of a bonfire of the previous night. The morning that I woke up, before all my friends were up, I just sat on the chair near to this site gathering lovely morning’s sunshine. I absolutely find ecstasy in the early morning sunshine and there is a certain sort of power and miracle associated with it. Imagine, what would happen if for one day the sun does not show up? Well, this miracle can be a great topic for an altogether new blog post.

So while I was sitting, inadvertently my gaze went around everywhere and then I found myself bewitched by this dump of ashes, half burnt woods and a cute flow of smoke emanating from the heap. It was cold, and this bonfire had been enduring the entire night which was colder. In the morning, this smooth, soft and peaceful smoke that was emanating from the wood seemed so heroic. I was absolutely enthralled. It was almost like I was hypnotized by this site. And I knew I had to keep looking at it, to understand what it was trying to tell me. So, I just kept on looking at it, found myself smiling, and found myself musing while concentrating at the remains and the smile became wider when the conversation started to happen. When I started understanding what that lovely overnight-remain-of-bonfire was telling me, I found myself relaxed.

This is what I learnt after sitting beside this site:
“When the wood is wood, it can be used for so many purposes. Building furniture, homes etc. When it is burning, it gives heat. When it has burnt its remains called as ashes can be used to wash utensils”.

Throughout the lifetime of a wood, it behaves altruistically. It gets cut, it gets chopped down from its source, and it is burnt at high temperatures where it loses all the bonds between its atoms, gets reduced to a powder and yet, in its last stage of life renders something of value. Isn’t that just awe-inspiring? This means, throughout its life the wood always has given. When it was part of the source, it gave strength to the leaves; the leaves using the strength of wood were able to provide shade to people and home to little birds. When it got cut down, it manifested in some other way to be of utility to someone. I mean, do you discern, all through its life WOOD has always been UNCONDITIONALLY GIVING in its demeanor.

Without any ego, without any reservations, it allowed everything to happen, it trusted in the pace of the source that created it. Without any demands and without any questions, it allowed itself to be done. I think it is a very inspired life. Now I do not see any wood as just an inanimate stuff. From its transition from being alive to being detached from the source, it has only given, shared and offered. Everything in the universe is serving others. Everything, if you sit to be mindful, you will realize that everything gives: the very nature of the Creator is giving and that is expressly manifested in all His Creations. Humans can learn much from this doctrine. We are also one of the creations of that Creator, hence, by this principle; our very nature is also to give. May be in the long run towards fame, success and wealth we have allowed our altruism to take a back seat, but we need to stop and see if we are acting in conformity to our Source.

Everything in the universe gives and as Humans we are no exceptions.

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