Friday, October 23, 2015

Behind my veneer of pretention

Tricky gets it sometimes,
to fathom what God wants. 

Only last night when she was in real, 
The most real she has ever been, 
It seemed like a dream, 
like chocolate fudge without the cream!

When the moment was there, 
failed I to realize, 
that, that was the only moment, 
the closest she has been.

Its tough to pretend, 
Its tougher to look away, 
but toughest is it to fathom that, 
 despite the non-nonchalance this love for her, 
it still stays. 

They say its an obsession, 
They say "get over"
They laugh and joke and hate and whisper, 
"They" don't know love, I dare say. 

Hope is I have, 
Care I have, 
Respect she taught me, 
by the silence she had. 

Its not easy to extinguish the fire, 
the fire of love, 
on the surface it seems dormant, 
but in depth its still as torrid. 

But may be now I am adept at how to conceal, 
In public which I always profoundly in my solitude feel. 

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