Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Biding my time

If I say, I tried to "go away",
It'll be a blasphemy, 
If I say, I tried to forget you, 
It'll be like not being me, 
If I say, your actions made me angry,
It'll be like saying something in you I did not like.
I did not try to go away, 
It was not something I had control over, 
I did not try to forget you, 
One cannot forget that rose that one sees in the garden of marigold.
I do not regret anything, 
It was my heart on my sleeves. 
I rejoice just like I did the first time,
every time our paths cross. 

Only events that rip your heart apart, 
Give meaning to adages that you have long known. 
He who does not express can be unhappy too, 
He who does not show can be disturbed too, 
Amidst gloom and disturbance lies something more important,
Hope. Love. Empathy. Compassion. And more hope. Period.

Biding my time ...

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