Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elegy of love

If only, you could see
the part of the ice-berg beneath the surface,
you'd know I am not pernicious. 

If only, you could see, 
the desire in my eyes, to look into yours, 
you'd know I never meant to hurt you. 

If only, you could see
the longing in my heart to know you, 
in this sea of strangers, 
you'd know I have only good to offer. 

If only, you could see
the whiteness behind this accidental darkness, 
you'd know that I am not a threat. 

If only, you could see
How much I long for just a glimpse, 
you'd know that you really mean something. 

If only, you could have allowed me
to let you know,
you'd know what only my heart knows.

Not that I am devoid of hope today, 
Not that I have accepted the silence, 
Not that this is an indictment that I approve of, 
But I believe, as I always have, 
in good deeds, in noble intentions and fruition
of thoughts brimming with love,
sweet and innocuous.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My first trekking experience

It was 4pm on Friday and  I was working while in the office. Then suddenly  I remembered that today was trekking day. I had not given my name because I could not find anyone to come along with me. But then something in me said that I must go, it was exactly what I like to participate in and all the logic for why I must go started to pour in like a satori, and I  requested the organizer to accommodate me, who , to my delight did so duly. 

I rushed home to purchase a torch since it was supposed to be a night trek. Somehow charged it for half an hour, I had only one hour before the assembly time. Super excited I was, I told my manager that I shall be leaving early who as always happily complied. Being in sports team at Samsung (SHealth), I think this is no accident, I was supposed to be in this team and use all super-cool gadgets to map my performance and to test the devices. So, we started at 8:20pm from office main gate on bikes. Bike ride has its own pleasure in the dark evening. With earphones in my ear, I readied myself for the 60km ride in cool zephyr. This experience was better than words. 

The Makalidurga Hill
Around 10:30pm we reached Makalidurga station, the starting point of our night trek. The hills were at a distance of 2km from the station and just beside the tracks.  The station looked like a deserted but not an abandoned place,it reminded me of the Hindi flick Karan Arjun :D. It was dark, silent but clean. So, along the railway track we, 24 of us, started walking which was to be 2km before we reach the hills. Walking on railway tracks, I realised is not an easy job and it also led me to question the logic behind putting gravels on the track. Around 11:45pm  we reached the starting point. Excitement mounted up. I was just praying that my torch does not run out of battery, but the good torch did not let me down in the entire trip until we reached the zenith. 
Lake in the hindsight. View from top.

Our organizer was truly a leader. He was guiding us all the time; taking pains to navigate through GPS in the night. Climbing uphill which is strewn all over with boulders is by no means an easy task, it was tough, challenging but we always kept going and resting momentarily for 4-5 minutes to gain back energy. Trekking in group is fun, you are climbing together but you are really into that quest alone, discovering more about yourself and the pondering the strength within. That was Friday and in the gym early morning I had done 40 cross-walks while holding 4 kg weights. My lower body was in pain. Incidentally, our gym instructor had also come, he was surprised to see me, we both instantly recalled that pain ! But he said, "ho jaayega", and I knew he was right. As I reflect back, I recall that the pain was never an obstacle, you get so engrossed in finding the tactic to surpass boulder by boulder that you forget about everything except for keeping your torch in the correct position. Some boulders were too steep, there in grip from your shoes was required. It took us around 4 hours to reach the top of the peak. 

Fellow trekkers.
There were two peaks, one pseudo peak which resembled very much like a plateau. All of us laid there for around 15 minutes feeling the vast expanse of the night sky and  the cool breeze that was blowing. From there, we could see the peak which had a Kaali maa ka mandir. Again we began  and finally  reached there in some half an hour. The real peak was not as beautiful as the pseudo peak  but it was what it was : the real peak.
 And it was an accomplishment. Climbing to top was not easy, there were times when we reached deadlocks, from where there was no way out other than climbing down and finding the correct path with the help of our friend called GPS. Needless, to say there were bruises due to thorns, cutting branches and sometimes boulders, but nothing seemed to matter at all. Finally, we decided that spending the night at pseudo peak will be a better decision. Then we climbed down and reached the place which was to be our habitat for the rest of 2.5 hours. We ate biryani, boiled eggs and aaloo bhujiya and also lit a bonfire. Yes, everything happened at 3700 feet above sea level. Totally ecstatic feeling. After that I just laid down while some dancing was going on, to take some rest.

It was really cold, the jackets that we had put off while climbing were now required to shield us from the chilling breeze. It was a totally pure and heaven-like ambience under the moonlight. Then around 6am or 6:30am I do not remember exactly when, the sun came up. Jubiliated to see the first rays of sun from such a height, we all felt like our purpose was solved. Everyone went into there own selves and enjoyed that moment. It was a lovely moment, where there was no worry whatsoever, where there was no negativity whatsoever, only optimism, light, nature's beauty and vast expanse. I realized the meaning of a quote, "The gull that flies highest sees the farthest". The lake in the background added to the charm of the place. My first trekking experience was truly an awesome one.

Yours truly
It hurt to know that it was time to climb down, but equally relieving ( there aint any washrooms on the hill tops :P ). Climbing up and climbing down have there own pros and cons. While you are climbing down, energy is not expended but there is always a fear of slipping, hence every step has to be carefully put. While climbing down we could see the height at which we were, it was incredible , totally WOW moment. After around 2 hours we reached down to tracks to walk another 2 km. From the land when we looked above at the peak, it felt like an accomplishment. I could not believe that we were there at the top for entire night. Walking in the beautiful sun, we completed our trek. We did it and we will never forget it. I did not do it, We did it.

This was my first trek, and that too a night one. It was adventurous, mystical, challenging at some junctures but fun. I think I will always remember my first trek. I want to thank the Adventure club members who organized this trek. Nothing can beat this feeling of conquering a mountain and now I know how people feel when they climb Mt. Everest, which is way more challenging than this one. Friday night put to a good use. I also,  in the back of my mind thanked God for giving me legs that supported me throughout the trek.

One of the golden experience in my bucket list.  It was an exciting experience and full of amazing fun with amazing set of people. I think everyone should go for trek once in there lives.
Here comes the sun.

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