Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pinkathon 2015 Experience

The Assembly Point. Sree Kaanterava Stadium.
Today I ran 10km in Pinkathon 2015. Pinkathon ( is women's only run to spread awareness about Breast Cancer and this activity was initiated by Milind Soman. 

Today I became a part of this great idea. Needless to say I could discern the power of female force at Kanteerava stadium early morning 5:30 am today. Yes, that was the assembly time. And I would say, a good time. Stepping out of your home on Sunday morning before dusk to run is a divine feeling. Though it was not new but still novel in the sense that today was a test : Pinkathon, after the SBI Midnight Marathon. I was elated to see the huge women force in the stadium even before the sun's first ray on earth had dawned upon. In  a sense, we are alone, but in a bigger sense we are never alone. Hence, we are never ever alone. The atmosphere was all charged up and Pink was everywhere. 

The objective was clear right from the very beginning;  to improve the time taken last time, to not stop and to run like a wind.  There were a couple of realizations that made me feel good and satisfied. Unlike the last time, I did not stop in this stretch of 10km. Three breaks. One of 15 seconds, second 30 seconds and third of 45 seconds. Thus, for most part of the race I bested that intrinsic wish to stop and rest. And in those three breaks I realized a logical thing. When 3 months back I had started running, I used to stop after running for 10 minutes and walk because I could not take no more, but today , this day,  when I stopped I felt tired, like jogging was the only thing that my feet wanted to do. 
After the Run.
Jogging and not walking became the first nature. And when you know that you have become better from your previous version, when you realize that you have defeated your previous self, you become stronger inside.  In events like these we are not fighting against anybody else, but we are fighting against our own selves and something is at stake. You got to be better than the previous time. One has to, otherwise everything , everyday when you ran will end up being futile. Also, one more interesting thing is (we can construe it as metaphorically also),when we get closer to our goals, we start wheezing, the urge to take rest becomes stronger, but if we cede then every time we ran consistently in previous time will get botched up. Stake. Our PB (Personal Best) time will suffer. The idea is to keep pushing, there is ample amount of rest you can take after finishing off and finishing of with style. When this is the thought process, energy keeps on accruing and pushing you forward.

Being Healthy.
While running there were all kind of roads, uphills, downhills. Uphills are tough, they demand extra effort. But the mantra was the same : not to stop. And later in the run towards the end, that same uphill was downhill now.Ecstasy. And trust me when I say this;  the more effort taking the uphill; the much more fun-filled is the downhill. (Metaphorically and literally). Every event can be linked to a dream chase. At the end of the run, I was nonplussed. Why? Because I shocked myself w.r.t last time. There were many "unlike-the-last-times". I just threw myself last time on ground when the run was over, but this time after the run, I was strolling as if the run was yet to begin. Signalled improvement to me.

And now I know that in the morning jogging, I need to increase my distance. Increase my comfort zone. Will and determination are two things that get tested and there is always ample room for improvement. Good health is a diamond, if we are not healthy, we cannot live the years that we have happily. Being healthy is one of the most important bullet of my Mission Statement. So, I would urge every one, men and women alike to make their lives more beautiful by staying healthy, pushing themselves and not getting comfortable at all. Get up and Run !! 

With Gratitude to God, because He is the force inside that impels all of us.

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