Sunday, November 30, 2014

An act of profound kindess

I thought of putting up a succinct facebook status describing what happened with me today, but instead I thought the protagonist of this real life story deserves a place on my blog. The lady, for whom I have total respect for is a Pharmacy student and aims to pursue a Ph.D in AIIMS.

Here is the allegory:
After office today, I was coming back searching for a hospital which could provide relief to me from the suppurating infection in my leg. I had been walking a lot in search as a result of which the wound had become worse. I did find one hospital, but owing to absence of doctor, the emergency staff asked me to come the next day. I beseeched if they could do anything, telling them that it was imperative that some dressing was done at least, but I guess they had their own reasons. Then, I walked all the way again back to home  halting at one place to have food. After gaining energy, I went to a local chemist shop. There was the protagonist, I asked her if she knew any hospital nearby.  I do not remember exactly, what she had replied. Immediately after replying, she asked me what had happened. I told her, that I needed to get the pus extracted to get me relieved as soon as possible. She gave me a chair to sit. Kindness. I had already started to feel better. She said, she would do the needful and get it cleaned. After finishing off with two customers, she came to me and asked me to show it. I showed the lesion to her. She told that it was still in its incipient state and meddling might exacerbate the wound. I conceded. But, she said, she will do the dressing. Kindness. Kindly pay attention that it is a local chemist shop. 
She cleaned the blood which had spread all over. It hurt, sort of burnt. Then after applying a liniment, she dressed it carefully. Its not her job to do that in a chemist's shop, but she did it. I asked her, if it was her shop. She said, no, she works part-time there. She told me that she was a pharmacy student, and loves what she does. I thanked her from the bottom of her heart. And her rejoinder, "If I cannot use my education for someone's betterment, my education is a total waste".  That moment  felt so happy to know that there was this girl on earth, who was doing a course she loved, and she was not only studying it, she actually loved doing it and in real sense understood what it meant. She was committed to her job. Beautiful. She told me further that she wanted to do a Ph.D in AIIMS. I was elated hearing to her dream (big-dream), relating that we both had that dream-connection. I further thanked her, and took the necessary material that I could use to dress the wound for the morning. 

Her kindness eased the pain. I was happy and thankful. And I know she will go on to become one of the best in her field, precisely because she has the heart, will and aplomb and she knows what PAIN is. You don't get to meet such noble souls often. God Bless Her. She strengthens my faith in dissemination of kindness and proves one fact, "What you give, comes back to you". Acts of kindness, cleanse your heart and diminish some scintilla of evil inside and makes you better, always.Period.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Color Purple

The tale of pain and affliction gets a new lease of  life when the reader discerns that the tale is  brimming with love, the love that is not contingent on being close, being together; just the feeling that the love prevails, in exchange of the letters, in hopes against all the tides, the reader feels positive. Seems like Alice Walker has penetrated into the characters while writing this novel. When I started to read the novel, the improperly formed English made me wonder, why she chose such way. As I proceeded through, I realized the protagonist, 'Celie' could not study in school and hence her English remained as it was, incipient and inchoate. When 'Nettie' , Celie's sister's letter start to come up, you realize that Alice Walker has carved out the difference right in the rudiments. The difference clear that Celie could not get educated, while Nettie's properly framed sentences tell you that she has got the privilege to get the education further. This was the one thing that I liked about Alice Walker's imagination, which ossifies her connection with the character she has created. 

The story goes like this:
Celie, in her young years, is molested by someone whom she knows as her dad, but only later in life comes to know that he was not her dad. Shock. The beautiful children that she conceives due to this atrocity and iniquitous behavior, land up by fluke in her sister's Nettie's hands who has been asked by Celie's husband, actually a lover of Nettie to go away from their home. While Nettie is away, she writes letters to Celie, because she knows that Celie lives in a hostile environment, more so because she misses her and is solicitous about her. But, reprobate Celie's husband never lets the letters reach her. And Celie is oblivious to the letters. Only after Shug comes, Celie comes to know. Shug Avery is the character that binds together everyone. Celie starts to confide in Shug Avery and finds a confidante in her. All her weakness, concerns, and despairs she presents to Shug unconditionally and Shug, in turn loves her, loves her for every reason Celie's husband despises her. Eventually, Shug and Celie go away leaving Mr_________, Celie's husband. Shug and Mr. ________ are actually lovers, the man loves Shug, and Shug also, the only one who loves Mr.__________. Coming of Shug brings relief to the life of Celie. She discovers letters that she never knew existed. Overwhelmed with emotions, she begins to read them and discovers about Nettie, her life, comes to know that Adam and Olivia are safe with her. She begins to write too. 

The exchange of letters, cleaves all the distance and in my opinion is a beautiful beautiful emblem of how just this communication is keeping both the ladies, drowned in their own tribulations, happy and giving them hope and might to live their lives. The prospect of meeting again, and a real strong one, stumps you. You begin to wonder what bond that they share. This is Love. Darn, this is what Love is. You don't know when you will meet, or if you ever will meet, you don't know if the other person is alive or dead, you don't know on which part of the earth they are, but you love, you feel for them, not sporadically, but daily, every morning, every night, you feel for them, stronger than the night before: This is Love. The love that transcends all the despair and wipes out every history of wrong-doing, every pain that was cast in past and every lash of destiny. I mean I would be proud of myself, if I could be like Nettie or Celie or even Shug. Loving despite anything, giving your love because you know that love is the only feeling that will ever accompany to people till their funeral pyre, that will make them happy. Love is the only thing that makes existence worthwhile. The emotions freely flowing in the novel depict the vulnerability and love. Love, can wipe out every bad memory, howsoever heart-wrenching. 

Everyone, in the end becomes changed, their hearts change eventually. The halo of experience dawns and those who were reprobate turn humane, callous become kind, iniquitous become considerate, selfish become self-less and sadists become sanguine. Finally , after a long long time , approx 60-70 years Celie and Nettie meet, love and hope they had in their hearts for each other brings them together never to part again.

 Love is the greatest force in the Universe. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Down the memory lane..

I grew up watching that wrist watch on his hand. It was the most decent one, smart and had an aristocratic quality about it. And it was just the right kind of watch for him , totally suited to his charming personality. Whenever I saw it on his wrist, it felt that that watch was manufactured only to have the privilege to be on his wrist. That watch had a class about it, whenever it was not on his wrist, I played with it, trying to fit in my tiny wrists, but it always slipped.

As I grew old, it began to slightly slip less. I loved that watch, and always imagined that I will use it when my wrist becomes fit enough to don it. But after some time,the watch,  it became defunct. He did not get it repaired. I know why. It was a low, very low priority event. It now found a new place, above the refrigerator in a box. Nevertheless, a child's mind knows no functionality when she is into something ardently. It was of the same value to me. I used to play with it, but somewhere I was bothered about it not working. That was sad. I decided I will get it repaired when I become able.

By the time that time came, the watch became worse. Its display was gone, numbers were missing, but still its silver metal strap was intact. That was enough to keep me happy and hopeful. Alas! I could never get it repaired. I totally lost track of it, and today I do not know in which corner of my home it lies, if at all. I never realized that I should have put it somewhere safe, so that when the right time came I could get that amazing watch repaired. I, still would like to search for it, and get it repaired so that I can wear it ( I am selfish) , I had always dreamt of wearing that watch in my hand. It would have suited my persona as well.

Though, I go home carrying a new watch for him, for the wrist that has for more than 15 years been without a watch, I feel happy , but I also know that this new watch can never be of the same aristocratic beauty and charm as was that old one.

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