Friday, March 28, 2014

Woes of the Divided Times

Teen suicides have become very common in these times. Loneliness and depression are the major cause behind it. Yesterday I watched a movie by the name "To Save a Life" and the poignant description in the movie makes me feel so true to the feeling of the ones who decided to end their lives. 

After watching the movie I was thinking like the ones who opted to kill themselves. What drives them ? Something must be really really awefully wrong in their lives and that coupled with no one to discuss their problems with makes it sore all the more. Who is to be blamed for their such situation ? How can it be improved ? Seems like all the technological advancements in bringing people closer and communicate often has somewhere blocked the real communication of hearts with hearts. Lets admit it that most of youths have become engaged in gadgetry like wizards and in the fight of it, the real meaning of friendship has withered. 

For a while I thought parents might save a child from an emotional downfall if they talk to him more often, such that it does not sound like an intrusion but a gesture of real care. Most parents call their far studying children and just ask, "How are you? Do you have enough money? How are your studies going on? Do you need anything?". Only if sometimes they call and say, "Hey, my baby, do you need to tell me anything, anything, small or little that makes you a little bothered, honey? I love you my child, you are my sunshine and I will always love you beta" and that cannot happen abruptly. Got to happen since their upbringing years, develop an amicable, friendly and loving relationship rather than just that of responsibility. A child, when sees that he is lonely and cannot even tell to his parents gets succumbed. Nothing pains a heart more than loneliness, not having anyone to talk to, to discuss, not having anyone who'd say, "Hey, you know you can always look up to me for anything. I am your forever friend." 

They say, after a period of time, everyone gets bored of listening to your woes, well then, for Christ's sake, they do not deserve to be in your life for a second more. 

"May be the one who you feel is strong, might be the most weak and in need of an ear that just hears and not judges". Lets embrace everyone around, everyone deserves love, care and warmth.

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