Monday, February 24, 2014

Politics : You never know

This blog post had been long due. 
Ever since got to know that AK and AAP are speculating of chasing for the LS elections, wanted to put forth if there this move was justified or not, given it has stood up strong so far. But a sudden gush of air and unexpected events unfurled, he resigned as the Chief Minister of the National Capital. His this move, triggered in my mind an instant question, "If he asked for the opinion of aam aadmi for joining the power, why didn't he on this issue, after all his party is an "AAM AADMI PARTY". 

First, I shall talk about AAP's central aspirations. I personally think that central and state governance are very different from each other. Before eyeing a seat in PMO, AAP must try  and play well there innings in state front, become well acquainted with how political activities are carried out, meeting challenges and improving what they were claiming to. Secondly, petulance will take them nowhere, hence the approach should be a bit optimistic, because frankly speaking optimism was last seen in Gandhian Era. Differences, in a party happen, but when they come out in open, they become perilous for the integrity of the party. AAP needs to address that before eyeing the national seat. BJP and Congress are much strong contenders as compared to AAP, till now we have just heard what AAP is loudly-speaking. They must take their time, impress the Delhities and then be vocal about the bigger aspirations. The mandate that Delhi gave them was to see something better and solid.

It came as a shock to me to know that he resigned. He advocated, that the Lok Pal bill was not being passed and that was the reason behind his step, while the rival parties alleged that the bill was unconstitutional in nature. I think, he could have been more resilient and if there was some problem in the passage of the bill, he still had other, I would say, more important issues to look after because Delhities had affirmed faith in him, which came cracking down as house of cards as he resigned. Its good if AAP comes as a lone winner in re-elections, but politics is not a smooth ride, challenges will always be there, no one can run from it. 
We saw nothing strong came up in Nido Tania case, WHY? No concrete steps were taken to prevent this , because right after two days two Manipuri girls were brutalized.
 "Mr. Kejriwal, I think people will be more grateful to you, if you can instill them confidence that they will be heard, their daughters, wives will be able to freely wander on roads, provide them solid homes and employment."
 Politics, is not for the faint hearted. I affirm my faith on you as many have, but this move was in haste and only gives your tormentors much fuel to ignite fire against AAP. We know everything has been done in a corrupt way, but why not set an example and start afresh, because he is doing the same, playing the blame game, which is not a Gandhi ideology. AAP was all about Lok Pal Bill, many would say and that it was appropriate for him to resign. Let's hope he comes back again and gets the full support this time and the bill gets passed, but clouds of uncertainty looming large currently on AAP and Delhi.

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