Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For lives are short and breaths limited

Just connected what is happening in Philippines and the world writ large to what is happening in the regions where natural tragedy has not struck so far.....

Lost are thousands of lives,
Thousand left bereaved,
crying for the dear ones lost,
lamenting for the connections lost,
searching for the breaths, if alive somewhere,
but coming back to dark nights of solitude.

The essence of the ones who loved someone
of those whom someone loved turns into a memory.
In night it comes to haunt,
in dreams, the love they showered,
no longer to be found, but in thoughts.

Tragedy, natural snatches away the,
life from life and
"ramshackle" is all that remains.

Wives scream, children howl,
fathers searching for their daughters like owl,
wishing them to be alright if alive.
Nature when furiates leaves none,
rich poor alike, it plunders all.

Loss of loved ones is the
biggest loss, coping it
the hardest and devastating
when it comes at unexpected happy hours.

And what does happen,
in places where the tragedy
has not yet struck?

Don't tell me there ain't any deaths,
Don't tell me there ain't any losses,
Connections get lost in abundance,
Relationships and bonds strangulated,
for while in here the nature is calm,
the human mind remixes the psalm.

For places where no fury happens,
the conscientious man discovers one,
which kills everyone he hates and loves,
more painful than the bullet of a gun.

While people die in a moment
in the places where tragedies strike,
In the world unknown to them,
every moment emotional death gets invites.

This makes me wonder, This makes me think,
When already there is so much to pain to wipe,
Why do hatred, insult, indifference, we invite?

Loss, he knows better who has lost,
Loss, he knows well, who lost forever,
Loss if yours is temporary,
Un-loss it and make it better.

For lives our short and breaths limited,
What is this life, if too much restricted?
If too much thinking and too much fearing,
then life you ain't properly living.

For lives are short and breaths limited,
What use of curses?What use of fights?
What use of silences?
That  only increase the plight.

Let here , in our minds,
welcome no tragedies at least
so that we live life like humans,
and not turn into beasts.

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