Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Sweet memorable lesson

Before that incident I had only read in books that we must throw discarded things in the dustbin and  at times I had exercised it also but not seriously. When the dustbin was not anywhere close either the road became the dustbin, or out-of-window-place became the dumping place, or a nearby dump heap became the dustbin and this way I got rid of anything that was not of utility, whether it was a used empty pen refill, ice-cream wrapper, chocolate wrapper, eaten bhutta etc. No one had actually stopped me from doing that as I can recall.
But now even if it is the 1 Re “paani pouch”  after its  emptied I keep it in my bag when I have it or in my pocket, the chocolate wrapper howsoever small it is I ensure it is kept in the proper place. So, I was happy throwing things at the place appropriate for them, but one day a thought struck me, “what is the BIG thing that would happen if only I dump the thing in the dustbin . What big difference does it make?” So, with this doubt I dialled the number , owner of which was the person who had very elegantly advised me to do so. I asked my query. And the reply was, “Like I taught you when I saw you throwing the garbage in open place I stopped you, the same way you will teach the people around you. Someone taught me, I will teach 10 more people, you will teach another set of 10 people and this way the chain will go on and on”. This made sense to me and I was happy.
And what the owner had said was correct, now every time I saw people doing what I used to, I humbly asked them to throw garbage in a nearby dustbin (they are always around, most of the times). It felt nice and every time I did so, a smile dawned upon my face recalling how I had learnt the lesson from my friend.

The reason we always hold on to such people in our lives is clear from this anecdote. They make us better when they are around us and when they are not the sweet little good things they have made us learn are always with us. The bond becomes stronger and love deeper. 

This is a real small incident but forever etched in my episodic memory.

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