Friday, April 12, 2013

What Mr. Khemka can teach us....

ASHOK KHEMKA - I am sure all of us must have heard this name, the man who has been transferred 44 times in his 20 years of  service as a civil servant. He has been hogging the daily newspapers for quite sometime now and I felt compelled to broach about this man and his life.
A diligent officer, an honest officer , a dutiful officer and so an ideal officer. He unearths the scam involving the land deal between DLF and Rober Vadra (Sonia Gandhi's son in law) and little does he know that he has entered into a sea of humiliation, contempt and insult after this act, whereas the reaction should have been exactly opposite.
Today, the interview of Mr.Ashok Khemka with The Hindu transpired many grim realities of our society and how the man who renders his duty with profundity continues to suffer at the hands of higher authorities with power in hands. And that was enough as a propensity for me to write. While its true that Mr. Khemka has respected his position and completed his responsibilities with utmost sincerity, it is equally disconcerting to know the hardships, the  threats he and his family have had to undergo. In country like India we shout that there is so much of corruption, money laundering, scams, scandals, political imbroglios creating a snafus in the sub-continent;  we often tend to forget that there are people like Mr. Khemka who inspire the coming generation of youth. But, atrocities to this man deter those who wish to be like him, serve like him and work like him.
Consider this , people in their locality did not call them on Holi party and everyone was invited , just because he happens to be a Mr. Khemka. The mental pressure at such a commanding position ain't any joke. But what is the most beautiful thing in this entire Khemka episode? Undoubtedly, it is the will and the rigidity of the iron man who did never succumb to the political pressure or to the threats.  Unlike his fellow mates who would be agnostic and too diffident to take stride in the improvement of the sector they head, Mr. Khemka ensures that he casts a better situation.
This is just an instance of how the path of truth and righteousness is packed with repressing times which defy every single cell in the being, but then not a trait of a faint-hearted to be such like that.
In times like these where money has humungously taken the place of morality, it becomes imperative to spread the word that there is still one thing that is much more significant than merely earning and that is being professionally sound and humane. I know in my life in times to come, if I ever experience such a kind of situation that tries to tear me apart, I will remember this man (though my dad would be the first one to cross my mind at such a situation) and the fortitude he is displaying.
I am glad to know that there are Lotuses in the muddy and murky waters.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stop ruing , Start Living

Everybody is unhappy? everyone is fighting? If someone is in anguish to someone else, he/she either kills his perpetrator, or sets himself on fire, or goes on to cause harm to someone else. Someone is so desperately in love with infatuation that they just don't get tired overpowering the poor, destitute and feeble girls and that too continuously not for days but for months and years. And yet some are so smart as to conceive children and abandon them as if its just a dirt. And in the same world, BJP is casting aspersions on Congress, DMK, JDU, TMC, SP, BSP are busy talking on and off with Congress and Mr. Rahul Gandhi says, no man sitting on horse charging would come into our lives, caste a spell and make every thing good. NaMo is dreaming of Delhi , ArKjr can be seen all over on Facebook , Indian youth is in love breakup saga, and then there all sorts of crimes thriving . The integral-to-be elements in human soul - truth, honesty, compassion, bravery , humility, kindness have dangerously gone missing.
Read this: A factory owner sets his entire family on fire because his neighbour is pestering him. And yet another family douses themselves to meet Lord Shiva. And in yet another case, a girl is set to fire by her jilted lover.
Read this: A Swiss retired couple teaching underprivileged children in Kerala and consider it as peace-giving. Novartis denied the patent in India.
Collectively, I believe the world is still a happy place to live. Deep beneath I have a strong conviction that every single heart here longs for an inner peace , an inner satisfaction. I do have faith that underlies in everyone integral-to-be elements.
I wish newspapers could along with the horror realities that envelope our world could tell us about acts that tell us that humanity is still alive and that kindness is still in there. Something that would enlighten us in the morning with hope, with vigor and with faith.  And still we talk about Love. Love , seems like a fashion trend, everyone is mad for falling for someone. The most beautiful thing that exists in this earth seems to be polluted. Love- an essence, a pure essence of care for someone, non-violent affection is being increasingly misplayed. My motive of writing this post is to feel the kind of world we live in. Superficially, we all live together but we just want our own selves to be happy, which is perfectly fine, but amidst the cheating, money launderings, lies somehow I feel suffocated. Never knew did I as a child, that the adult world would be full of the veracities that would make me feel – WHY? Why people kill someone else? Can that give them satisfaction? How can hurting a girl whom he used to love can appease the jilted lover? How can an acid attack give someone peace, how can someone even think of doing that? These questions I seek to find out answer to. Come on dude, you loved her , and love means never causing pain of any sort but swallowing it, even if it takes life out of you.
I ask , I wonder, I think. And I have not been able to figure out the answer to this fact- Why people kill others? Does it end the issue?Does it solve anything?What incited them to take this gruesome step? It seems funny to me. Has adulthood turned us hostile? Have we become violent grown ups?
A fight is going inside in every mind, every single heart is in deep anguish, irated at something, grouses have consumed majority, everyone is busy confounding someone else. Rebuff me and I ll kill you – seems to be the mantra. But amidst I still see life as a beautiful sojourn. Because my parents live in here , they are beautiful , they have taught me to render honestly whatever I do, who have taught me that being just is more important than being rich, who have made me realize the value of money, who have made me tough and that has made me more compassionate . My life is beautiful because of my friend who has taught me to be resilient. My life is beautiful because I am in there, I take it as it comes, I struggle, I get frustrated and then I calm self. My life is beautiful because someone loves me and I love people in my life.
Life, just wanna say is that is a short time we spend here, the way we spend it here, the friends we make, the enemies that happen to become, so we should just try to live the most of our lives. Spread Love; because the hunger for love is more pronounce than that for bread ! And whom are we competing against? Lets strive to make our own a better self, not better than anybody else, but better than self, someone we used to be. And believe me, when we stand high with a resolve, life cannot rebuff us.

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