Saturday, March 23, 2013

1993 Mumbai Blasts: Incidence that desecrated Mumbai

1993 Mumbai blasts carnage is a historic event. 130 minutes, 12 blasts, 257 dead, over 700 injured -- March 12, 1993 changed Mumbai forever. I had been reading about Sanjay Dutt’s conviction being upheld by the SC and little did know about the massacre that happened. Sad, that I did not know about the rudiments of the blasts, I googled to know about this disconcerting event in an unequivocal way.
And this blog post is a fora that discusses about the blast, why it happened and how Sanjay Dutt landed up in the controversial imbroglio.
The aim was to destroy the commercial capital of India in January but one of the terrorist involved  was apprehended so the plan advanced into March. Bombay Stock Exchange was on the bullet point and many more places that directly linked the economic stability of the state were to be devastated- and they were. Particularly important this case is because within two days of the incidence it was found out after scrutiny that Dawood Ibrahim along with Memon family members were involved in the case. Since then, they have been denounced as absconders and recently one of the Memon family member has been given death sentence. The blasts shook (must have) the foundation of the state and instilled a fear in the hearts of Mumbaikars.
It is argued that the blast happened as an act of revenge against the demolition of Babri Mosque in between December 1992 and January 1993. And why was Babri Mosque demolished? The Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus on 6 December 1992 after a march to Ayodhya. Their justification was that it was the birth place of Lord Rama and that Babur had destroyed a temple dedicated to Lord Rama there to erect the mosque. Now that makes me question one thing – We have divided God? Isn’t God someone that manifests Himself in different form ? How can people be so ignorant? It hurts me to know the sentiments inside the hearts of people. A lot of Muslims lost their lives and to avenge their death, irated and livid Muslim terrorists concocted the blast.
Thanks to the judicial system of India, the accused have been convicted of the crime and the decision has been taken to hang some, some have been given life imprisonment while few have been left on probation and those who could not stand the trial are no more. And from where does our Sanju baba come in the picture? Little did he know that he would be tried under the Act of illegally procuring the arms. Ask him – Is he friends with Dawood Ibrahim, he would staunchly deny it. Then what was he doing in the dinner party along with two more producers hosted by Dawood? Obviously, he was not conspiring a blast. On asking what were arms doing in his closet. He answers, they were to save his family after the Babri Masjid demolition, following which his family had been receiving continuous threats. An AK-56 was ceased from his house along with 9mm pistol- supposedly given by the underworld Don.
He was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment but was granted bail after 18 months. Now again the SC has asked him to complete his remaining jail term and Sanju has complied heartbrokenly. He says, “I respect the judiciary. But it only leaves my heart broken because this time my wife, my three children and my family is punished as well.” An emotional Sanjay Dutt was heard as saying. Although a man of his stature would try everything possible to acquit himself, the question that merits answer is that – Can he get away easily again on the ground of having been transformed and coming to court regularly for hearing as and when required ? We all know Sanjay Dutt as one of the finest actors in the Bollywood industry who is almost worshipped as a cult. We all know the best performances he has given, and seeing our own Sanjay Baba being handcuffed and taken to jail is surely a sad sight to witness ( reminds me of Lance Armstrong and his doping stigma). But rules are rules.
If Sanjay Dutt is pardoned, then there would be uproar. Other accused would seek clemency on the same grounds. So, let it be. He ought to serve his sentence in the jail. And whatever about the absconders? They have been hiding in the Pakistani soil, which is a false fact according to the Islamabad government. Pejoratively, I would say that Indian judiciary is incapable of delivering timely decisions. 20 years for the decree on a particular case is not at all a small period of time. It causes anguish to everybody involved. And to people like me – surprise along with the knowledge of the case when I must have been a 3 year old child.
Blasts are a blasphemy, an act so repulsive and so inhuman that those involved must be given the stringent punishment. And this one was a strong one that must have petrified everyone who witnessed it.
On reading about this page in history that I was oblivious to till now made me question – Am I safe where I am? What will happen if a blast occurs here? What must have happened to people and the families of  those who died? Why do people fight? Why are we so adamant on creating divides among us in the name of religion? Why can’t we be content with earning and giving love to our families and those we love? Why is it that influential people get away easily with the punishments? Why so much time is taken for justice to happen in India? Why? Why? Why?
Sluggish judiciary and that too in the largest democracy in world seems like an unscrupulous institution- tardy, lousy and above all indifferent.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Media has been frenzied by the execution of Afzal Guru. To those who know not who is(was) Afzal Guru, he was the convict and alleged master mind behind the December 2001 attacks on the Indian Parliament. His secret execution has created furore in the country and there are pouring multiple , varying views on his execution at gallows.
Amidst the controversies and the contentions that follow his death, the biggest one is that he was hanged without his family knowing of it. The Family came to know of it when the entire world came to. Supposedly, a letter was dispatched to his home which reached after two days of his departure for the holy abode. According to the laws formulated, the kith and kin of the person to be executed at gallows have to be informed, but this practice was not followed here. Secondly, the man who will be dying is informed well before a time of more than 2 hours, but Afzal came to know of it at 5:00 a.m. , 2 hours before he was to be hanged. How does it sound like? Due to this there is terror in Kashmir valley.
And the execution is being termed as SECRET and ILLEGAL. People are asking for answers. And what are those? A statement coming from the ministry says that members were informed and that no one came to claim the body of Guru. Is that possible? Who is to be believed? Right after Ajmal is hanged Guru is executed as we come to know from the morning newspaper headlines. What is the truth? Who decided all this conspiracy? Or is it correct that the criminal , whosoever does not deserve any clemency in the process of execution ? Was the law followed or was it not deliberately? Views are separate and diverse.
He was a terrorist, an audacious one, a feared one and the most wanted one !
Who will answer to these questions? President Mukherjee might get away with saying that execution has been done but Omar abdullah is adamant to know the answers. What happened was correct but it was accomplished in the most wrong of ways.
People might argue what feelings would family members would have for person like Guru, had they been informed , would they have expressed slightest intention to meet him? Little can be understood here to make any further statements. Seeing the picture externally, politically it might be called as a FRUSTRATED EXECUTION OF A TERRORIST - An Act of Terror?

While crimes that such terrorist do, deserve stringent of punishments but with a grace. Well, we can only hope that next time , the execution if any, is done in accordance with the norms.

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