Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For lives are short and breaths limited

Just connected what is happening in Philippines and the world writ large to what is happening in the regions where natural tragedy has not struck so far.....

Lost are thousands of lives,
Thousand left bereaved,
crying for the dear ones lost,
lamenting for the connections lost,
searching for the breaths, if alive somewhere,
but coming back to dark nights of solitude.

The essence of the ones who loved someone
of those whom someone loved turns into a memory.
In night it comes to haunt,
in dreams, the love they showered,
no longer to be found, but in thoughts.

Tragedy, natural snatches away the,
life from life and
"ramshackle" is all that remains.

Wives scream, children howl,
fathers searching for their daughters like owl,
wishing them to be alright if alive.
Nature when furiates leaves none,
rich poor alike, it plunders all.

Loss of loved ones is the
biggest loss, coping it
the hardest and devastating
when it comes at unexpected happy hours.

And what does happen,
in places where the tragedy
has not yet struck?

Don't tell me there ain't any deaths,
Don't tell me there ain't any losses,
Connections get lost in abundance,
Relationships and bonds strangulated,
for while in here the nature is calm,
the human mind remixes the psalm.

For places where no fury happens,
the conscientious man discovers one,
which kills everyone he hates and loves,
more painful than the bullet of a gun.

While people die in a moment
in the places where tragedies strike,
In the world unknown to them,
every moment emotional death gets invites.

This makes me wonder, This makes me think,
When already there is so much to pain to wipe,
Why do hatred, insult, indifference, we invite?

Loss, he knows better who has lost,
Loss, he knows well, who lost forever,
Loss if yours is temporary,
Un-loss it and make it better.

For lives our short and breaths limited,
What is this life, if too much restricted?
If too much thinking and too much fearing,
then life you ain't properly living.

For lives are short and breaths limited,
What use of curses?What use of fights?
What use of silences?
That  only increase the plight.

Let here , in our minds,
welcome no tragedies at least
so that we live life like humans,
and not turn into beasts.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Indian Religiousness

It was the day of Janmashtami, and I had gone to my friend's home and at late night we went to a famous temple.  It was no shock to me to envisage such a throng ; from every corner people were trying to get a glimpse of Lord Krishna, nudging  everyone who came in their way, tussling to find some way forward and chanting simultaneously the name of Thakurji. Everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, color, race could be spotted in the temple premises.

How did I feel there ? I felt good seeing beautifully adorned idol of Lord Krishna, it looked magnificent. The tilak of chandan that I could feel on my forehead left a cool imprint. I am not an atheist, I do believe in God and I know there are ways, different in their own nature in which people worship gods and goddesses. While everyone was busy, I was amazed, what was after all so special about the day. 

There is a general thing that can be said on almost every occasion, "There is no dedicated day to show respect, love and the like". But I do not want to say it here or use it here. But, a random question struck my mind for the first time in life, "What was after all so special? Isn't God the same everyday? Or was it that on that day He was showering more blessings? " I remember back in school days, such festivals used to be special at home and so do remain today, I don't remember ever asking such a question to my parents. I think my curiosity has increased with my age.

Don't wanna become blasphemous by hurting religious sentiments of anyone, but it actually left me thinking. I can recall yet another incident, a month back or so, there was this famous circumambulation which was to happen at Mathura and I was coming back from my village. Gratefully, I was the first one standing on gate to deboard the train, and even in that case I nearly lost my spectacles. There was a huge crowd pushing each other, it was SURPRISING to know that they were going for some religious activity  ; a man succumbed on the spot due to extreme tussles. It led me thinking again at the conduct of holy people. A little co-operation and civic sense can make such situations easy to manage and avert any likely disaster. Reading about "Stampedes at some temple, leading to death of men and women" should not be the story to happen at temples. 

Indian religiousness amuses me. We don't give clothes to naked, we abhor lepers, we shun our own aged parents, we criticise every second person we meet, we keep our homes clean and spread filthiness in public, we ostracise a girl and her family from the society who has been brutalised, we force  a student by burdening him with expectations to feel bad about himself/herself, we hesitate in making first moves at mending relationships and yet very ardently become a part of throng on HUGE RELIGIOUS DAYS ! 

Now what can be more blasphemous?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A crime is not juvenile

The case of juvenile justice transpired after December case, and now once again after the blasphemous act in Mumbai it has turned up again. Families whose children indulge in such heinous act being juvenile often claim that the degree of punishment must be less severe and they should be given an opportunity to start their life afresh, since entire life is left for them to live. I agree with the second half of the last line, but can we really assume that a child who has committed a heinous crime like rape (there used to be a time when it was written as r*** but now that the frequency and occurrence has increased manifold so much so that it has become a regular phenomena) be considered a juvenile? I do not think so. 

I read about the story of a juvenile accused in December case. His family lives in penury, and he was out in town to make a living and support his family. People who worked with him, say, he was a nice guy, only dealt with his job and nothing else, and did it sincerely, until when he left the job (in a dhaba) to become an aid in bus service. And then we all know who he is, an accomplice in the most treacherous and heart breaking attack on someone's soul who is no more.

But it has left a lagging question. Punishing a man below age of 20 cannot be easy , as a human every one knows, the life of his would be ruined if he is sentenced to life imprisonment given the gravity of crime that was committed. But does his inhuman act deserve any clemency? Where was his humanity when he was being  a partner? Let the punishment be a lesson to everyone. If people still have guts to create a Mumbai after Delhi, then its evident that judiciary has been complacent, slow and inconsiderate to a large extent. Until and unless some high profile man's daughter goes through same fate we cannot be sure of any strong action being taken, just to say. 

There is no reason to consider a man juvenile when convicted in crime, heinous ones. Doing that would only add fuel to fire and rather than detering people from involving in such incidents, make them more intrepid. Most of people think that they can get away easily because , "India mai kuch ni hota" is a popular belief. Other day I read a news in which a man denied from wife indulged in overpowering his daughter. News like this only makes me think about the kind of world I am dwelling and growing up in. 

Its true that the plight can only be experienced by the ones who have suffered and people who protest little know how its being in such a situation where you have fear of your life ahead looming over head along with the apprehension of being ostracized from society. 
Seems like, government is implementing Ostrich algorithm in case of Rapes. And rendering clemency in the veil of juvenile culture would only impede in the redressal of grievances. 

Another question that comes in the same ambit is the age of juvenile to be revised. Some say it should be brought down to 16, some say it should remain at 18. While times have changed now, children have comparatively more knowledge as compared to previous times. In fact the things I know now, I can be sure that a child of 9th class knows. But still a child of age of 16 is  young, unaware of realities of the world in a practical way. And why after all is there this question at all? 

Its time government takes out its head from the sand and starts to implement real time algorithms. Indians want a safe sub-continent , rather than a comfortable Dollar-Rupee ratio.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

His Experiments with Truth

You might have guessed the content of the blogpost by the title. 
My Experiments with Truth , is a book that I think I have completed in a very short period of time, the reason attributed to the depth contained in it. This splendid autobiography of  M.K.Gandhi has opened in front of me many facets of Gandhi as a person I never knew. There is so much to learn from his life. Now, I know there are scores of critics of Gandhi who accuse him of so many things like Bhagat Singh's hanging, foment about his being a hypocrite, Bose conflict and the like, but this post will hold entirely what I have read from the book and how I feel not about Gandhi, but he as a person who devoted his life for upliftment of others, who took every possible initiative to make even slightest of comfortable difference in lives of people, underprivileged, downtrodden and destitutes.

In his autobiography, he has actually talked about every experiment he did in his life, by instantiating he has provided with his deeds, the fruit they bore, the hardships that followed and the arguments that periodically creeped in between the process. The best part is that he discusses his follies, his natural human instincts and how he defeated them by incessant actions. I personally believe if child marriage were not  prevalent during those times in India, he would not have married. 

Right from his childhood events, Gandhi discusses how every event shaped him and how he fell into bad company, how then later he obeyed his principles no matter what. For example, he refused to eat egg when the doctor asked him to , to improve his health saying it was against his ideals. I also fail to realise the rationale behind his such decision. But he believed in alternatives, always. When his son caught jaundice, he himself took care of him when he could not give the prescribed diet to him owning to idealism, which his son complied too and he was successful. He never drank milk saying it incited sensuality, normal modern man would consider it bullshit. 

But the events which take away our heart, and make him consecrated deep in our hearts as the father of nation are his humility, his love for the meanest of person as himself, his care, unselfish service, his leadership skills, his strong and indomitable will, his intrepidity, amity with every man low or high in caste. His aristrocratic way of denying the orders which he just would not agree to follow, yet his law-abiding nature, his attitude, ability to swallow indifference and his infectious enthusiasm.

He has helped every poor man in need on witnessing his plight, indentured laborers in South Africa were redeemed due to his ebullient and never-say-die attitude. He completed his every responsibility and ensured that values prevailed everywhere. He taught students, being not so involved in sports during his time, he exhorts readers to play realizing the importance of it. He does not shy away in conceding to the fact that he trembled to speak in public and then how he overcame it. Speaking in public gives jitters to everyone, I can remember how diffident I used to be. Gandhi as a human, inspires me because he used his knowledge to pay heed to sufferings of others, his life was meaningful, he could have become a renowned lawyer and happily settled with his family, but he realized on seeing the grappling situation of people that he ought to do something. He was a man of heart. There is so much to learn from this man, and we must all be proud to have such a name in the rich legacy of our country.

In the end I wish to put up few lines from his autobiography which I found very beautiful :
  1. It has been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by humiliation of their fellow beings.
  2. Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served.
  3. A patriot cannot afford to ignore any breach of service to the motherland.
  4. Nothing is impossble for true love.
  5. To conquer the subtle passions seems to me to be harder far than the physical conquest of the world by the force of arms.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love vs Detachment

Lately I have been reading a lot. From My Experiments with Truth, to Swami Vivekananda, to The Holy Bible, and they are all making me confused, leaving me into a quandary. The question to which I am trying to find the answer is, or to say I am trying to find a region where Detachment and Human Love coincide and conform. They say attachment is the fount of all pain and detachment of all satisfaction and peace. That love is for one and all and we must spread love wherever we go, but is it possible for a man to love some object and practice detachment simultaneously? I want to know the answer. I deliberate over this and end up finding them to be in separate domains. 

Vivekananda practiced celibacy throughout his life yet was an apostle of compassion for everyone.Gandhi took up the vow of Bhramcharya at the age of 37 and shed every sense of enjoyment. And Buddha himself renunciated his entire kingdom in search of salvation on seeing misery around his world. They were all concerned about the pain of others but never let any bond or boundage deter them in their endeavors, and that is where my doubt lies. I live in a world that is from 1869s or before and whether the philosophy prevalent during those time should find meaning today is not much of a question, for those who want to practice pristine ways will continue, and I hope they do it understanding its meaning. 

Lets say a normal human wants to love, nor that he wants to, but falls in and at the same time is conscious of the importance of detachment and believes in it, then it is natural for him to find it difficult to decide which way to go. 

Its easy to practice detachment when you do not know or have not been through a faithful attachment.  Trying to solve the mystery......

Wednesday, July 17, 2013



This is the video by Mittal Patel that re-affirmed my faith and trust in educated people's mettle and indomitable spirit to make a difference in the lives of downtrodden and underprivileged. I myself, fall into deep anguish and dismay when I hear stories of mothers dying after conceiving babies on roads due to excessive bleeding, of children dying after consuming poison in mid-day meals, of women being forced into prostitution and becoming a strumpet due to abject penury. 

And then in schools we grow up learning , however little, if we can do for somebody, is a action - holy, sacred and true. But how many of us actually bother to tell a kid chewing tobacco that its harmful for him, or give clothes to a girl who needs them, or provide an umbrella to a construction worker going on the site with baby on her back battling the scorching heat of sun? It needs a compassionate heart to feel the pain in people around us. These are the very people who are not as fortunate as we are, who have not got the access to basic amenities of life, forget about luxury. Mittal Patel in her 8 minute video has demonstrated how her actions have made a difference, brought hopes to nomadic people and their lives, brought a smile on their dry faces. Not only that , she has spread awareness about the apathies of these people, the struggles they go through and how their worth and identity seems to be depleting in the India seemingly racing fast on to economic track losing track of economic growth. Honestly speaking, I did not know this manifestation of struggle in poor nomadic people's lives. Largely because, no one actually cares to portray the secluded section of the Indian subcontinent or to say if the media is free from adding spice into NaMo and Congress tussle or peeking into Mannat's new guest, then we can know and bring to the larger picture the bickering of our brothers and sisters. 

Forced prostitution to earn money is the last thing that I could ever imagine being alive, but that happens, and happens too often. Because when in riots, the homes are ransacked, the family comes on road, and after staying hungry and homeless for three days, the elder of the family dies of myocardial infarction and then someone comes walking around suggesting, "Why don't you work in a dance bar?". The family has to agree reluctantly to have square meal a day and then that dance bar actually comes out to be a brothel ! This is not a made up story but a true account of a harsh reality. 

I cannot thank Mittal Patel for making me know of the lives of nomadic people. The way she has carried out reforms however little in measure, be it teaching children, getting girls married so that they do not become  victim, providing election cards to the residents and much more than that; providing the residence address makes my heart happy. Imagine if she got a friendly and a staunch support from the policymakers, the impact would have been much greater. But what she has done is not small in any measure. Cannot be. 

People strive to become an IAS to make a difference, to become an MLA to improve situation in a constituency, to become a Sarpanch to improve the justice system and seek every kind of position to actually bring about empowerment and reform but after watching this video one thing I have learnt - A WILL IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS NEEDED NOT A POSITION. If we have the will , we will set out of our plush homes to spread love and support. Thank you Mittal Patel, and  Thank you for being such a philanthropist. I have indeed learnt a lot from your video.

Traditional India is fast depleting with India striving to become a hi-fi country emulating China or Japan. We must learn to preserve and value our heritage. And as for respect of women in society is concerned, it is in an inexplicably sorry state. How can God reside in a place where women are not respected ? Nomads must be assisted by the government of India, there are a plethora of do's and dont's that I can list, but that would be futile. There is a need of spreading awareness. If the problem is not known , its solution will not be known. Mittal Patel is certainly  a heck of a lady ! 

I am proud that now I know a "Mittal Patel", and she must be beautiful for her action is.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Curious Case of NaMo

The hype over NaMo becoming a strong contender for PMO is wide and riveting at the same time. NaMo has a flood of people who support him , most of them belonging to Gujarat area and then there are people of the ilk who do not like an iota of what NaMo supposes to be or pretends to be. They dub him as communal, dominating, Hitler type and the one who plays games based on religion. Godhra is attributed to him, noteably because he was the one who asked Police not to take any action when Gujarat riots were plundering the Muslim population. To retaliate, the most sad incidence in India happened - Godhra ! No one has ever been able to forget it and now and then it keeps on emerging on political front. Ishrat Jahan's fake encounter case is making rounds in vernacular newspapers daily. Ishrat and 3 other people suspected to be LeT operatives were executed in the wee hours of July 2004 for being allegedly involved in secret operation of assassinating the then CM of Gujarat , NaMo. History has it that such a condemned act was done to gain promotions, and biggies such as Superintendent are known to be involved. The reason they were cold-bloodedly murdered was that they were conspiring to kill NaMo and L.K.Advani.  But that never happened. And the case has been reopened on the petitions filed by Ishrat's family who deny any defamation caused to late Ishrat and who are adamant about the fact that their daughter had no nexus with any LeT operative. Is this giving the chief sleepless nights and dimming the prospect of him fighting the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections? I doubt.

There is no doubt that Narendra Modi has been at the helm of controversies. The recent one was the one in Uttarakhand where he was alleged playing role of a "Rambo" rescuing supposedly Gujarat people (that actually makes me wonder how was he able to identify the people of Gujarat in that devasted piece of land crying havoc). One can listen to Ms. Bannerjee lashing out at the CM for being conscious about his state people and in her words, "The person who dreams of being PM cannot be and should not be centric to welfare of particular set of people". Little do people know but it actually took meticulous efforts for NaMo to reach where he is, as he worked assiduously for 10 years without calling off a single day. From being a tea vendor to RSS sevak and then a CM is no easy nut to crack. He has his own set of trials and tribulations. He has been given the best CM award, Gujarat under him has prospered (though people say that comparatively Bihar under Nitish Kumar has developed more, for Gujarat was in a better condition when NaMo took over as its CM). The name of Nitish Kumar reminds me of his withdrawal from BJP following escalation of NaMo in BJP. Narendra Modi is largely seen as an incompetent team worker, he likes to be consulted for literally every small thing, which is a dominating demeanour. He did nothing to appease walking away Nitish. Is he thinking of going solo? 

And the most funny thing I read at http://narendramodi.in/index.php is this piece of image. 

Somehow I fail to comprehend why parties are so focused on casting aspersions on other parties, every move, yes every single move  a party makes is tossed like a rag doll in air and torn until all we can see is cotton flying in the sky. (I know I could have used a better metaphor). But seriously, I mean NaMo talks about ideals of Swami Vivekananda (the name itself gives so much peace) but he never advocated such  a philosophy and personally his actions surprise me. 

While I do not want to comment upon him particularly, but the reason he has suddenly assumed the big stage is because of the recent happenings , some natural and some created by men. Surely prophecy won't work for LS Elections but lets just hope the leader is diligent and not the one who keeps an eye on what other parties are doing and ready to throw willow at them from ambush. India needs a visionary. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Becoming Parent to Parents

The recent news about a law announced in China was intriguing enough for me to write about it and then the weekend special of The Hindu had an entire page dedicated to the topic of Elderly people and their lifestyle, beliefs, tribulations and how they cope up, they and their children collectively. Both these independent yet connected and meaningful discussions form the fount of this post. 

For those who know little about the law I am talking about, it says that it is imperative for children to visit their parents otherwise they should get ready to be sued. China issued this law taking into account its rapidly aging and poorly looked after population. And the article in The Hindu with lucid profundity talked about the insalubrious culture that is fastly becoming a part of the Indian society. Though it cannot be called as deplorable but it transpired about the pros and cons of the community homes that elderly people resort to in their twilight years. Some on their own volition some by persuasion and some out of helplessness join such homes. 

With youth becoming more and more conscious about their own lives, careers, salary and the love of life, the parents find it hard to imagine that the ones whom they crooned to sleep in the midst of summer night without power have become oblivious of their hopes, aspirations and things that make them happy and valued. In such  a scenario, some elderly say that  even if their children invite them to live with them, they are reluctant for it means that for every little thing they become dependent on their children (as recalled by an elderly in the Special issue of The Hindu) and hence join community homes where with people of their own age living and spending time becomes easier and interactive. However, some say that looking  around at debilitated people having some or other kind of infirmity instills in them the fear of their own health.The man believes that no one can take care of his wife better than him and so he and the wife prefer to live alone while the money keeps on coming from the children and the caretaker ensures that they are not hungry, unless of course he is not the kind who kills the owners and flees with everything he can collect in the lull of the dark night.

Taking care of one's own parents in old age is increasingly becoming a serious concern. Rather than a duty people perceive it as an obligation. There are real incidences that speak the stories of rebuffed parents floundering in the streets begging. This time when I was at NDLS station , me and my younger brother , an elderly woman came asking for alms. when she left, I just asked my brother, "How can children even think of letting their parents beg", but at the next moment I heard myself saying, "They are a group of goons, who take alms and drink with the money received (most of them) and when they get enough money they board the Metro and play the game of pick-pocketing (one such gang was busted by DP)".

We all our indebted to our parents. Remember how lovingly they catered to our every need when we suffered from some serious ailment, when we got our leg or hand fractured, when we had Chicken Pox (the time when it itched the most but even then the mother never flinched to give a loving hug), when we got our hand stitched due to our own naughty acts? I know, deep in every heart lies a gratitude, a silent extol because parents are the ones who can provide succour to our hearts when we feel weak and feeble. 

Sure, there will be tussles in times to come regarding the same issue, compromises will have to be made but treat them like children in their years of twilight, because elderly complete a family. I do not find myself mature enough to understand the emotional side of the elderly parent and married child relationship but  I can say this with a strong conviction, "Where there is a will and gratitude, there cannot be an excuse whatsoever".

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Sweet memorable lesson

Before that incident I had only read in books that we must throw discarded things in the dustbin and  at times I had exercised it also but not seriously. When the dustbin was not anywhere close either the road became the dustbin, or out-of-window-place became the dumping place, or a nearby dump heap became the dustbin and this way I got rid of anything that was not of utility, whether it was a used empty pen refill, ice-cream wrapper, chocolate wrapper, eaten bhutta etc. No one had actually stopped me from doing that as I can recall.
But now even if it is the 1 Re “paani pouch”  after its  emptied I keep it in my bag when I have it or in my pocket, the chocolate wrapper howsoever small it is I ensure it is kept in the proper place. So, I was happy throwing things at the place appropriate for them, but one day a thought struck me, “what is the BIG thing that would happen if only I dump the thing in the dustbin . What big difference does it make?” So, with this doubt I dialled the number , owner of which was the person who had very elegantly advised me to do so. I asked my query. And the reply was, “Like I taught you when I saw you throwing the garbage in open place I stopped you, the same way you will teach the people around you. Someone taught me, I will teach 10 more people, you will teach another set of 10 people and this way the chain will go on and on”. This made sense to me and I was happy.
And what the owner had said was correct, now every time I saw people doing what I used to, I humbly asked them to throw garbage in a nearby dustbin (they are always around, most of the times). It felt nice and every time I did so, a smile dawned upon my face recalling how I had learnt the lesson from my friend.

The reason we always hold on to such people in our lives is clear from this anecdote. They make us better when they are around us and when they are not the sweet little good things they have made us learn are always with us. The bond becomes stronger and love deeper. 

This is a real small incident but forever etched in my episodic memory.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Silence in the "Bond By Birth"

After the work at office, Ashish was back to his home at night. That night he was not hungry, but his mom insisted that he should have some food. But, Ashish was just not hungry. As he was untying his shoe laces, loosening his tie, he was cogitating something. Deep, lost in his own thoughts, Ashish was making himself at home. Prerna, his younger sister was happy that her brother was at home, but she was surprised that , that day Ashish forgot to bring Dairy Milk for her. But as a small child she was, she did not mind it, Ashish loved Prerna a lot, his sweet younger sister. 
Certainly, Ashish was inside some deep thoughts. Mom asked, what is wrong? Ashish looked at her into her eyes but did not say anything. Dad in his usual strident tone asked him, "Why are you so late today?". Ashish replied, "Dad, today there was a strike at the Metro station". But the truth was something else, Ashish knew in his heart. He had loved his home as a child, it had been a place that had instilled in him virtues that he had seen being ridiculed in outer world, but he had guarded them fiercely close to him.  It was the place that had given him every book he wanted to read, peaceful times, good food, and what not. His yester years were surely beautiful at home. So, what was the thing that made him anxious? What was it that was disconcerting to him that he was plunged into a silence that night? 
Ashish laid down his head on the bed in his room and opened up his diary. As a child Ashish had never had any friends, and so he always had his diary to share his thoughts, his good days, his bad days, his worst days, his dilemmas and everything. He opened up the page. There in just popped up the photograph of his beloved, it brought a smile. Ashish was not late due to strike at Metro, he was late because he was with Juhi after office. He flipped through the pages and then put the date on the blank page, 19-May-2013 and began writing: 

"Dear Diary, 
Home is good , but I do not feel happy here. I have very nice parents, I am what all today due to them. I know I have responsibilities towards them, towards my family, towards Prerna. But somewhy , it is not as peaceful as it used to be when I was in school. Or may be I never had paid attention. Sure, there were bad times even then but not like these. There is a lull between me and my parents. We do not talk, at all. They feel I have become indifferent. I know I have not. Then why don't I feel at peace here? Is the peace no more inside me? Why does not coming to home excite me? Why? 
Well, yeah I know. Because I am fed up of complains , things we do not have, things we could have had, things we should have, things that we should not have...blah blah blah. I am earning and earning enough to afford everything that is required, Prerna has been admitted to the best school in the locality. She is a brilliant student, I am proud of her. She is a caring sister, innocent and clean hearted. I hope she always remains like that. 
Dheeraj, my younger brother left home 2 years back, because he was fed up of daily dramas in home. Dad regularly shouted that his kids had been spoiled while mother felt they became indifferent. Being elder son of the house, I had to behave maturely. I made Dheeraj understand , but he had looked into my eyes and said, "Bhaiyya, mujhse nahi saha jaata". He never said, he would return and he has not till now . I felt bad for mom and dad. And I knew I have to be with them. Yeah....yeah, I am not planning to leave, elder most children are gifted with fortitude to endure everything. 
The thing is that I and dad do not talk at all. Why? There is no reason. We are like strangers in the same home, in the same room! Sure, I have grown, become responsible, but that chord between me and my parents never got set at the right place. I know they have sacrificed their every small desire to bring me this high in life. I know everything. But , why could not we be like real kid and parent. As I matured with time, I feel, I separated from them while we should have become closer. Never happened. I know they are not happy, I know Dheeraj is always on their mind. And now I know, money cannot bring happiness. Money cannot make a family. 
A family is a bond of understanding each other even where there is  little money but enough to meet the best of facilities. People outside my family, my friends and colleagues never miss an opportunity to remark, "Ashish is the most genuine person we have ever met, honestly caring and understanding". I think about this remark and then wonder, "then how come I do not feel the same for my family. Why don't I feel I care for them? Why don't I feel I understand them?". I do...

He closed his diary after writing the last line : "We are emotionally distant from each other".

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Mr. Khemka can teach us....

ASHOK KHEMKA - I am sure all of us must have heard this name, the man who has been transferred 44 times in his 20 years of  service as a civil servant. He has been hogging the daily newspapers for quite sometime now and I felt compelled to broach about this man and his life.
A diligent officer, an honest officer , a dutiful officer and so an ideal officer. He unearths the scam involving the land deal between DLF and Rober Vadra (Sonia Gandhi's son in law) and little does he know that he has entered into a sea of humiliation, contempt and insult after this act, whereas the reaction should have been exactly opposite.
Today, the interview of Mr.Ashok Khemka with The Hindu transpired many grim realities of our society and how the man who renders his duty with profundity continues to suffer at the hands of higher authorities with power in hands. And that was enough as a propensity for me to write. While its true that Mr. Khemka has respected his position and completed his responsibilities with utmost sincerity, it is equally disconcerting to know the hardships, the  threats he and his family have had to undergo. In country like India we shout that there is so much of corruption, money laundering, scams, scandals, political imbroglios creating a snafus in the sub-continent;  we often tend to forget that there are people like Mr. Khemka who inspire the coming generation of youth. But, atrocities to this man deter those who wish to be like him, serve like him and work like him.
Consider this , people in their locality did not call them on Holi party and everyone was invited , just because he happens to be a Mr. Khemka. The mental pressure at such a commanding position ain't any joke. But what is the most beautiful thing in this entire Khemka episode? Undoubtedly, it is the will and the rigidity of the iron man who did never succumb to the political pressure or to the threats.  Unlike his fellow mates who would be agnostic and too diffident to take stride in the improvement of the sector they head, Mr. Khemka ensures that he casts a better situation.
This is just an instance of how the path of truth and righteousness is packed with repressing times which defy every single cell in the being, but then not a trait of a faint-hearted to be such like that.
In times like these where money has humungously taken the place of morality, it becomes imperative to spread the word that there is still one thing that is much more significant than merely earning and that is being professionally sound and humane. I know in my life in times to come, if I ever experience such a kind of situation that tries to tear me apart, I will remember this man (though my dad would be the first one to cross my mind at such a situation) and the fortitude he is displaying.
I am glad to know that there are Lotuses in the muddy and murky waters.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stop ruing , Start Living

Everybody is unhappy? everyone is fighting? If someone is in anguish to someone else, he/she either kills his perpetrator, or sets himself on fire, or goes on to cause harm to someone else. Someone is so desperately in love with infatuation that they just don't get tired overpowering the poor, destitute and feeble girls and that too continuously not for days but for months and years. And yet some are so smart as to conceive children and abandon them as if its just a dirt. And in the same world, BJP is casting aspersions on Congress, DMK, JDU, TMC, SP, BSP are busy talking on and off with Congress and Mr. Rahul Gandhi says, no man sitting on horse charging would come into our lives, caste a spell and make every thing good. NaMo is dreaming of Delhi , ArKjr can be seen all over on Facebook , Indian youth is in love breakup saga, and then there all sorts of crimes thriving . The integral-to-be elements in human soul - truth, honesty, compassion, bravery , humility, kindness have dangerously gone missing.
Read this: A factory owner sets his entire family on fire because his neighbour is pestering him. And yet another family douses themselves to meet Lord Shiva. And in yet another case, a girl is set to fire by her jilted lover.
Read this: A Swiss retired couple teaching underprivileged children in Kerala and consider it as peace-giving. Novartis denied the patent in India.
Collectively, I believe the world is still a happy place to live. Deep beneath I have a strong conviction that every single heart here longs for an inner peace , an inner satisfaction. I do have faith that underlies in everyone integral-to-be elements.
I wish newspapers could along with the horror realities that envelope our world could tell us about acts that tell us that humanity is still alive and that kindness is still in there. Something that would enlighten us in the morning with hope, with vigor and with faith.  And still we talk about Love. Love , seems like a fashion trend, everyone is mad for falling for someone. The most beautiful thing that exists in this earth seems to be polluted. Love- an essence, a pure essence of care for someone, non-violent affection is being increasingly misplayed. My motive of writing this post is to feel the kind of world we live in. Superficially, we all live together but we just want our own selves to be happy, which is perfectly fine, but amidst the cheating, money launderings, lies somehow I feel suffocated. Never knew did I as a child, that the adult world would be full of the veracities that would make me feel – WHY? Why people kill someone else? Can that give them satisfaction? How can hurting a girl whom he used to love can appease the jilted lover? How can an acid attack give someone peace, how can someone even think of doing that? These questions I seek to find out answer to. Come on dude, you loved her , and love means never causing pain of any sort but swallowing it, even if it takes life out of you.
I ask , I wonder, I think. And I have not been able to figure out the answer to this fact- Why people kill others? Does it end the issue?Does it solve anything?What incited them to take this gruesome step? It seems funny to me. Has adulthood turned us hostile? Have we become violent grown ups?
A fight is going inside in every mind, every single heart is in deep anguish, irated at something, grouses have consumed majority, everyone is busy confounding someone else. Rebuff me and I ll kill you – seems to be the mantra. But amidst I still see life as a beautiful sojourn. Because my parents live in here , they are beautiful , they have taught me to render honestly whatever I do, who have taught me that being just is more important than being rich, who have made me realize the value of money, who have made me tough and that has made me more compassionate . My life is beautiful because of my friend who has taught me to be resilient. My life is beautiful because I am in there, I take it as it comes, I struggle, I get frustrated and then I calm self. My life is beautiful because someone loves me and I love people in my life.
Life, just wanna say is that is a short time we spend here, the way we spend it here, the friends we make, the enemies that happen to become, so we should just try to live the most of our lives. Spread Love; because the hunger for love is more pronounce than that for bread ! And whom are we competing against? Lets strive to make our own a better self, not better than anybody else, but better than self, someone we used to be. And believe me, when we stand high with a resolve, life cannot rebuff us.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

1993 Mumbai Blasts: Incidence that desecrated Mumbai

1993 Mumbai blasts carnage is a historic event. 130 minutes, 12 blasts, 257 dead, over 700 injured -- March 12, 1993 changed Mumbai forever. I had been reading about Sanjay Dutt’s conviction being upheld by the SC and little did know about the massacre that happened. Sad, that I did not know about the rudiments of the blasts, I googled to know about this disconcerting event in an unequivocal way.
And this blog post is a fora that discusses about the blast, why it happened and how Sanjay Dutt landed up in the controversial imbroglio.
The aim was to destroy the commercial capital of India in January but one of the terrorist involved  was apprehended so the plan advanced into March. Bombay Stock Exchange was on the bullet point and many more places that directly linked the economic stability of the state were to be devastated- and they were. Particularly important this case is because within two days of the incidence it was found out after scrutiny that Dawood Ibrahim along with Memon family members were involved in the case. Since then, they have been denounced as absconders and recently one of the Memon family member has been given death sentence. The blasts shook (must have) the foundation of the state and instilled a fear in the hearts of Mumbaikars.
It is argued that the blast happened as an act of revenge against the demolition of Babri Mosque in between December 1992 and January 1993. And why was Babri Mosque demolished? The Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus on 6 December 1992 after a march to Ayodhya. Their justification was that it was the birth place of Lord Rama and that Babur had destroyed a temple dedicated to Lord Rama there to erect the mosque. Now that makes me question one thing – We have divided God? Isn’t God someone that manifests Himself in different form ? How can people be so ignorant? It hurts me to know the sentiments inside the hearts of people. A lot of Muslims lost their lives and to avenge their death, irated and livid Muslim terrorists concocted the blast.
Thanks to the judicial system of India, the accused have been convicted of the crime and the decision has been taken to hang some, some have been given life imprisonment while few have been left on probation and those who could not stand the trial are no more. And from where does our Sanju baba come in the picture? Little did he know that he would be tried under the Act of illegally procuring the arms. Ask him – Is he friends with Dawood Ibrahim, he would staunchly deny it. Then what was he doing in the dinner party along with two more producers hosted by Dawood? Obviously, he was not conspiring a blast. On asking what were arms doing in his closet. He answers, they were to save his family after the Babri Masjid demolition, following which his family had been receiving continuous threats. An AK-56 was ceased from his house along with 9mm pistol- supposedly given by the underworld Don.
He was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment but was granted bail after 18 months. Now again the SC has asked him to complete his remaining jail term and Sanju has complied heartbrokenly. He says, “I respect the judiciary. But it only leaves my heart broken because this time my wife, my three children and my family is punished as well.” An emotional Sanjay Dutt was heard as saying. Although a man of his stature would try everything possible to acquit himself, the question that merits answer is that – Can he get away easily again on the ground of having been transformed and coming to court regularly for hearing as and when required ? We all know Sanjay Dutt as one of the finest actors in the Bollywood industry who is almost worshipped as a cult. We all know the best performances he has given, and seeing our own Sanjay Baba being handcuffed and taken to jail is surely a sad sight to witness ( reminds me of Lance Armstrong and his doping stigma). But rules are rules.
If Sanjay Dutt is pardoned, then there would be uproar. Other accused would seek clemency on the same grounds. So, let it be. He ought to serve his sentence in the jail. And whatever about the absconders? They have been hiding in the Pakistani soil, which is a false fact according to the Islamabad government. Pejoratively, I would say that Indian judiciary is incapable of delivering timely decisions. 20 years for the decree on a particular case is not at all a small period of time. It causes anguish to everybody involved. And to people like me – surprise along with the knowledge of the case when I must have been a 3 year old child.
Blasts are a blasphemy, an act so repulsive and so inhuman that those involved must be given the stringent punishment. And this one was a strong one that must have petrified everyone who witnessed it.
On reading about this page in history that I was oblivious to till now made me question – Am I safe where I am? What will happen if a blast occurs here? What must have happened to people and the families of  those who died? Why do people fight? Why are we so adamant on creating divides among us in the name of religion? Why can’t we be content with earning and giving love to our families and those we love? Why is it that influential people get away easily with the punishments? Why so much time is taken for justice to happen in India? Why? Why? Why?
Sluggish judiciary and that too in the largest democracy in world seems like an unscrupulous institution- tardy, lousy and above all indifferent.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Media has been frenzied by the execution of Afzal Guru. To those who know not who is(was) Afzal Guru, he was the convict and alleged master mind behind the December 2001 attacks on the Indian Parliament. His secret execution has created furore in the country and there are pouring multiple , varying views on his execution at gallows.
Amidst the controversies and the contentions that follow his death, the biggest one is that he was hanged without his family knowing of it. The Family came to know of it when the entire world came to. Supposedly, a letter was dispatched to his home which reached after two days of his departure for the holy abode. According to the laws formulated, the kith and kin of the person to be executed at gallows have to be informed, but this practice was not followed here. Secondly, the man who will be dying is informed well before a time of more than 2 hours, but Afzal came to know of it at 5:00 a.m. , 2 hours before he was to be hanged. How does it sound like? Due to this there is terror in Kashmir valley.
And the execution is being termed as SECRET and ILLEGAL. People are asking for answers. And what are those? A statement coming from the ministry says that members were informed and that no one came to claim the body of Guru. Is that possible? Who is to be believed? Right after Ajmal is hanged Guru is executed as we come to know from the morning newspaper headlines. What is the truth? Who decided all this conspiracy? Or is it correct that the criminal , whosoever does not deserve any clemency in the process of execution ? Was the law followed or was it not deliberately? Views are separate and diverse.
He was a terrorist, an audacious one, a feared one and the most wanted one !
Who will answer to these questions? President Mukherjee might get away with saying that execution has been done but Omar abdullah is adamant to know the answers. What happened was correct but it was accomplished in the most wrong of ways.
People might argue what feelings would family members would have for person like Guru, had they been informed , would they have expressed slightest intention to meet him? Little can be understood here to make any further statements. Seeing the picture externally, politically it might be called as a FRUSTRATED EXECUTION OF A TERRORIST - An Act of Terror?

While crimes that such terrorist do, deserve stringent of punishments but with a grace. Well, we can only hope that next time , the execution if any, is done in accordance with the norms.

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