Saturday, December 15, 2012

Embrace Pain And Evolve

Yet another semester passed by and the most horrible thing about it has to be Mobile Computing, some how I could not tame it (and not let self be tamed by it at the same time), because it seemed like a beast well off than being in head and driving me almost insane. Yet another one with its own ups and downs and beautiful lessons and its own share of happy moments, not exactly sad moments but yeah, grim moments but one thing takes all the limelight - and that has to be Learning , a learning that has to remain forever and Decisions that followed it.

 Almost every single being among us has been through those phases of life, when they felt broke. Almost every time we struggle to make things even with us, try to shed away the pain, we try, we try not to get affected, we try to be just, and not let any wrong doing alter the softness of our hearts, we try to be calm which in itself is a quest. Its hard, really herculean task initially but when you have no other option but to concur and fight you come up stronger than before, stronger than you ever knew you were. Life never really snatches anything from us.

The phase of transformation has never been easy. There is always a difference between Transformation (this word reminds me of the Chapter 5 in the Robotics Book by the same name. Was interesting one though) and Change. While Transformation is something rigid, change can at times go and change itself. A caravan of lessons which become bigger as we become is what life actually is. We must never blame those who make us land up in the arena where we have to fight them, their indifferences, and at the same time hold self strong, because due to them we become better, we learn, take decisions and EVOLVE into a better soul.

Pain, I have always felt renders our souls cleaner, hearts more humble, actions more polite and kind. Only the one who has been castigated learns not to castigate anyone, the one who has accepted indifference learns not to be indifferent ever ; meaning of spreading love begins to make sense for this person and he learns he has a choice, the choice of an attitude. Bad circumstances either make us better or make us unlike us, choice is always ours. Those who have come above them, rejoice about the fact that they were chosen for this transition phase, and they realize that things actually become better, rational, practical, beautiful. We learn to appreciate what we have, what is around us and I don't lie when I say there is so much real beauty outside, so much to learn from everyone around us, there is goodness in every being, something we can learn from everyone. 

As in Aung Suu Kyi's words, "The hearts that have not yet learnt to hate those who hate them, whose hearts  don't know anything about resents ;  such hearts will move ahead". Wrong doings, pain, unexpected disasters, letting down by  closed ones only  make us more aware of our souls, it tells us that its time we live our lives in our own ways and always be a source of "lovely" things. We shed a part of ourselves with such experiences, a bad part and become enlightened, but again choice always resides with us - either we can rejoice and grin while fighting or allow it to take over our vital self. I have always felt deep within  my heart, its always easy to reciprocate anger and play tit-for-tat games but this is not the way in which an educated person behaves, it only exudes us of our vital energy and passion and that with course of time  every wrong doing can be corrected. This is maturity, maturity is not talking like adults, its behaving in an intelligent way, in a responsible way, while still keeping the child within us intact :)

So, the crux of the writing is   - The only thing that will transform us is pain. It is a beautiful thing and we must fight a good game with it. And its the pain that teaches us that there is already so much pain in the world out there, why be a reason to cause pain to others, why not to love and cherish life, live it our way yet never hesitate to be with people when they are in need. 

Definitions of many terms keep on changing with time, they are dynamic, and trust me they only become to sound more logical and more relevant with our experiences.

He never snatches anything, 
His demeanor is to give, as has always been, 
He never really creates a void, 
He always sends some Angel.
His strange but beautiful ways are,
Making us better and only better. 

Accept pain, because thats the only thing that will make us better and our souls cleaner, humane and humble.
---Only a Free heart can be happy and make others happy. 

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