Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That Sunday before WCT Exam....

It was a fine day; i was excited that i would be meeting my parents at the station when their train stops at Gwalior, while going to Bhopal. But I was a bit fearful too, the only fear that I have is would be revealed as you read along. Exams were going on; it was Wireless Communications the next day. Their train was late; I was waiting for them to call me when they crossed Agra as I had asked them to. Finally the call came. I got ready and set off to meet them, I was happy coz I had not seen my mother since a long time, and my cute little sister. Plus , I would be away in vacations so that meeting was important because after that it would be long time we see each other again.
I was at station, waiting for Kerala Express at platform number 1. Finally train arrived; I rushed at the bogie where I wished to see my two Gods. Mother was not well; dad came out and handed over the eateries mother had made for me. He then woke her up, and the tragedy struck. Amidst the pandemonium that ensued, amidst the noise and halla at the station, I could see her only for 30 seconds, or even less. She saw me, I saw her, and the thing I hate, loathe, despise happened. We did not speak anything , tears (strangely in my eyes) and in hers made me miserable. She was at the other side, people were jostling way between us. Only for 30 seconds I saw her, and my sister for less than that. The innocence on her face, and the expression of What-Is-Happening-Here further activated stupid lachrymal glands.People around asked, "Yaad aa rhi hai ?" I dint have time to responcd, I dint care for anything in world at that time. 
2 minutes over.
The train was passing, she was lost in crowd inside the train. I was calling her, connection was not getting established. I was sobbing, surprised but helpless, unhappy yet content, and bewildered with every drop of water that was sliding down my cheek. This was the only thing  I feared eversince i knew of the meeting, but it happened. And I knew it would happen. I have been strong, always been strong, this never used to happen, but now it happens. I admit I do not like that happening. After that train went, but left a deep impression. The expression on her face surrounded my mind, I could not resist till the time I returned to hostel. Silent I was, silent, still, lost, just lost. She had made gujias, enough for 10 days, but I finished them in just 2 days. I could not study, I knew I had to study, but  everytime I looked at books, my notebooks, HER face came. What was happening to me , I was wondering . I was just roaming in the corridors, trying to forget but in vain. It is tedious to put those moments on paper, they are buried deep, deep inside. And then there was WCT, Equalisers, GSM ready to make me more miserable, and eat me. That Sunday was hard day.

And the next day, I remember holding book in my hand and studying in mess :P

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