Friday, February 17, 2012

A lesson and a guilt

This is a true account. An incidence that made me educated in a short period of time. Delhi Metro has a story to tell whenever I happen to board it. So, this time, it so happened.....
After the first minors of the 6th semester, I was going to my home. As I boarded the metro from Rajiv Chowk for Dwarka this sweet story took place. Standing in a queue i was waiting for the metro to arrive. It arrived, but I thought it would be wise not to board the congested place with luggage.So, I walked in at the last, ladies compartment is usually at the last in the metro trains. I was waiting like every one else, and the queue was building up. Meanwhile 3 ladies with big-big heavy luggage placed on their heads made way into the queue I was in. Dressed in sarees , with hair uncombed, looking like hawker or vendor and without any  fancy thing,  they stood there waiting.
Arrival of train paused my observation momentarily.
Like a silent bubble on a sea of noise, I made my way to the comparatively less congested but congested ladies compartment. As expected there was no vacant seat.( I always get a seat at two stations before my station, after passing some 15 ones. )
So, I stood at the corner just beside my luggage at the other gate of the metro compartment. And around me a flock of girls were standing who I think were doing a course in First Aid, as I could make out from their conversation. And yeah, the 3 ladies, they sat just beside me, near me, on their big-big heavy luggage. And the journey to home was in its last phase. I looked outside the window to amuse myself. Little did I know that an incident awaited inside.
My eyes could not notice, nor could any body's that a lady was standing with her one hand holding the overhead bar in metro and the other one holding her baby boy in her lap. She was balancing herself standing in the congested compartment and taking care of the boy. It was difficult, indeed difficult. But sadly, shamefully, no one noticed her silent inconvenience.
But those ladies , the three of them noticed it, felt the tediousness in mother’s ability in managing the things. They asked her to give the child to them. Mother did not. Then they asked her to stand near the seats so that if anyone gets up, she can sit there comfortably. They said, no one here is so considerate to offer the seat to the needy . Sincerely no one there was, not a single one. I searched for someone to whom I could ask to stand and offer the seat to her, but before I could a lady got up for her station had come and there sat the mother-with-boy-in-the-lap. And she had been standing for a long time, I realized.
Had it not been those 3 ladies, I would not have realised this thing. There was a reason I was made to stand near them. That moment I felt very bad. The next moment thousands of questions bombarded my mind. Why couldn't I notice ? How could it happen and go unseen ? Just HOW and WHY and SHAME in my eyes and heart.
But joy, joy for the thing that happened, joy for those ladies for it were they who opened the blindfold, had it not been for them, I would not have learnt what I did that fine day. Education is not always about learning scores of programming languages and writing research papers, real education is different from what we learn in alma maters. It is something very divine, pure, sacred and something that makes an individual different from the rest.

Those 3 ladies did not look graduates, nor would be, but were just different from all the girls standing in the vicinity of the incidence. Holding a Blackberry, having long nails, hair like that of a princess, and wearing branded attires fall no where when the true beauty comes. And rightly is said, True Beauty is the Light inside the Heart. The light that is there and is spread in every direction.

Real Education is the feeling to understand the pain of others and lending a helping hand even when they do not ask for it. It is meant to make our vision more clear not make us blind.
Lets promise to ourselves that irresponsibility like this won't be repeated in our lives :)

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