Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deep Nostalgia-A Poignant account

Whenever I see movies and in them a mother showering her care for her child, teaching her child that no school or college in the world can teach, loving her child from the bottom of her heart, smiling holding him, the eyes that are hard to fall into tears, become wet abruptly and a face that jokes every time, falls into silence of nostalgia, remembering the shawl from which she shielded me from cold, remembering how she ensures her children have their food first then eats herself, who takes all tough conditions herself just to make her children feel comfortable.

I remember how she fanned me till I slept when there were prolonged power cut off, how she made my favorite dish whenever I asked her too, how she scolded me when I did something wrong. And when I returned from school she made the most delicious food; fresh and nutritive. ( I miss food that her hands make) She never gave me ready to eat food, every day for 14 continuous years she woke up at 5'0 clock in the morning to prepare my lunch for school. She instilled in me the values, values that go with me wherever I go , though her heart is toooooo big, I can never have that. She taught me how to read and write. She is my first teacher, she gave me lessons for life and still continues to.
I am silly I know, I can never tell her "She is my fortune, the best thing that God could ever give to me, she is precious. " Saying needs courage.

She calls me, she says she misses me and that makes me feel upset. In fact I never like the idea of being missed, may be coz I know what it feels like when we miss someone.Sometimes in life there are few bad days when lachrymal glands just won't listen to the what brain says, few days when nostalgia slashes hard, badly, and cruelly, days when we remember people who are ours, whose we are, and who are just invaluable.

Someone is true in saying, God cannot be everywhere so He made mothers. A mother can nurture 10 children but children when grow up find it hard to take care of her, pitiful. A mother remembers her children every night before sleeping, plays with their hair when they are asleep, kisses their forehead, and loves them thoroughly. A mother makes an entire family a happy family, she sacrifices for her children, she takes care of every one's happiness and well-being. Mothers are pure heart souls and I am lucky to have a one in my life.

This genre of writing is absolute unlikely of me !! But as I said, some times in life we become what we usually avoid.....

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