Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silent Energies in Life

There are two ways of avoiding problems in life:
1. Be cautious, very cautious that you never commit any mistake.
2. After committing mistakes, learn from them and move ahead.

In the first point you cannot live your life, fearing you might commit mistake at some point. In that way you are not actually avoiding problems by facing them rather running from them. And by doing that step even if you commit no mistake, it is not a proud thing at all to enunciate, "I lived a no-mistake life".
while in second , there is some substance and adventures, mysteries and enjoyment afterwards.

In everybody's life comes a point when they just want to be silent and observe life and the course it is taking and enjoy the beauty around and accept the way it comes. Sometimes it is better to leave everything and enjoy solitude. In the hassles and hurries of life, in the lust to get everything we wish, in madness for fortune to happen, in craziness for success(which is justified) we forget the most important person in our life, ourselves. And taking a break from life talking to self, introspecting provides a respite. Imagine if roads never had speed breakers. Philosophy dawns in solitude, in silence, in tranquility and so does vibrant energy becomes all the more prevalent. all other stuff drains energy.
So, value the disgust you get from life, coz it is not what it seems to be at the first place it is something that has come to make you better and brighter and stronger. and silence is the greatest manifestation of photons in life. every thing that happens in life is good and yes in our life we do need people to hold us when we falter but no body can hold us so strongly as we can to ourselves. Life is beautiful than it seems to be and more beautiful are its lessons that it keeps on rendering along the sojourn of life.
So, live your life the way you want to , with people you choose , without any grudge for anyone, appreciate the beauty and CHANGE for better. take responsibility for wrong doings.
Life's happiness is what comes to you, you do not have to push anything, watch out your actions and thoughts and remember "YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF".

So , pause for a moment and contemplate, "Where am I going ? what am I becoming ? ......" I am sure life would become more interesting :D

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