Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruel destiny

sometimes in life you meet few people for a short moment of time, and in that few moments spent together are woven the memories for eternity, memories that no one can snatch from us, which are as beautiful remembering as were in the reality, memories when recollected bring a smile always and a silent pain.

even today, the sight of her getting married is clear in my head. How much graceful and beautiful she looked that day wearing shining attire, the youngest bride to come into our family, the youngest daughter-in-law, my youngest chachi. Four years down the line, she came to her family. I can recall, I sat close to her in bolero type gypsy, beside the new bride :D , nayi chahchi :)

she was young, vivacious, versatile, playful, humorous, crazy. We played together, cracked jokes, she made us hold our stomachs from laughing, she was just perfect, a friend. she was a humble wife, and an obedient daughter-in-law. 7 years older than me, yet perfect enough with whom i could play pranks and irritate her. while I am writing this, I can feel her smile and shining eyes looking at me and that naughty smile, deep eyes saying a thousand words. she looked beautiful, in the veil of saree, she was child-like, bubbly and wonderful.

5 days ago, she passed for the holy abode, leaving us alone. A brutal illness snatched her from us. It has been four years I last saw her, but even today her shining face is clear in front of my eyes. she is the one who comes in my head, when I go into the nostalgic lanes of my village, 22 K.M away from Bhopal. i can imagine her sitting beside the stove cooking food, or cracking jokes and laughing cheerfully, jubiliating in tough times, happy with life.

I cannot describe her in words, she is beyond these words. Her essence will always be along with me, and her naughty smile would continue to make me feel her presence till its my time to depart. In short period of time, she left indelible marks upon our hearts. Now we won't meet ever. when I shall go there, my eyes will search for her amidst the dusty roads, in rickety buses, the place she lived, her room, everything.

it is a cruel misfortune, her departure.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Trial of Life

Time and again destiny has always made everyone of us sometimes land up at the same juncture in life which when last encountered left only one wish in us, not to encounter it again. However strong the lust is not to be into that particular situation again, destiny plays smart, it happens, inevitably sometimes.
It is a tricky situation, might turn murky depending upon the patience person gathers over a period of time. And if the person is the one who knows nothing about self control, then God bless him. Self control in today's world assumes broader dimensions, is much more meaningful today, if you can control your self, your anger at correct places, exactly when needed, ball is in your court.

How easy it is to say, Self Control this , Self Control that
Self control is not at all easy, when two exactly opposite organs have been made to rest in a single soul. Heart & Head.
While, heart is crazy, having its own set of do's and don'ts, its own definition of right & wrong, heart is heart, head has no place in it. On the very end is the cerebrum, which thinks rationally, skeptically, analyzing the pros and cons of a situation. And yes, head can sometimes think the heart way, but of the vice versa, I do not have any clue.

But sometimes, heart has to be persuaded to think the head-way, tedious indeed, but sometimes indispensable, in a hope that heart will not reel under that same killing situation again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking across the ROAD....

After being persuaded to get up
before lappy,
They said, "Go out, roam, have a walk",
I said, "Ok"...
Set out at nighty evening, I
on roads serene,
With lights flashing at far off distance,
Lady grocer, selling vegetables,
to her side bio-fuel burning to keep mosquitoes at bay,
Group of children swarming ice-cream vendor,
Car lights, flashing...
Dark and serene...

breeze was cool, coming out was worth it,
I thought,
walked I, to and fro on ends of a long serene road,
came across a heap, of sand...
threw away my slippers,
and let my feet sole touch the cold sand,
Remembered I, the days,
When I played a lot in sand :(
Making bridges,
or playing border-border,
throwing lumps of sand as virtual bombs,
searching for clay in sand,
and rejoicing like mad-men having found one,
then making a mobile of that clay,
and piercing a small broom-stick to make an antenna ,
Golden days,
even if today i find sand, or water,
resistance seems next to impossible.

Played we a lot , a lot,
every stupid game seemed so interesting.

When I see small kids playing in sand,
I see myself there,
Oh, it was indeed a great time, childhood.
Golden days of ones life.

Sand game was the best,
getting dirty and happy at the same time,
on winning the SAND-WAR.

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