Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to memory lanes.....

From last few days....I was missing one my teachers a lot. She used to teach us Biotechnology, Miss Chitwan Datta. Now she is married so it becomes Mrs. Chitwan Datta.
Walking through the lanes of Sarojini Nagar, the nostalgia become more stronger, I could see a lot of people who seemed like her. At the bus stop of Sarojini Nagar, an aunt was standing with her back towards me , her hair style and the hair looked cent percent like that of my teacher's. But when she turned , she was not the one :(
In the BRT bus, an elder di flaunted her thrice pierced ear, exactly like my teacher used to, long face, tall, she looked like her from side, but when I saw her she was not the one also.
She used to live at Rajendra Place, one of the metro stations. Every time I sit in metro, I believe some day from Rajendra Place she would board the metro and I shall meet her. She , I think lives in Mumbai now, bt I even then strangely hope always that we would collide one day somewhere DEFINITELY.

Actually, I used to tease her a lot. She was a pass out graduate from DU when we were in class XIth and she came to teach us Biotechnology. It was not her subject but still she taught us in an awesome and most comprehensive way. And there we pulled her leg, asking her stupidest of questions, obviously in a meaningful-sounding language so that they dint confer being idiotic. And the best periods were of laboratory. She used to say day before, "The one who does not bring practical file will not enter into the lab". Next day I enter into lab empty handed deliberately :P She stops me, when I am about to sit on the lab stool, "Where is your file (with confidence on her face )?" I reply, " There with Akanksha (my classmate ) :P " and the expression that her face had at that time was just awesome :D haha..i loved irritating her.
Then on friendship day, I did tie her a friendship band, and she gave one of her bestest smiles. Her personality, she was a sikh , was great. Tall figured, wearing flats, hair in bun always, and nails beautifully shaped. And sometimes like on Independence Day, we had function in our school , I remember very clearly, she wore a faded pink saree. She, obviously looked stunning in that. Days went....
Incidentally, she was our class teacher also. And every saturday , first period was of Class Teacher's ...LOL She must have hated coming to class...We irritated her a lot.
But shock came in class XIIth. We got to know she had to go somewhere else. Commuting daily from her place to Rohini was a tedious affair, she used to get dead, after the day end and travelling. All of us, became sad...very sad. She was the one with whom we felt connected.
We all planned to give her a small farewell party in school only. And that day, we actually did. Sang song for her, I still remember it, "Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna , kabhi alvida na kehna, kabhi alvida na kehna". That day was nice.
Sadly, I do not have any pic of hers :( but her imprint is still fresh deep in my mind.
Yeah, I miss her , sometimes we talk on cell also. But haven't seen her, its been 3 years...!!! She is a professor now in some Mumbai college. Chitwan Datta.....a really very nice soul. Vaise , she used to get irritated easily and that made our acts more funny. Her anger ...haha....we enjoyed it. Her sulken face when we saw, we smiled stealithly....realising our actions made her feel so.

Sometimes, out of blue suddenly I remember her and the time when she taught us.
Wherever she is, I hope she is the same , our very dear Miss (now Mrs) Chitwan Datta. We miss you maam. God Bless you and I hope we shall meet face to face one fine day :D I strongly hope.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my second dream broke today.... ;)

Socha tha maine, when i ll return from there I shall write a note of how it was all and my experience. But now that has just become a dream. May be god has something else in store for me. but it brings with it a lot of learning.

I dreamt of it the day I applied for it, and after submitting the first answer my dreams became stronger and I was confident of making to it. I made to it finally. I was very happy, was jumping with joy when I got it. After all, after 15 replies it was the one I was waiting for so eagerly and I had got it. I looked at God and whispered to Him, "OK, that was why you did not let me those 15 ones".

Little did I know , challenge was not over yet.

I was serious about it, damn serious !!!

It was a DREAM, and having known how it feels when dreams are broken, I wanted this one not to have the same fate. Coz when dreams are not fulfilled it does not hurt, it extracts soul out of body and leaves a heart worse than the one with loss of love. It was a love.

Situations curled up more and more. All convincing went in vain. My ticket was got canceled. I didn't know what was happening. During day I dreamt of it, it was on my head every time, still is and it is shattering in front of me, MY DREAM. At night I wondered about it and thinking of it made me fall asleep.

I wanted to go.

I could not. I told them, "Sir, I cannot come, I am sorry".

To which they replied , "Concentrate on your studies and get a good job later. And please remove this line from your email "we must be the change we wish in the world (the footer in my email)".

Second time it happened , the DREAM i saw it dint see me.

But I am a firm believer in God, it happened , it was cool. Enjoyed the 2 days of continuous 10 hours work.

I understood, I have to work harder.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Halcyon Days..!!!

this blog is a special request by one of my very (i don't know which adjective to use for her ) :P, well one of my good friends Payal Anand.
Payal, lol, i do not how to begin...ok ok ok....dnt get angry, i am trying. hmmm..!!
Friendship, friendship is what happens when someone falls ill and one girl is busy making meal for her, other taking care of her medicines, yet other sitting by her side and making her laugh at the stupidest of jokes.
Starting with (I fear from her also :(, sometimes, wen shez an angry soul ) Ankita, bubbly, hugging everyone person every moment, cracking jokes, taking everyone together (it really feels good buddy, when you take all of us along to mess :):) ), but once she becomes angry...God!!!, just stay away, she can blast off any time :P
Sujata, she comes as an obvious next name, graceful but do not go on her innocent face. Talented painter and she looks like a bunny to me :P and sometimes when she dresses in that pink suit or white one, god...she looks so beautiful.
yeah, u wud have guessed next it is our very own, Goyal. Ati(kraman) :P Sweet, caring, funny, sporty (she always helps me in my pranks and my all time photographer, and never says NO for the harkats i intend to do).
Who's next ??

Smita (i have saved her name as Smith on my gtalk :P) , trustworthy, caring , but innocent (sometimes it can be dangerous to be that innocent), but I believe no bad happens to good people, so no problems but caution. She is a hardworker, i must say. Then comes PT usha, helps us in laughing due to her such an awesome understanding of hindi. Very regular to class and helping, yaar uska desktop mast hai and speakers us se bhi zyaada :)
I had been waiting for this name to come up "priyanka sinha". My first acquaintance in first year, on the first day. I remember the first day when both of us sat in OAT of GH and talked about each other. Intelligent, she is and very funny and yes sensible. Who comes up next?? Yeah, correct Sweets. yaar, vo mast hai , like her mother, caring, loving and mannered. ( Manners, I just remembered I decided to become mannered and sensible these vacations, but I am not even trying....LOL, I am bad at them, but I can't impose them upon myself..not in this lifetime atleast, I am happy being a vagabond).

Chulbul.....!!!!! this is chulbul pandey (her gtalk name on my gtalk ), its sweta (her gtalk id id chulbulsweta :P thats why ). Sweet,and funny....i can recall, in first year when exams were going on, friends in her room were playing band with buckets :P haha....
Prachi, topper, strict, i used to fear from her once upon a time, but as i got to interact, bindaas bandi hai yaar...inti seriously =). Good to have her in our batch. Shuklaaaaaaa!!!!!! Motiiiiiiiii!!!!!!1 kuch bhi kaho, vo bas ek hi baat bolti hai "Ham so rhe the , ham sone jaa rahein hain". Emotional girl, honest, caring, funny, sweet and painter 2 of our class :D person 2 who helps me in pranking XD. seriously, clean soul =)
And comes here Payal.....Payal....hardworking,sensible, inti and eager to learn always new and yeah yeah, I know what to write REsponSiblE .... ;)She is caring and tends with love when anybody is upset. I remember that moment Payal, u remember ?? I know even you remember.
Rubin, how can I forget her, in fact no one of us can. Flamboyant and intellectual soul. Infact we are all a part of beautiful family, third floor @GH is the most happening if all, our lobby in it particularly. Arey Rajput bhai, bindaas, cool and
Divyangana, perfect, sometimes idoitic (everyone is sometimes , i am everytime (I do not say so, ppl around say so, i know it cant be possible) :P)But personally, i feel she is intelligent also. Our class is full of intelligent girls and competitive they are, thats something very very Good.
To few friends out there, yes, they are great and funny people, best wishes to them =)
Anukriti, baddy champ . She is helpful.
You might be thinking ek naam to aaya hi nahi.... :P

Yeah that dream girl, she is a magic. and I just love irritating her...but sometimes, she frowns, and looks dangerously at me, and I become invisible.
This our small girly family of IPG_2009. We are together and it is the best thing =)
And each and every person defines it.
I hope, i did justice , Payal =)

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