Thursday, February 24, 2011

Godhra Train Tragedy

I just read about the verdict of Godhra kand (that's what they call it in hindi ), in yesterday's newspaper. It said something like, that 31 people have been convicted and more than double have been acquitted of the crime and the main accused Umarji has been given a clean chit. All this news of killing of 58 people, who asphyxiated to death, in the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express, gave much evidence of the fact that to what degree people can turn eccentric, just to fulfill motives. The S-6 coach had kar sevaks (hindu pilgrims) who were attacked.
In the very first police FIR, the incident was viewed as unplanned mob fury. However, a Special Investigating Team (SIT) of the Gujarat police argued that the coach was set on fire as a pre-planned act by a Muslim group, who were said to have stockpiled 140 liters of petrol from the day before for the purpose of killing the kar sevaks.
 To look into the matter two panels were adopted: The Nanavati Panel and The Banerjee Panel.
The Gujarat Government, in consultation with Central Government appointed Justice Nanavati and Shah to investigate Godhra and post-Godhra incidents. Nanavati Commission took a lot of time in talking to thousands of people including victims and eye-witnesses, interviewed thousands in an independent manner, finally concluded that Godhra carnage was not an accident but the coach was set on fire by a mob, allegedly Muslims. They also gave a clean chit to Shri Narendra Modi and noted that the efforts done by Government to take control of the situation were appreciable.
Two years after the incident Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav appointed Justice U C Banerjee to investigate Godhra incident. On the eve of election in Railway Minister's home state Bihar, Justice U C Banerjee released a report suggesting fire being an accident which resulted out of cooking being carried within the carriage, and ruled out the possibility of fire having resulted out of any external attack:

"the possibility of an inflammable liquid having been used is completely ruled out as there was first a smell of burning, followed by dense smoke and flames thereafter. This sequence is not possible in case the fire is caused by an inflammable liquid thrown on the floor of the coach or an inflammable object thrown from outside the coach. The "inflammable liquid theory" also gets negated by the statement of some of the passengers who suffered injuries on the upper portion of the body and not the lower body and who crawled towards the door on elbows and could get out without much injury."

This I thought of sharing, coz we must know what all this contention in India is all about. If we are not aware, we are powerless, awareness is might in today's world.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what came in my mind.......coz i just wanted to write

My country, my nation, our sub-continent is grappling hard under an air of corruption that has suddenly catched fire from somewhere, and everyday in newspaper there is news of one scam coming. 2G scam made a noisy entry, took away peaceful sleeps of Mr.A Raja, then ISRO's commercial arm Antrix landed up into a contentious deal with Devas Multimedia. The former having eaten 1.76 lakh crores and the latter more than that. But the deal was cancelled as far as is in my knowledge.
Then, a ridiculous show staged by the farmers. Use of liquor in fields in place of fertilizers, coz they are cheaper, prevent pests, weeds. But they fail to realize that it exudes them from their vitamin content. Our very own honorable Prime Minister was made to stand thrice in front of public to prove his innocence, coz he was being castigated of a mammoth number of scams having been surfaced during his tenure under his nose. An apostle of calmness on his face, the first Sikh PM of the sub-continent, must have felt really hurt in doing so. But one thing is clear that he is honest and intrepid about everything that comes and impedes in path. This is evidenced from the fact that he straightly denied any notion of resignation following accusation targeted at dismantling the government, saying that he didn't even think of it, coz "He has tasks to do".
Today incidentally in newspaper I came across this piece of news, in 1999 mazhood azhar along with two more terrorists were freed to save the lives of people in IC-814 flight, which was hijacked by the terror outfit people. And lo, was freed the dangerous man, who helped in increasing the terror of terrorism in lengths and breadths from then on. Now what will our government do, if the same happens, and this time it is Ajmal Kasab ? The delay in justice for the heinous attacks in Mumbai, still waits to see the light of the day.
I could write on and on about the spicy stories that our government has to offer. but the most hot stories of this time is that ROADIES auditions are going on plus the ICC World Cup 2011, and yeah the AURORA 2011, is all set to rock !!!!
We are surely gonna enjoy all of these.
But there is one thing that always upsets me when I step out on Indian roads, sad faces, malnourished children, left-out married women carrying children and begging.
But , still All Is Well here.....
Just dint write I blog since long time, so I just jotted down what was there in my mind. Just that it feels happy to be back at blogging, and it is here to stay .
One more thing, as we are growing life is assuming different, unassuming turns, quite interesting ones. And this article would be incomplete if I don't mention this thing, I just got a new teacher who is teaching me manners LOL :P

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