Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deep Nostalgia-A Poignant account

Whenever I see movies and in them a mother showering her care for her child, teaching her child that no school or college in the world can teach, loving her child from the bottom of her heart, smiling holding him, the eyes that are hard to fall into tears, become wet abruptly and a face that jokes every time, falls into silence of nostalgia, remembering the shawl from which she shielded me from cold, remembering how she ensures her children have their food first then eats herself, who takes all tough conditions herself just to make her children feel comfortable.

I remember how she fanned me till I slept when there were prolonged power cut off, how she made my favorite dish whenever I asked her too, how she scolded me when I did something wrong. And when I returned from school she made the most delicious food; fresh and nutritive. ( I miss food that her hands make) She never gave me ready to eat food, every day for 14 continuous years she woke up at 5'0 clock in the morning to prepare my lunch for school. She instilled in me the values, values that go with me wherever I go , though her heart is toooooo big, I can never have that. She taught me how to read and write. She is my first teacher, she gave me lessons for life and still continues to.
I am silly I know, I can never tell her "She is my fortune, the best thing that God could ever give to me, she is precious. " Saying needs courage.

She calls me, she says she misses me and that makes me feel upset. In fact I never like the idea of being missed, may be coz I know what it feels like when we miss someone.Sometimes in life there are few bad days when lachrymal glands just won't listen to the what brain says, few days when nostalgia slashes hard, badly, and cruelly, days when we remember people who are ours, whose we are, and who are just invaluable.

Someone is true in saying, God cannot be everywhere so He made mothers. A mother can nurture 10 children but children when grow up find it hard to take care of her, pitiful. A mother remembers her children every night before sleeping, plays with their hair when they are asleep, kisses their forehead, and loves them thoroughly. A mother makes an entire family a happy family, she sacrifices for her children, she takes care of every one's happiness and well-being. Mothers are pure heart souls and I am lucky to have a one in my life.

This genre of writing is absolute unlikely of me !! But as I said, some times in life we become what we usually avoid.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silent Energies in Life

There are two ways of avoiding problems in life:
1. Be cautious, very cautious that you never commit any mistake.
2. After committing mistakes, learn from them and move ahead.

In the first point you cannot live your life, fearing you might commit mistake at some point. In that way you are not actually avoiding problems by facing them rather running from them. And by doing that step even if you commit no mistake, it is not a proud thing at all to enunciate, "I lived a no-mistake life".
while in second , there is some substance and adventures, mysteries and enjoyment afterwards.

In everybody's life comes a point when they just want to be silent and observe life and the course it is taking and enjoy the beauty around and accept the way it comes. Sometimes it is better to leave everything and enjoy solitude. In the hassles and hurries of life, in the lust to get everything we wish, in madness for fortune to happen, in craziness for success(which is justified) we forget the most important person in our life, ourselves. And taking a break from life talking to self, introspecting provides a respite. Imagine if roads never had speed breakers. Philosophy dawns in solitude, in silence, in tranquility and so does vibrant energy becomes all the more prevalent. all other stuff drains energy.
So, value the disgust you get from life, coz it is not what it seems to be at the first place it is something that has come to make you better and brighter and stronger. and silence is the greatest manifestation of photons in life. every thing that happens in life is good and yes in our life we do need people to hold us when we falter but no body can hold us so strongly as we can to ourselves. Life is beautiful than it seems to be and more beautiful are its lessons that it keeps on rendering along the sojourn of life.
So, live your life the way you want to , with people you choose , without any grudge for anyone, appreciate the beauty and CHANGE for better. take responsibility for wrong doings.
Life's happiness is what comes to you, you do not have to push anything, watch out your actions and thoughts and remember "YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF".

So , pause for a moment and contemplate, "Where am I going ? what am I becoming ? ......" I am sure life would become more interesting :D

True Account.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruel destiny

sometimes in life you meet few people for a short moment of time, and in that few moments spent together are woven the memories for eternity, memories that no one can snatch from us, which are as beautiful remembering as were in the reality, memories when recollected bring a smile always and a silent pain.

even today, the sight of her getting married is clear in my head. How much graceful and beautiful she looked that day wearing shining attire, the youngest bride to come into our family, the youngest daughter-in-law, my youngest chachi. Four years down the line, she came to her family. I can recall, I sat close to her in bolero type gypsy, beside the new bride :D , nayi chahchi :)

she was young, vivacious, versatile, playful, humorous, crazy. We played together, cracked jokes, she made us hold our stomachs from laughing, she was just perfect, a friend. she was a humble wife, and an obedient daughter-in-law. 7 years older than me, yet perfect enough with whom i could play pranks and irritate her. while I am writing this, I can feel her smile and shining eyes looking at me and that naughty smile, deep eyes saying a thousand words. she looked beautiful, in the veil of saree, she was child-like, bubbly and wonderful.

5 days ago, she passed for the holy abode, leaving us alone. A brutal illness snatched her from us. It has been four years I last saw her, but even today her shining face is clear in front of my eyes. she is the one who comes in my head, when I go into the nostalgic lanes of my village, 22 K.M away from Bhopal. i can imagine her sitting beside the stove cooking food, or cracking jokes and laughing cheerfully, jubiliating in tough times, happy with life.

I cannot describe her in words, she is beyond these words. Her essence will always be along with me, and her naughty smile would continue to make me feel her presence till its my time to depart. In short period of time, she left indelible marks upon our hearts. Now we won't meet ever. when I shall go there, my eyes will search for her amidst the dusty roads, in rickety buses, the place she lived, her room, everything.

it is a cruel misfortune, her departure.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Trial of Life

Time and again destiny has always made everyone of us sometimes land up at the same juncture in life which when last encountered left only one wish in us, not to encounter it again. However strong the lust is not to be into that particular situation again, destiny plays smart, it happens, inevitably sometimes.
It is a tricky situation, might turn murky depending upon the patience person gathers over a period of time. And if the person is the one who knows nothing about self control, then God bless him. Self control in today's world assumes broader dimensions, is much more meaningful today, if you can control your self, your anger at correct places, exactly when needed, ball is in your court.

How easy it is to say, Self Control this , Self Control that
Self control is not at all easy, when two exactly opposite organs have been made to rest in a single soul. Heart & Head.
While, heart is crazy, having its own set of do's and don'ts, its own definition of right & wrong, heart is heart, head has no place in it. On the very end is the cerebrum, which thinks rationally, skeptically, analyzing the pros and cons of a situation. And yes, head can sometimes think the heart way, but of the vice versa, I do not have any clue.

But sometimes, heart has to be persuaded to think the head-way, tedious indeed, but sometimes indispensable, in a hope that heart will not reel under that same killing situation again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking across the ROAD....

After being persuaded to get up
before lappy,
They said, "Go out, roam, have a walk",
I said, "Ok"...
Set out at nighty evening, I
on roads serene,
With lights flashing at far off distance,
Lady grocer, selling vegetables,
to her side bio-fuel burning to keep mosquitoes at bay,
Group of children swarming ice-cream vendor,
Car lights, flashing...
Dark and serene...

breeze was cool, coming out was worth it,
I thought,
walked I, to and fro on ends of a long serene road,
came across a heap, of sand...
threw away my slippers,
and let my feet sole touch the cold sand,
Remembered I, the days,
When I played a lot in sand :(
Making bridges,
or playing border-border,
throwing lumps of sand as virtual bombs,
searching for clay in sand,
and rejoicing like mad-men having found one,
then making a mobile of that clay,
and piercing a small broom-stick to make an antenna ,
Golden days,
even if today i find sand, or water,
resistance seems next to impossible.

Played we a lot , a lot,
every stupid game seemed so interesting.

When I see small kids playing in sand,
I see myself there,
Oh, it was indeed a great time, childhood.
Golden days of ones life.

Sand game was the best,
getting dirty and happy at the same time,
on winning the SAND-WAR.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to memory lanes.....

From last few days....I was missing one my teachers a lot. She used to teach us Biotechnology, Miss Chitwan Datta. Now she is married so it becomes Mrs. Chitwan Datta.
Walking through the lanes of Sarojini Nagar, the nostalgia become more stronger, I could see a lot of people who seemed like her. At the bus stop of Sarojini Nagar, an aunt was standing with her back towards me , her hair style and the hair looked cent percent like that of my teacher's. But when she turned , she was not the one :(
In the BRT bus, an elder di flaunted her thrice pierced ear, exactly like my teacher used to, long face, tall, she looked like her from side, but when I saw her she was not the one also.
She used to live at Rajendra Place, one of the metro stations. Every time I sit in metro, I believe some day from Rajendra Place she would board the metro and I shall meet her. She , I think lives in Mumbai now, bt I even then strangely hope always that we would collide one day somewhere DEFINITELY.

Actually, I used to tease her a lot. She was a pass out graduate from DU when we were in class XIth and she came to teach us Biotechnology. It was not her subject but still she taught us in an awesome and most comprehensive way. And there we pulled her leg, asking her stupidest of questions, obviously in a meaningful-sounding language so that they dint confer being idiotic. And the best periods were of laboratory. She used to say day before, "The one who does not bring practical file will not enter into the lab". Next day I enter into lab empty handed deliberately :P She stops me, when I am about to sit on the lab stool, "Where is your file (with confidence on her face )?" I reply, " There with Akanksha (my classmate ) :P " and the expression that her face had at that time was just awesome :D haha..i loved irritating her.
Then on friendship day, I did tie her a friendship band, and she gave one of her bestest smiles. Her personality, she was a sikh , was great. Tall figured, wearing flats, hair in bun always, and nails beautifully shaped. And sometimes like on Independence Day, we had function in our school , I remember very clearly, she wore a faded pink saree. She, obviously looked stunning in that. Days went....
Incidentally, she was our class teacher also. And every saturday , first period was of Class Teacher's ...LOL She must have hated coming to class...We irritated her a lot.
But shock came in class XIIth. We got to know she had to go somewhere else. Commuting daily from her place to Rohini was a tedious affair, she used to get dead, after the day end and travelling. All of us, became sad...very sad. She was the one with whom we felt connected.
We all planned to give her a small farewell party in school only. And that day, we actually did. Sang song for her, I still remember it, "Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna , kabhi alvida na kehna, kabhi alvida na kehna". That day was nice.
Sadly, I do not have any pic of hers :( but her imprint is still fresh deep in my mind.
Yeah, I miss her , sometimes we talk on cell also. But haven't seen her, its been 3 years...!!! She is a professor now in some Mumbai college. Chitwan Datta.....a really very nice soul. Vaise , she used to get irritated easily and that made our acts more funny. Her anger ...haha....we enjoyed it. Her sulken face when we saw, we smiled stealithly....realising our actions made her feel so.

Sometimes, out of blue suddenly I remember her and the time when she taught us.
Wherever she is, I hope she is the same , our very dear Miss (now Mrs) Chitwan Datta. We miss you maam. God Bless you and I hope we shall meet face to face one fine day :D I strongly hope.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my second dream broke today.... ;)

Socha tha maine, when i ll return from there I shall write a note of how it was all and my experience. But now that has just become a dream. May be god has something else in store for me. but it brings with it a lot of learning.

I dreamt of it the day I applied for it, and after submitting the first answer my dreams became stronger and I was confident of making to it. I made to it finally. I was very happy, was jumping with joy when I got it. After all, after 15 replies it was the one I was waiting for so eagerly and I had got it. I looked at God and whispered to Him, "OK, that was why you did not let me those 15 ones".

Little did I know , challenge was not over yet.

I was serious about it, damn serious !!!

It was a DREAM, and having known how it feels when dreams are broken, I wanted this one not to have the same fate. Coz when dreams are not fulfilled it does not hurt, it extracts soul out of body and leaves a heart worse than the one with loss of love. It was a love.

Situations curled up more and more. All convincing went in vain. My ticket was got canceled. I didn't know what was happening. During day I dreamt of it, it was on my head every time, still is and it is shattering in front of me, MY DREAM. At night I wondered about it and thinking of it made me fall asleep.

I wanted to go.

I could not. I told them, "Sir, I cannot come, I am sorry".

To which they replied , "Concentrate on your studies and get a good job later. And please remove this line from your email "we must be the change we wish in the world (the footer in my email)".

Second time it happened , the DREAM i saw it dint see me.

But I am a firm believer in God, it happened , it was cool. Enjoyed the 2 days of continuous 10 hours work.

I understood, I have to work harder.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Halcyon Days..!!!

this blog is a special request by one of my very (i don't know which adjective to use for her ) :P, well one of my good friends Payal Anand.
Payal, lol, i do not how to begin...ok ok ok....dnt get angry, i am trying. hmmm..!!
Friendship, friendship is what happens when someone falls ill and one girl is busy making meal for her, other taking care of her medicines, yet other sitting by her side and making her laugh at the stupidest of jokes.
Starting with (I fear from her also :(, sometimes, wen shez an angry soul ) Ankita, bubbly, hugging everyone person every moment, cracking jokes, taking everyone together (it really feels good buddy, when you take all of us along to mess :):) ), but once she becomes angry...God!!!, just stay away, she can blast off any time :P
Sujata, she comes as an obvious next name, graceful but do not go on her innocent face. Talented painter and she looks like a bunny to me :P and sometimes when she dresses in that pink suit or white one, god...she looks so beautiful.
yeah, u wud have guessed next it is our very own, Goyal. Ati(kraman) :P Sweet, caring, funny, sporty (she always helps me in my pranks and my all time photographer, and never says NO for the harkats i intend to do).
Who's next ??

Smita (i have saved her name as Smith on my gtalk :P) , trustworthy, caring , but innocent (sometimes it can be dangerous to be that innocent), but I believe no bad happens to good people, so no problems but caution. She is a hardworker, i must say. Then comes PT usha, helps us in laughing due to her such an awesome understanding of hindi. Very regular to class and helping, yaar uska desktop mast hai and speakers us se bhi zyaada :)
I had been waiting for this name to come up "priyanka sinha". My first acquaintance in first year, on the first day. I remember the first day when both of us sat in OAT of GH and talked about each other. Intelligent, she is and very funny and yes sensible. Who comes up next?? Yeah, correct Sweets. yaar, vo mast hai , like her mother, caring, loving and mannered. ( Manners, I just remembered I decided to become mannered and sensible these vacations, but I am not even trying....LOL, I am bad at them, but I can't impose them upon myself..not in this lifetime atleast, I am happy being a vagabond).

Chulbul.....!!!!! this is chulbul pandey (her gtalk name on my gtalk ), its sweta (her gtalk id id chulbulsweta :P thats why ). Sweet,and funny....i can recall, in first year when exams were going on, friends in her room were playing band with buckets :P haha....
Prachi, topper, strict, i used to fear from her once upon a time, but as i got to interact, bindaas bandi hai yaar...inti seriously =). Good to have her in our batch. Shuklaaaaaaa!!!!!! Motiiiiiiiii!!!!!!1 kuch bhi kaho, vo bas ek hi baat bolti hai "Ham so rhe the , ham sone jaa rahein hain". Emotional girl, honest, caring, funny, sweet and painter 2 of our class :D person 2 who helps me in pranking XD. seriously, clean soul =)
And comes here Payal.....Payal....hardworking,sensible, inti and eager to learn always new and yeah yeah, I know what to write REsponSiblE .... ;)She is caring and tends with love when anybody is upset. I remember that moment Payal, u remember ?? I know even you remember.
Rubin, how can I forget her, in fact no one of us can. Flamboyant and intellectual soul. Infact we are all a part of beautiful family, third floor @GH is the most happening if all, our lobby in it particularly. Arey Rajput bhai, bindaas, cool and
Divyangana, perfect, sometimes idoitic (everyone is sometimes , i am everytime (I do not say so, ppl around say so, i know it cant be possible) :P)But personally, i feel she is intelligent also. Our class is full of intelligent girls and competitive they are, thats something very very Good.
To few friends out there, yes, they are great and funny people, best wishes to them =)
Anukriti, baddy champ . She is helpful.
You might be thinking ek naam to aaya hi nahi.... :P

Yeah that dream girl, she is a magic. and I just love irritating her...but sometimes, she frowns, and looks dangerously at me, and I become invisible.
This our small girly family of IPG_2009. We are together and it is the best thing =)
And each and every person defines it.
I hope, i did justice , Payal =)

Friday, May 27, 2011

From Jairam to Hairam..

Jairam Ramesh's recent remark on IIT and IIMs has brought up much furore among the technical literati. He was quoted as saying, "IITs and IIMs are famous not due its faculty but due to its students and that faculty was not world class." The statement received mixed responses from those associated with such institutions and other learned folk.
While Kabil Sibal straightly castigates Ramesh for making an evidence-lacking remark, an IIT alumni agrees that the amount of research work taken up at such premier institutes is really pathetic. While MIT and Stanford have considerable number of patents to their credit with  45 and 52 respectively,  annually, IIT manages to get between 3 and 6. Maximum faculty is busy in teaching undergraduate BE students and afford less time for research oriented teaching. Jairam Ramesh himself an IIT Bombay alumnus, and remarks from him do create an impression. While generally this fact is also true that the number of Ph.Ds are very less in our country, and that only a handful of students pursue doctorate after Masters. And if not from India, then students migrate to overseas to do MS or Ph.D there as per their interest.
While Chetan Bhagat, famous for his novels that have same-stuff-in-every-novel, was heard commenting , "Jairam Ramesh should comment only if our politicians are world class". LOL, quite visibly the game of blaming and defense seems to fuel up, and in midst of all this hoopla the crux disappears.
IITs and IIMs are the most sought after institutes to pursue engineering and management education in the country. But their inability to work in association with industries is often seen as a deterrent to many people to join in as faculty member. Who would come to teach here where he gets one-sixth salary of what he would get in industry and plus there only government playing roles, no backing by industries ? Has the presence of an IIT in Mumbai done anything for chemical industry in Mumbai ? Has the presence of an IIT in Kanpur done anything for engineering industry in and around Kanpur ? Google, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard  and scores of other companies came up as a result of the encouragement by the professors to their Ph.D scholars to commercialize their laboratory work.
Plus the faculty of IITs is not satisfied with the fee structure and keep on demanding for hike in the pays. True or not I do not have any idea., but even Jairam would have known that his such a comment would end up into an hornet's nest and thus would have taken courage to speak out such words. But lets not forget that his such comments are actually not desired since, these institutes are the ones that impart India its distinguished position in education at an international market.
5  IITs (Delhi, KGP, Madras, Kanpur, Bombay) come into the top 100 engineering institutes in the world and that is a formidable achievement. But IITs and IIMs (though I have just talked about IITs here) are the best institutes in the sub-continent and comments like these won't deter students from dreaming about them. But yes, there is dearth of research students in India and this is one issue that needs to be taken care of, but how...since the will to pursue a doctorate or not rests solely with the student.
But the spicy thing is that like any comment that is spoken every day in Indian full-of-politics Democracy, this will be mocked, taken up, argued, tossed around, played around and then discarded like a rag doll. Everything has now become destined to end up into a bigger LOL day by day. I may sound pessimistic but the news I read every day in newspaper vomit pessimism. Dacoity, murder, theft, kidnappings, attack, death, treachery, and you name it, this is what our newspapers have to offer at the morning tea. In a land that has swallowed such scams, things like these have become order of the day.
Wanna taste this elixir of Indian politics as well to have its first hand experience. It would be a great fun :D

(With inputs from HT)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

After 28 years of wait...........1983 once again

So, finally men in blue have done it. After 28 years of wait, the World Cup is finally in our hands. And this team played as a team, each and every player contributed to this much coveted historic triumph. Especially for our master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, each and every Indian is jubiliating with an unprecedented joy. 28 years is a long time, very long time. When India lost final in 2003, it was a heart breaking final, but today the joy is ecstatic.
Throughout the sub-continent, people are rushing, jumping, dancing, shouting and growing crazy in this celebration. For once, Indians have become one and World Cup has done this. We all have won, as one.
The semi-final against Pakistan, the quarter-final against the four time winners kangaroos and now thrashing the lions in the final, Dhoni's men have brought the glory back to hindustan. Yuvraj, Raina, Gambhir, Sehwag, Kohli, Zaheer, Ashwin, Sachin, Bhajji, Nehra (though we lost against Proteas, but for now all we know is that we have the world cup :D ), Munaf, Piyush, Sree,  Yusuf, and the proud captain MSD, are a happy lot today. Their dream has come true and it is no easy thing to conquer the world.
India is the first host team to win the world cup on its own soil. And 275 is the highest run chase in world cups, and men in blue veryu successfully chased it. With the end of this flamboyant tournament, Sachin ended up being the second highest run getter, Gambhir got past 4000 ODI runs and Dhoni 6000 runs. Man in form, Yuvraj, came across as a panacea, and struck when it needed the most and he truly deserved the Man of the tournament.Zaheer ended up being the second highest wickets getter. It is really a great news that we have won the world cup.
Coach Gary Kirsten, Paddy Upton played a very crucial role in the making of this victory. Sangakkara must be disappointed but he was gracious in defeat and said , "Indians deserved it". A match worth of final carving history at Wankhede, is indeed a memorable day in the life of every Indian. I myself am so happy =)
It took hard work, struggle, labor, criticism, and consistent efforts to hold that cup in the hands of the proud players. It is true that this feast was not achieved in  a day but is a consequence of practice and determination.
Sachin Tendulkar can now rest in peace that his resume is complete. We all wanted this cup for Sachin, and all the players are right in stating, "We did this for him".
02-04-2011 is indeed a date that leaves an indelible mark on the heart of every Indian.
A proud moment for all of us.
Victory brought me from dormant period of not writing, lol :P
Congratulation to all of us. WE WoN :):)Let's forget everything and rejoice that World Cup is ours.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Godhra Train Tragedy

I just read about the verdict of Godhra kand (that's what they call it in hindi ), in yesterday's newspaper. It said something like, that 31 people have been convicted and more than double have been acquitted of the crime and the main accused Umarji has been given a clean chit. All this news of killing of 58 people, who asphyxiated to death, in the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express, gave much evidence of the fact that to what degree people can turn eccentric, just to fulfill motives. The S-6 coach had kar sevaks (hindu pilgrims) who were attacked.
In the very first police FIR, the incident was viewed as unplanned mob fury. However, a Special Investigating Team (SIT) of the Gujarat police argued that the coach was set on fire as a pre-planned act by a Muslim group, who were said to have stockpiled 140 liters of petrol from the day before for the purpose of killing the kar sevaks.
 To look into the matter two panels were adopted: The Nanavati Panel and The Banerjee Panel.
The Gujarat Government, in consultation with Central Government appointed Justice Nanavati and Shah to investigate Godhra and post-Godhra incidents. Nanavati Commission took a lot of time in talking to thousands of people including victims and eye-witnesses, interviewed thousands in an independent manner, finally concluded that Godhra carnage was not an accident but the coach was set on fire by a mob, allegedly Muslims. They also gave a clean chit to Shri Narendra Modi and noted that the efforts done by Government to take control of the situation were appreciable.
Two years after the incident Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav appointed Justice U C Banerjee to investigate Godhra incident. On the eve of election in Railway Minister's home state Bihar, Justice U C Banerjee released a report suggesting fire being an accident which resulted out of cooking being carried within the carriage, and ruled out the possibility of fire having resulted out of any external attack:

"the possibility of an inflammable liquid having been used is completely ruled out as there was first a smell of burning, followed by dense smoke and flames thereafter. This sequence is not possible in case the fire is caused by an inflammable liquid thrown on the floor of the coach or an inflammable object thrown from outside the coach. The "inflammable liquid theory" also gets negated by the statement of some of the passengers who suffered injuries on the upper portion of the body and not the lower body and who crawled towards the door on elbows and could get out without much injury."

This I thought of sharing, coz we must know what all this contention in India is all about. If we are not aware, we are powerless, awareness is might in today's world.
inputs from wikipedia

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what came in my mind.......coz i just wanted to write

My country, my nation, our sub-continent is grappling hard under an air of corruption that has suddenly catched fire from somewhere, and everyday in newspaper there is news of one scam coming. 2G scam made a noisy entry, took away peaceful sleeps of Mr.A Raja, then ISRO's commercial arm Antrix landed up into a contentious deal with Devas Multimedia. The former having eaten 1.76 lakh crores and the latter more than that. But the deal was cancelled as far as is in my knowledge.
Then, a ridiculous show staged by the farmers. Use of liquor in fields in place of fertilizers, coz they are cheaper, prevent pests, weeds. But they fail to realize that it exudes them from their vitamin content. Our very own honorable Prime Minister was made to stand thrice in front of public to prove his innocence, coz he was being castigated of a mammoth number of scams having been surfaced during his tenure under his nose. An apostle of calmness on his face, the first Sikh PM of the sub-continent, must have felt really hurt in doing so. But one thing is clear that he is honest and intrepid about everything that comes and impedes in path. This is evidenced from the fact that he straightly denied any notion of resignation following accusation targeted at dismantling the government, saying that he didn't even think of it, coz "He has tasks to do".
Today incidentally in newspaper I came across this piece of news, in 1999 mazhood azhar along with two more terrorists were freed to save the lives of people in IC-814 flight, which was hijacked by the terror outfit people. And lo, was freed the dangerous man, who helped in increasing the terror of terrorism in lengths and breadths from then on. Now what will our government do, if the same happens, and this time it is Ajmal Kasab ? The delay in justice for the heinous attacks in Mumbai, still waits to see the light of the day.
I could write on and on about the spicy stories that our government has to offer. but the most hot stories of this time is that ROADIES auditions are going on plus the ICC World Cup 2011, and yeah the AURORA 2011, is all set to rock !!!!
We are surely gonna enjoy all of these.
But there is one thing that always upsets me when I step out on Indian roads, sad faces, malnourished children, left-out married women carrying children and begging.
But , still All Is Well here.....
Just dint write I blog since long time, so I just jotted down what was there in my mind. Just that it feels happy to be back at blogging, and it is here to stay .
One more thing, as we are growing life is assuming different, unassuming turns, quite interesting ones. And this article would be incomplete if I don't mention this thing, I just got a new teacher who is teaching me manners LOL :P

Sincere friendships make life richer

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