Thursday, December 30, 2010

health is happiness

Health is wealth.
We usually keep hearing this adage, but health's worth is realised only when we lose it. I abhor that time, when am sick, it makes me almost paralysed physically and mentally, not feeling like doing anything, just lying, sulken mood, and that missing momentum and energy . That time is like a hell. Mind also doesn't feel like doing anything, studies are at bay, badminton is not there.
Oh, this unhealthy period is a torture; doesn't let live happily.....
All we can do is to, wait to come back to form !!

Monday, December 20, 2010

be your life.....

Decision making is a real ordeal of life....
One of the toughest things,  in which a man often fumbles, fears, doubts, clears, analyses and after taking a decision, somewhere in his/her mind there is always this suspicion that whether the decree he took is "OK", "is it worthy of it", "Have I made a correct decision ?", "Will it prove justified ?" and a mammoth number of questions hover around the cerebrum.
But, the important thing is that who makes those decisions. They might be powered by your circumstances, people in those circumstances, things in your conscious mind, in your sub-conscious mind, opinions of others, beliefs of others, your duties and obligations, your principles and anything worth making a change to the decision.

No one is perfect, then what makes a man perfect ??
MISTAKES.................... provided you learn from them.
Mistakes are the things that bring out something better in the person, realisation of mistakes to be precise. At times you might be frustrated, "I am the only one who lands up making mistakes always, every time in everything". This thinking is quite natural and human.
Well, this is another lesson life taught me, "Let your decisions be powered by your own congnizance with opinion of others, but at the end of the day it is upto you to decide".
And as long as you don't realise you are guilty, let the folk out there keep blabbering , "how wrong you are or might be"...
you will be happy and an evolved person , believe me.
Let your life be only yours, only yours, its decisions, its mistakes everything your way. But don't forget to monitor yourself too..
jab tumhaari zindagi mai, duniya ki bhoomika bad jaaye toh soch lena dost,
tum gumnaam ho rahe ho,
u r losing your spirit of life,
duniya gayi tel lene, aish tu kar ..

Just a small thing, believe your soul, never cheat yourself, punish yourself when you deserve it, not coz others felt bad or hurt. It so happened at times, that when others said i did something wrong, when I knew I didn't , I ended up cursing self.
Be the KING and JUDGE of your life.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Life found a new meaning today
Eyes realized an old dream today
Today, this day......
my soul met my self today

a renaissance it might not be called,
a journey has culminated today,
i don't regret it took time
to make this day, today.....

having been face to face with REAL life,
having walked on the edge of knife,
i know there will be more knives,
but i am happy
coz my soul met my self today.

lost in the dust of life,
that i only created myself,
aloof, away, aware of all...
i pledge to move ahead today.....

ready for all that will come,
ready for all critcism from some,
ready for all bruises in life,
ahead i start, a step today.

enough of time spent i sobbing
enough of time spent i running
after things that matter didn't
cautious i become today.

lost my soul i ,
the connection with the world of my dreams,
that i am born for something better,
keeping that in mind, i take a stand today.

the only adage of my life
from today gets redefined today....
live today, work today, play today, smile today
in the bestest of best possible way today.

it might be too late
before we realize "what is today?"
i did a mistake, lost connection with my self
having gained consciousness today
i ask you to look for your TODAY
and hope we all LIVE TODAY,
coz life is but today and today is tomorrow's today.

It is never too late to become a person you always wished to become. Just for a time leave out all the rest and get set for the greater journey and struggle that beckons each one of us. I dont say materialistic desires are useless, but they must no and never be even a slightest reason to impede in your successful-to-become life. Mistakes , we often feel bad doing but they are the things that discover something newer in us, they make us realize facts of life.
So, just forget all that was in primitive time, your life is WHAT YOU MAKE IT TODAY.
there is never a wrong time to realize today, never a wrong time to start a new life today.
Often, in razmatazz of life we tend to get separated from our necessary goals, but it is never late to realize them again and start off FRESH, LIVELY and more SENSIBLY, and yeah CAUTIOUSLY.
All the best to you all, let your lives be full of blessings and happiness you deserve.

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