Saturday, November 20, 2010

lull after the storm

Writing after a very long dormant period of time. Last three months were the most demanding times I ever faced in my life. And thankfully, that time has passed.
But along with it came a bunch of lessons, lessons abound, lessons that I never knew, lessons to which I am still trying to do justice, lessons that initially very very hard to condone now make me relatively happy. Life is going well, majors are round the clock and my preparations are helter-skelter. But those three months have transformed me. Life suddenly developed a new definition, a new meaning it seemed, a complete overhaul of life HAPPENED. It always happens that period of transition is very difficult, more than it seems.
As I look back, I realise I have left behind the things that once upon a time made me restless, things that snatched myself from me, things that almost dawned a series of sorrows day in and day out upon my head. 

I don't want to write much coz its all buried in a mortuary and forever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Change is here.

The visit of American President Barack Hussein Obama, is making rounds and news channels are bloating live coverages of each and every move that is being taken. Well, the visit serves to address a couple of issues. And while I am hearing a lot about this cavalcade, am actually enjoying reading all that is coming up in news these days.
Whether it is shaking their legs with children or talking to students at St. Xavier's in Mumbai, Obamas are certainly very lively couple. And yes, India is indeed (in majority ) happy to have them here.
Coming over to few issues. Obama expressed that India is an important ally to U.S.A strategically and that U.S doesn't see India as a rising power, he said India has already risen. Also when questioned on why U.S doesn't declare Pakistan as a terrorist state, Obama ensured that he was very very cautious in speaking his mind out. He said, "Pakistan is an important strategic ally not just for U.S but for the world and a peaceful state would also, be better for India." On, Kashmir issue he said  that he can't impose its decision on any nation and that it is for India and Pakistan to sort out first easy issues and then move out to more contentious ones.
While the midterm elections in his state are going against him, Obama's visit here is least affected by it. Obama has been re-iterating the fact that India and U.S.A are indispensable, that India should open its markets more and make it liberal, that exports from here have to increase and both the nations are committed to sort out the terrorism issue.  While this all is going on, Barkha Dutt makes sure NDTV 24x7 grabs the most TRPs in showing exclusive discussion sessions with political knowns. Well, she is a great lady, I must say.
It is all so much happening.....the visit of Mr. Barack Obama.
But, the much anticipated question is that whether this visit would yield anything CONCLUSIVE. It is true that U.S.A considers India as an economic super-power and also does not side-line Pakistan.
Well, I don't know the reason for their inclination towards the state of Islamabad. But, I would love to see their view , if 9/11 happens again.

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