Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Politics: Does it happen???

I have become NUMB, due to the movie I saw last night. So much drama, yet most of it true, so much evils portrayed yet none of them baseless and fictitious except a few. How cleanly movies depicts the reality, politics, extremely ruthless and conniving people , rolling their tongues out for power and money. Politics is indeed a very very unpredictable, ever-changing gamble, replete with chameleon-like-personalities.
Only one question hovered over my head, "Does it really happen?" . Do people do this? Is it that men are killed, murdered, assassinated so brutally due to no just reason at all ? Does it happen that the one who helps you, very next moment  dies in a bomb blast ? Openly , openly anyone comes and shoots anybody.  Ohhhh...that sent a shiver in my spine, that flick.

It left me indignant, annoyed with an expression of anticipation in my head.  Behind all the castles if this the reality , then it is a very much sorry-situation for all of us.
I don't know what to write, may be I fall short of words to put forth what I have in my mind.
Rest time will speak.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

strange spice in life...............

Time changes, so fast , so fast and so strangely that you don't even get any time to ask "WHY, why after all, all that happened???" It seems as if it is yesterday's thing only, when we were knowns, when we were the best of friends, when we chatted continuously for long hours. Today, I read all the chats, and I felt , what those time were.....when everything looked beautiful, fantastic and lively. When I could say anything to you, anything and you too patiently listened to all that...... But, alas!!!! TIME CHANGED, SO DID EVERYTHING......

Except for one thing and that can never change.

People say, what happens, happens for some good. And though I am not searching for the good in this truth of my life, that time will speak of........in fact I am doing nothing. It (the past) is falling into oblivion on its own and as I am walking ahead with time, it is going back in some black hole with the speed of light :P

Sweet memories are a treasure of life time but what matters is the PRESENT TIME, and the one who goes with time irrespective of anything, is a wise person. And , I realized I am wise :P

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