Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kissa Kashmir Ka.......

Seeing the newspaper columns virtually flooded with the news of Kashmir agitation and tumult and the great debate over the future of Kashmir, I thought of penning down my views about it.
No one is oblivious to the fact that  the state of Jammu and Kashmir is very badly in the grip of the tension due to terrorism, discontent among the people of Kashmir, the daily tragedies and the era marked by loss of lives and human spirit which has lead to the penetration of danger in the hearts of all those living there and those who wish to visit there. The scenario is that people there want themselves to be separated from India, which does not at all mean association with Pakistan, but that also doesn't exclude that chance either and the third and obvious alternative is be with INDIA ( third most powerful nation in the world according to recent report by the U.S.A, I don't know but somewhy it makes me encouraged to hear it).
Each of these has its shares of pros and cons.  
Considering the point of Kashmir as a separate nation: If at all Kashmir becomes a separate nation, then it is not at all a surmise to say that it will fall as a nation. U.S.A and China won't let it flourish, being a nation is not that easy. Besides, the funds needed, the resources a country needs to make itself felt on the global scale, can Kashmir acheive it depending solely on itself ? Undoubtedly, NO. Pakistan would further make matter worse for the nation called Kashmir.

Considering the point of Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan: If Kashmir is handed over to Pakistan, then what is the guarantee that peace would prevail ? Looking at the state of affairs Pakistan is in even after 63 years of independence, it would be the most unwise decision to hand over the territory to Pakistan. Pakistan which itself struggles to solidify its position in the world , where the battles and bloodshed are the order of the day, where children do not get freedom and where childhood is spent in apprehension, won't it be a callous decree if Kashmir is handed over to Pakistan ? And who knows after Kashmir, if the trifle is for Punjab, then what would be done ? It would be like throwing the already agonized people from frying pan into fire.

Considering the point that Kashmir is in India: Then it is no bullshit to speak that this the best decision for everybody. India has the power to control the tumult in Kashmir, it is the best support to Kashmir in these times. Agreed the methods taken so far have not met the expectations, but who says that India is to blame ? Had Pakistan been more focussed in bringing the terrorists to the gallows and not tried to pretend impeccable and punished the ISI officials who work in collaboration with the terrorists, matter would have been under control. Had U.S.A been more involved than just remarking "Pakistan should not let its land be used for terrorist activities against India", obviously Pakistani government would have got their nerves right. Yes, paramillitary forces are very much involved in Kashmir, troops lose their lives there, blasts are a common site, land blasts are easy options. India is obviously a strong country in the world which sends stronger signals in world in every field and Kashmir being a part of the sub-continent will be looked upon with pride rather than disdain if the above two options are taken into account.

Agreed that task is more than herculean to ensure law and order in the state but efforts are being made and let us be sanguine that one day Kashmir will be a peaceful part of the nation called INDIA. It is our identity friends, isn't it.???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mandir ,Masjid ya Majjhab.....

            Majjhab nahi sikhhata aapas mai bair rakhna....................

All of us have must have heard about the Babri Masjid controversy whose verdict comes today. It is imperative for us to know what all this fuss is about.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica reports that "Rama's birthplace is marked by a mosque, erected by Babur in 1528 on the site of an early temple". This single line reports in a precise yet astute way the clear disintegration based on the religion.
History narrates the following story:
When the Muslim emperor Babur came down from Farghana in 1527, he defeated the Hindu King of Chittorgarh, Rana Sangram Singh at Fatehpur Sikri, using cannon and artillery. After this victory, Babur took over the region, leaving his general, Mir Banki, in charge as Viceroy.
Mir Banki enforced Mughal rule over the population. Mir Banki came to Ayodhya in 1528 and built the Mosque destroying the temple,[1].
Ayodhya is revered by devout Hindus as the birthplace of ancient King of India and Hindu God Rama, believed by Hindus to be an avatar of Vishnu. Mir Baqi after building the mosque on the site of the destroyed temple called it Babri Masjid (Mosque), named after his master Babar.
Before the 1940s, the mosque was called Masjid-i Janmasthan ("mosque on Rama's birthplace") by Indian Muslims. P Carnegy describes the controversy as:
"It is said that up to that time, the Hindus and Mohamedans alike used to worship in the mosque-temple. Since the British rule a railing has been put up to prevent dispute, within which, in the mosque the Mohamedans pray, while outside the fence the Hindus have raised a platform on which they make their offerings." 
Some learned men also surmise that  in the epics and other sources Ayodhya was never called a place of pilgrim, so it rules out the point that a temple ever existed. And thus there is no controversy about the establishment of the Masjid and that all is well.

And amidst all this heated aggression, further aggravated by the Bhartiya Janata Party (evidences hold L.K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi guilty of planning the demolition of Babri Masjid), it has led to riots in which a panoply number of innocent lives have been lost.
I myself don't know what the truth is but this really irks me as it invites the country wide ire that "It is an unnecessary issue made contentious for the much loved game of politics for the fun of disturbing the laws and order in the state and the country writ large. Just to fulfill some petty and baseless desires an issue is made political, caste-based and phenomenon like SAFFRON TERRORISM ensue.
What happened is consigned to history , there was no issue after all. It was made by POLITICAL FANATICS AND FUNDAMENTALISTS. The verdict comes today.
That is why it is important for spirituality to take the stage and thrash off religion.
We have Kashmir issue, the naxals, the poverty, corruption, malnutrition, unemployment,crimes against women, impostors and parasite-like-policymaker which have already crippled our nation that is further facing tumult due to this debate.
When shall we realize to come over narrow prejudices if we really want our country to flourish and progress and make a nation where no one dies due to hunger, where child do not succumb to death due to poor nutrition, where women are respected, where citizens feel and realize their stake in the nation, where caste is trampled like a used cigarette, where there is prosperity and where every one is happy like a family.

Inputs from wikipedia and thanks to the friend who reminded me of this topic on the mess table in morning today. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hindi : our national language.

Today is Hindi diwas. Yeah, before writing this I know I am writing it in english....I won't say I feel bad about it.
Just remembered what a speaker at the inauguration ceremony of Hindi Pakhwada had said, that all the countries have progressed with their own languages. China, for example flourished keeping Chinese  intact, Japan, Germany and the likes , they never ran after any other language, this is what he had said precisely. India on contrary is very adamant on accepting the language called ENGLISH and feel a bit low to speak in hindi at gatherings even if they happen to be in India. He said that those people who do not respect their language are looked in disdain by people of other nations.
Sitting over there and being bombarded with such noble thoughts a led me to think,  "Hey, after all what he is speaking is correct, that "Chinese thing" makes sense ". Suddenly a sense of pride arose in me towards my national language Hindi. Then I wondered, "Why can't Hindi become an international language or what if it became ?"
All the stuff is that hindi is still the language spoken by the majority of the people , but since the language well understood in all professions is English, it is the international language. All the delegates that meet for parleys , conversate in English. Those who are not able to speak it, wander with translators by their side . In Japan,most of the officials  are not comfortable in speaking  English, even the high school students there feel it as an herculean task. That obviously is  though a lack-of-ability but  not a deterrent in the progress. So, whether a language plays a part in the economic growth, I doubt it.( I am ready to listen to the arguments if any).
There is no doubt that hindi is the most comprehensible and easy language spoken by the majority in the sub-continent. Time demands us to make ourselves parallel with the world rather ahead of it and so it is next to norm to learn English. And after all who except in office  talks in english everywhere, there are few households I know (who want their kids to become fluent speakers in english, which is fine), but not everywhere.
Attitude is the decision-maker. Like the one speaking in hindi everytime cannot be called an ardent votary of the language, the one who speaks in any other language particularly English cannot be dubbed as a hindi fanatic.
Are we done with the problems that plaque us that we happily play hide and seek with languages ?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

strive towards excellence

                                                     Isn't it an innovative answer????? 
I remember that since my days at school, there are few mistakes I have always, always repeated (Yeah, you can call me according to the definition a fool for that). First mistake: I never read instructions given in any exam on the top of it. Second mistake: Foolishly, I often understand the question wrong. ( Recently the question was "Whether it is a tautology or not", and I thought it has to be proved that it is a Tautology, thanks to jugaad method so common, i wrote T^(XUY)=T, just to prove it was.  I know this is the worst thing, I do feel stupid and you all must know this. )

Every time these mistakes happen, I decide not to repeat but some other mistake happens in the next day's exam.
Coming to something again relevant. Often I have heard my friends saying that "I knew everything, just got confused in the middle of the exam, probably due to the tension and exam went a bit not-expected". Not that they didn't study it but coz they didn't actually study it. While writing this I only laugh at myself........

From my experience so far, Fortunate is the man who is CONFUSED, who gets confused. This is so because confusion is the best thing that can happen to anybody. So, cheer up buddy!!!!!, you learnt something new today. And it was not tension that led to the birth of confusion but lack of you know "what".
True , it is PRACTICE.  But even this is the fact that no matter how strongly you practice there are still 100% chances that you shall get confused, it is natural see. (just in case you happen to ask , "So, why practice" ?)
Exams are just the matter to help you access the next stairs of your brilliant and successful career and are indespensable.
So, my friend you are already successful, don't feel bad because it is preparing you for something better in LIFE. And also do not forget the line that teachers keep on telling to their students "STRIVE TOWARDS EXCELLENCE AND NOT PERFECTION". And there is no bar to Practice... :):)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Monday, September 6, 2010

What would have you done .....????

What do you do when you reach a place which was not the venue you were supposed to go at ? Plus knowing the fact that you are new in the city and not know the twists and turns of that city. So, do you feel going back from where you had come would be a safe haven ? Yeah I also thought that and I was just going back when a thought struck me, "Yeshoda, go on"....

Then, I went back took the correct address, some "baradari chauraha and then hurawali pe koi hanumaan mandir"...
I took the address in written and asked a shopkeeper where was it. He told me to get into a 6 number tempo. I complied. One by one everyone reached their destinations and I was alone in the tempo. Now, a girl who doesn't know the address is sitting in tempo trusting the tempo waalah, asking him again and again in a strong and deep voice "Bhaiyaa kitni door hai?". He responds "aa raha hai madam"... Then he asks me, "Madam aap kahan se ho ?". I tell him "Delh". His face lights up as he listens to it and says "Madam, Delhi main to bahut bade bade college hain", I say "Yes, there are".  Then with a strange smile or it seemed to be as it, he says "Ham to pade hi nahi Madam".  I keep silence at this note.
He drops me , this was half way covered. Now at the stand I ask the address written on the slip to only a person. Within 1 minute all drivers of auto gather thinking they got something to discuss and surmise. Then I took one auto sat in it,but  realizing 20 rupees was too much to cost, I came out. Then one agreed for 5 pennies less.
While on the way I was saying, "Main bahut baar gayi hoon , theekh hai...!!!!".. realizing how stupid it was but sometimes you have to. Then finally I reached the destination, which was unknown and I overcame that too. The feeling of it was so encouraging and I could only smile, what happened afterwards was all very good.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We are all "the shephard"

Just finished reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and first of everything wanna thank the person who exhorted me to read it. "Thank you friend, keep exhorting me :)"...
The Alchemist, is a story of a boy, a shephard who has a dream to get the treasure buried in the pyramids at Egypt. He sets in search of that treasure and amidst this exploration  meets a girl and begins to adore her. Now he has a question, to pursue his dream or to pursue his love. He is in a quandary.
Coelho has beautifully given the surmise of life after he marries her and not goes to achieve his dream. "You marry her", he says, "you are happy in the first year, second year and by the third year , you remember the treasure, your dream which you  didn't pursue, now you feel bad that the sole craze of your life, you couldn't achieve it, and now RESTLESSNESS creeps in. And it is also not easy to restart it all over again with the same aplomb as before."...........
But the girl says that she would be the proudest of all girls if he comes back after pursuing his dream to marry her. So she asks him to live his dream. So the boy moves , of course with much pain inside but with firm resolution to achieve his dream. At times he does think of Fatima, the girl.  He meets people who pose danger to his life but he clears all of them thanks to "The Alchemist" whom he finds on the way and they spend some time together. The boy learns a lot from "The Alchemist" and finally the day comes when his eyes discover the long-longed treasure. Immediately after getting it he remembers Fatima. Then obviously you afterwards what happened can make out.

Very simply written story, yet very logical . A must read for everybody , I would say.
Everyone of us is "the shephard" here.

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