Saturday, August 28, 2010

Philanthropy vs Politics

                                                    LOOKS LIKE AN "AJGARR"

 It has come to news that there are cogent evidences to suggest that Mayawati has to her name the possession of assets not proportionate to her sources of income. And this time it is no surmise but credible proofs. UP chief minister had 1 crore in 2003 which multiplied to 50 crores in 2007. The astute politician defends herself by saying that she received money as donations from party workers and as gift on birthdays. Mayawati is pleading to drop the case against her but it seems CBI till now is adamant in its decree.

This is Mayawati. But there are lots and lots of He-Mayawatis and Mayawatis going to same path. The oath that any minister shall not have possession of any business except for office is seldom seen to be followed. In movies as we all might have seen that black-marketing, smuggling, bribery are popular ways of confiscating money . Every year a particular ministry is given funds to assist it in carrying out the tasks it ought to for the welfare of society.Where those pounds go at the end of year continues to seek answer.
Policy makers have enough money to adorn their necks with heavy garlands made up of money, that money if invested honestly in bringing up the underprivileged can make our nation develop economically. Azim Premji was correct in saying that GDP growth is meaningless if it doesn't uplift the most underprivileged from the society. If a World Bank report has to be believed then there are more poor people in 8 Indian states than in poorest African countries combined. 81% of Bihar population is poor. India needs more schools and existing schools require better infrastructure. This will require to spend 6% of our GDP on education but we manage only 1/2 of that figure.
There are many truths we need to know as we grow up, about the land where we live and where we are born. I am not the vanguard at incriminating the state of affairs in our country but I think knowing about these things is the least we can do. Who knows,  tomorrow anyone among us might become the skipper of the team called "INDIA" ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Change that happens and is not imposed

ज़िन्दगी में कई ऐसी बातें ऐसी होती हैं जिनसे हम चाहकर भी अनदेखा नहीं कर सकते. वो बातें जो हम सोचना भी नहीं चाहते लेकिन वक़्त तो उनसे मुलाक़ात करा ही देता है.  कब तक कोई भाग सकता है, कब तक आंखें बंद  कर के कोई ज़िन्दगी जी सकता है, यह तो वैसे ही हुआ जैसे हवा में उड़ने का डर लगता है तो कभी हवाई जहाज़ में नहीं बैठेंगे.
इंसान अक्सर अपने आस-पास का वातावरण खुद ते करता है और जो चीज़ उसके सिद्धांत से परे हो उनसे राम-राम करना ही ठीख समझता है, बार-बार उसका पाला उनसे पड़ता है तो वो भी आंखें बंद कर अपने रास्स्ते चला जाता है. लेकिन मनं में उसे पता है, "यार में तो डर रहा हूँ, यह भी कोई बात होती है ....., जीना है तो डरकर क्यूँ ..आखिर" ???  फिर आता है असली वक़्त , जब उसे निर्णय लेना ही होता है, "डर या जीत ". हाँ यह आसान भी नहीं होता , क्यूँ ????
क्यूंकि उस इंसान को अभी भी यह डर सताता है कि , क्या ऐसा हो पायेगा ? क्या वो उन चीजों को अपनाकर , उनके बीच रहकर शान्ति से जी पायेगा ? कहीं वो खुद तो अपने किसी सिद्धांत से पलट नहीं रहा, कहीं यह "बदलाव" हाँ.......यह बदलाव उसे सही रास्ते पर तो ले जाएगा ना ? 
 जानता वह भी है कि, एक समझदार इंसान होने के बावजूद उससे यह आशा है कि वह अपने "आत्म-संयम", "आत्म-गरिमा" को बनाए रखेगा. पर धीरे धीरे उसकी सोच बदलती है. सोच बदलती है उन अच्छे लोगों कि वजह से, जिसे वो अपना दोस्त मानता है, जो जानते हैं कि उनका दोस्त थोड़ा सा चुप-चाप सा है और उसने खुद ही अपने ऊपर प्रतिबन्ध लगाए हैं, जिनकी वजह से वह भी डर डर के जी रहा है.  हौले हौले , एक दम सही तर्क दे कर उसके दोस्त उसे समझाते हैं, कि जीवन कि सच्चाई मान ना , चीज़ों को अनदेखा ना करना, दूसरों के नज़रिए से भी हालत देखना और फिर आगे बदने को ही साहस कहते हैं.
और यही तो असली संघर्ष है........वही संघर्ष जिसके लिए यह इंसान भी पागल है.

बात सिर्फ इतनी सी है, कि रेल-गाड़ी में आज आते हुए, एक सोच मन में आई .....कि I changed. और विश्वास मानिये, जिन चीज़ों से कभी हम भी मुह  फेरा करते थे, आज उनसे "सीधी-बात" कर के जीने में कोई और ही आनंद आता है.  सही ही तो है, दुनिया तुम्हारे हिसाब से नहीं चलती, ऐसी हज़ारों बातें होगी जो तुम्हे कतई पसंद ना होगी, जो बार-बार तुम्हारे सामने प्रश्न बनकर आएँगी, कब तक उनसे मुह-फेरकर जी सकोगे ?

असल में , ज़िन्दगी में हम वक़्त से मिलते हैं, उन्हें हमें दूर नहीं करना चाहिए, उसे अपनाएं, उनके बारे में अटूट निर्णय लें, फिर उसकी क्या बस कि , कि वो हमें परेशान करे ???
सच है .........."डर के आगे जीत है".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothing to fear..what is right is right....

Recently something happened with me. I was scolded for doing something right. Those whom I spoke my problem said, "Have you seen anyone else taking any initiative ? Have you seen anyone seriously caring about the things that matter ? No, coz they know it that in the end they shall be incriminated, misunderstood and rumours would fly in air about them. That made me decide ,"OK! I did something correct , it wasn't liked, so I should stop".

Then I told that to my friend , what all happened. And she cleared all doubts in my mind. Inspiring me and backing me for what little thing I did, she said, "What you did was absolutely correct. You should not fear anything under heaven. And those who don't like it, let them behave so, atleast they would get the thing that there are people who speak up when it is time. Do not stop due to petty fools who try to make you detain, rather do what you feel is right , everything else will be fine".

My sir said, people would never like any voice raised no matter it is right or for wrong reason. But that should not preclude us from doing our duty. There is nothing to fear he said and left me with much needed aplomb and mental courage. Thank you Sir.

I am very fortunate to have Sir and Upma there with me.
Will always need you, be there.  :):)

samjhane ki koshish.....

Yesterday was just an ordinary day. After the hell-like monotonous and spiritless lecture of Data Communication, it was time for Programming Languages. As soon as the DC teacher went out of class, students left the SH like birds which have been caged since long time. Keeping my notebook in  my bag, and putting on my bag, I too started to go out...confused whether it was worth doing or not. Came out...lingering here and there, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go for I thought that "I really do not understand anything, in that class", but something desisted me from doing that . Then saw the teacher coming, so I finally decided not to skip the class and sat inside the SH.

Started to teach he "Mininmization of FA(Finite Automata). But what he taught meant sense, it was comprehensible and wasn't that tedious to understand. Reason was that I went in to SH thinking that I have to somehow understand whatever he teaches, won't let it slip from hands, and it worked.

It was surprising that when it was time for class to stop, we anticipated "Time ho gaya??". After the class we did tell our sir, "You taught well today sir, we understood everything". That must have made him a happy man.

The thing is that "We don't try to understand things sometimes, dont want to, and that is mainly what makes us flinch from things, but the truth remains "we cannot run from reality or destiny".
Attitude can make a nice thing horrible and a weird thing worth something. Attitude matters.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence in making....

Happy Independence day to everyone with the awareness  in mind of the contribution made by the martyrs to gift us free India .
I am not a preacher who preaches do this, do that, deny that, accept this.... but someone who speaks what comes to her. At this time I am in a confusion. And my confusion is that what is independence ? I really do not know what it is. Is it going to market with freedom, spend few bucks, buy the things that charm us ? Or is it fighting with anybody on correct reason, is it freedom to skip red light when road is free of traffic ? I really do not understand what this independence is ? Is it taking 2 packets of refreshments when we know we can take only one. Rather rhetorically we are independent in every way we have just seen but still under the clutches.
I know speaking is futile , deeds speak better, all I but would like to say is that there is long way to become independent in true sense.

When we shall be able to provide food to hundreds of thousands of people dying of starvation, children dying before birth due to malnutrition, when there would be no homeless people, when the disgusting ailment of corruption would be devastated, when education would turn up responsible citizens for the nation, when people in power would stop filling their pockets with money of aam aadmi, when women would get their due of dignity, when every child would go to school and one would not see child labours, when our demands would be met and when the opposition and party in power would understand their main objective "INDIA", when everyone would travel in trains with a ticket, when we won't see people sleeping on railway stations, puking in public, when spitting beetle in public would become a thing of past, when we shall actuallu understand that "WE CAN BE HAPPY AS A TEAM, AS A COMMUNITY", then we would say with full vigour "YESSSS !!!!!!, We are independent".

Friday, August 13, 2010

making of a maoist

Naxalism is the word everyone has heard of. But how do people become naxalites. The reality is that this group of people are actually the alienated chunk of our society, deprived of basic facilities of education, sanitation, food and are the prey to those people who exploit them for their own interests. Frustrated due to the mistreatment they received from the police, they raised their voice and that further made solid havens for activities like we know to become rampant.
They go to villages, help people in need , help them meet their requirements and then find youths who can be a part of their association. Mostly they take those who are cheated and seek revenge from some one or the other, like failed personal lives, failed family life and relations or those who happen to be the victim to the atrocity of police.
Squandered of their wealth and rights , these people are all set to become maoists. But few who become discontent after joining it , surrender too.
And the objective of such an act was to emancipate marginalised and cheated people in rural India. But now it has taken different dimensions. It carries out activities that are attributed to terrorists, politics has been involved in it, there is lack of good leaders and that their action of killing innocent civilians has invited the tag of "terrorists".
That means that as long as we don't see the reality with our own eyes it is difficult to decide what naxalism is, why is it existing and what do these people actually want . It is true that agression is born out of humiliation and exploitation. While sympathy is for such people but the they are indeed despicable for the pogrom they cause.
Only a meaninful dialogue and true governance that is ready to actually work for welfare of people and without any corruption can only redeem these people and those who are suffering without any reason .

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pride Or Contrition ?

Common wealth games naam to suna hi hoga. The very games that India , Delhi will be hosting in coming month of October. And the contentious issues surrounding it are also not latent, almost everyone of us is well apprised of how superbly the preparations have been made to unveil India to the world.
I don't want to sound a pessimist or an ardent cynical person in writing this, but I must add that whatever is happening was absolutely not at all not-expected. Thanks to our responsible government and honest and dutiful policymakers that we are, rather the world is envisaging the India before CWGs.
Controversies surrounding the surreptious transaction of funds with London based firm, stealithly possession of money by the contractors and using low-quality material in infrastructure services, incomplete work even after deadlines and wreckage of newly built structures, for instance : the caving of roads due to excess water exuding due to water logging are testimony to the fact that how incompetently and with how much lackaidaisical attitude the thing that could bring pride to the country and its country men has become synonymous to mulling it.
And now in news we hear Mrs. Dixit iterating "YOU WANT ME TO GO TO JAIL", and Kalmadi saying "I am ready for every scrutiny" and "No question of my quitting", emphasizing the fact that they are absolutely impeccable. But who knows what is true ? The elusive state of affairs would become clear when CWG shenanigans would  bring to fore how everything has happened and how funds were distributed. If it happens then it would be the biggest miracle .

What is the most amusing part ?? That the event has not even kicked off and panoply haggles are pointing towards the dubious filching of funds.  Let them be kept aside for the time being else it would impede in the smooth runnning of CWGs in India.  Another thing, the oppostion behaves as if it is not their country , at this time too instead of feeling the responsibility of the CWG , they leave no opportunity to disparage the party in power.

Every time things like these happen, we are reminded of the fact that this is INDIA. At one place where I am proud to be born in the holy land of sages and values, sheer corruption and the state of affairs in our country under the tutelage of policymakers though not affects me much but does makes me question "WHY" ?

India is the greatest nation of world and shall always be. The only thing that can redeem its people is corruption-free and dutiful government machinery and yes co-operative citizens. But citizens would only co-operate when they feel that their chosen representatives actually care for their needs and rights and that justice is delivered to them and they are not deceited. That will take time.

Maosists, Srinagar, CWG, crimes, corruption, bribery seem to burn India in a cauldron and no one (strangely) is not feeling this ambush. There are so many great things that have happened only in India and have brought laurels to our nation but some why issues like these shadow that pride.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Attitude matters..............

I don't know but I know one thing that I am a person who is very unknown and formal kind of when it comes to any relation  in life. I don't know why, but somewhere that trait exists and have always seen it in myself. I become dumb when I want to speak, hesitate when long to discuss, lost when lost .

Can't help it, nor do want to,  after all can't tamper with my naturality in temperament. But this time I have received a very , very strong lesson, never to forget..... yeah, this is learning from life.....

The only person who can bring happiness in your life is you yourself and all that matters in life is your conduct and attitude towards life and its situations. Rest will take care of itself.

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