Friday, July 30, 2010

known yet not-known.........

Had a wonderful discussion yesterday @ 119 on reservation and other programmes that government has initiated to uplift the condition of marginalised section of society and whether they are meeting their goals or not. It is indeed deplorable that those for whom these welfare schemes are chalked out are idiotly unaware of it thanks to little to no literacy and awareness factors. They are happy to make their children earn in childhood only, and for that their ideology is that "More children , more hands to earn" but then who realizes "More hands means more abdomens to feed " ? Thus they don't try to look outside their four-walled lives. Nor does any body care for them. 

It is absolutely true that those who needed such assistance and have availed it are virtually happy and content and observing that happening does evoke a sense of satisfaction. But seeing the few ones who desperately need it  being ,shooed away also invites disappointment and disgust. The question is not that how many people have been benefitted rather the query is that how many who need this have been delivered justice. It is absolutley true that as long downtrodden don't start to walk it would impede in the nation's economic development and growth both. It must be understood  that economic development and economic growth are not same.

Then comes siblings that are crying havoc in our country: Corruption and thus poverty. One who goes to expose corruption is treacherously murdered, this further deepens people's apprehension in speaking something true and must-to-know thing. And this is something that adds fuel to the fire.

India has enough grain to let it rot for three years but not sufficient to feed those who starve to death . It is very apparent veracity that those in power are not at all in any problems but it is the aam aadami who is churned like wheat in a flour mill amidst all this maze.

Many things have to change but before that our own thinking has to change, so that tomorrow when we are at those super-seats, we don't cheat ourselves and our motherland writ large. And the time never comes, this is the TIME. After all we too have a stake in our motherland, don't we ?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Now this is a serious issue : CASTE BASED CENSUS. The 2011 census is going to be caste based, and this is a topic of great debate and discussion as to whether it is justified or not. Like any issue this too has its shares of both 'yes's and 'no's and politicians are giving there various opinions powered by the idea in their astute minds.
While it is not at all a joke to expect Mayawati to staunchly support this idea, it is rather apologetic that Chidambaram's voice against it fails to gather any stone. Before reaching to any conclusion it is always better to take into account the pros and cons of any issue.

At the helm of this caste based census, those who support it say that it will expose the people who hitherto were alienated from the fruits of reservation, or rather they would be able to avail the benefits of development.

By the way , do you know 18,740 is the number of categories of only SCs and STs ? A knowledgeable person expresses dismay when he/she is informed that the Mandal Commission listed 2300 backward classes alone. I am sure you didn't know this. Even I didn't.
It is not that the caste based census never existed , the first caste based census came in 1935 but then it was discontinued due to its "divisive" nature. Today too this contoversy is rife but then this is a cauldron of diverse views. The aim of census is to look to a safer and securer future of the public, whether that happens or not is not their concern but whether it is caste based or not excites our policy makers more.
 Most people advocate idea of public welfare to keep on a back burner and bring the idea of caste and other related issues to the fore and play a sure but dangerous game. But I still do not understand that why after all there is Caste System in India, when there is Right to Equality then which norm confers or rather supports this division among people of flesh and bone. I know varna system, I know marriages are preferred in same caste , even the matrimonial section of newspapers advertise "Boy/Girl should be of same caste", but I feel caste system and caste based census is divisive in nature. Right at this point I am reminded by what Father of our constitution had said

Caste or no caste if the purpose of human welfare is overlooked ,then everything is a pure and precise BLASPHEMY. And would you call  this DEMOCRACY ??

towards a new step to success and glory...................

This thing happened with me yesterday. Has it ever happened with you that you wait for someone but then when they come or when you meet it is just a normal meeting like any other. This thing is of  about 14:45 hours yesterday. Actually when we met I realized that "Hey, I liked distance " , don't know why ? But then that thinking came naturally , very naturally. 

Time made me a bit mature from mind and smart in actions. And actually now I do not feel like three months have passed. Time passes so very quickly and stealithly. I am happy to realize and feel that I have changed in my demeanour and become rational and now is the quest to see life in an optimistic way and be happy come what may.

A new journey beckons all of us and here is wishing all and everybody "A great sojourn ahead, full of trials , tribulations, lessons and of course ENERGY and MOMENTUM" everything else will be all right by itself.

And in this time these thoughts bombarded my mind, thought of sharing them:

No person is not-important in this world and no one too-important , everyone is important, everyone has a dignity and everyone commands respect and honour.

Second thing, we don't have any right to enjoy our rights if we don't exercise our duties.

Third thing the one who feel shy in saying correct thing is worst than an assassin.

And last "भावनाओं में आकर सही और गलत कि पहचान नहीं भूलनी चाहिए". This is something my mother tells me everytime I go to my home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time for spring to come........

Often you would have listened to human folk saying that "If winter comes can spring be far behind ?". Yes, that is true that if winter has to come then spring is utter reality of coming future.
The pangs  of separation have always laid their icy hands on everybody sometime or another. And it has often been difficult to live after that separation but then TIME came to rescue. Time makes everything fine. Time is the greatest healing medicine of all times.
But now the time of meeting again beckons us all together. Once again life will be more beautiful, once again we shall meet, once again we shall go to college.....oops , "THIS IS NOT A COLLEGE, THIS IS AN INSTITUTE" to learn , once again third floor  or rather the ambience here would beam with energy and vitality and momentum and once again WE SHALL MEET.

This is dogma of life, you meet, you separate, you again meet to separate but in those "keyframes" of life those remembrances never fade, those memories never loose their sheen and even after an era has passed, retrospecting them brings smile on your face. So, live in those keyframes and so that when you do  CONTROL-----> TEST MOVIE, all that comes on your face is a smile full of warmth.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

virtue of living

आत्मसम्मान और स्वाभिमान जीवन के दो ऐसे पहलू हैं जिन्हें कभी अनदेखा नहीं किया जा सकता है. कदापि भी नहीं. उसके खुद के जेहन में जो स्वयं के लिए आदर है और जो खुद के लिए जो प्रतिष्ठा है वही सत्य और बाकी सब झूट. चरित्र वो नहीं जो दूसरे कि आँखों में दिखे वरन मर्यादा तो वो है जो खुद कि आँखों में झलकती हो.
अक्सर लोग अपना छोटा छोटा काम दूसरों से करवाते हैं, लेकिन उसे में भी आत्मसम्मान कि कहीं बात तो है ही. जब तक कोई काम इन दो haathon से हो सकता है, तो फिर क्यूँ अपना काम खुद न किया जाए  ?

क्युंकी यही दो चीज़ें हमें बहुत कुछ सिखा जाती हैं. वो इंसान कभी झूठा हो ही नहीं सकता जिसे अपने आत्मसम्मान और स्वाभिमान कि कीमत का एहसास हो. सच ही तो है..... आत्मसम्मान और स्वाभिमान एक हीरा  है, और किसके पास है, वो कभी किसी का गलत नहीं कर सकता ....कभी नहीं.

इसलिए जो चीज़ करना के लिए तुम्हारा स्वाभिमान और आत्मसम्मान  गवाही न दे वो नहीं करनी चाहिए हाँ लेकिन अपवाद तो होते ही हैं....

और कहीं न कहीं सबके पास यह होते हैं, सिर्फ ज़रुरत है तो उसको अपनाने की फिर देखना  ज़िन्दगी और भी खूबसूरत हो जाएगी.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

to be or not to be.....

Satisfaction is not a small word. In life there are two type of people one, who immediately get satisfied on getting what they always longed for, and second those who after getting what they aspired , again dream for something more and just start working towards achieving that, interestingly there this ilk of people also who aspire more but  don't work, yet another who never got satisfied or to speak in other words, always have an expression of disdain on their face even if they achieve  all the opulence in life and that too for free. Yeah, Indians are very fond of getting things for free.......and surprisingly feel proud when that happens....
Being satisfied and being zealous are two different things. While you may be satisfied with what you have but having zeal for something else does not at all showcase dissatisfaction. It is all but a game of people-to-people perception. It is a great habit and discipline to always keep striving for more , because when that aspiration occurs, then the zeal to work towards it also unveils. And as long as a person is getting what he wants after travailing himself  then it is a "hats-off" aught.

The thing of real satisfaction is mandatory when we have limited resources. For eg. a middle class family is satisfied to compromise standard of living for the future of its children for they have invested money in them, which is more important than anything. Here it pays to be satisfied.

But many people say "jo hai usi main khush rehna chahiye"... as for my opinion this ideology works well when it comes to resources.. i.e. roti, kapda aur makaan.  See, satisfaction will always remain way different from unrealistic dreams and obstinacies.

Had people been satisfied with black and white television then had there been LCD TV today ? It is noteworthy that here it is not the dissatisfaction that triggered the discovery rather the zeal to make it more better.

So, I would just say that as long as something can be made more state-of-art or if there is a scope of achieving more to make things better then it is always fine as long as it is not compromising with the comfort zone of someone else.

Also, if there are things that merit the dissatisfactory behavior then they are nothing else but the evil and vile tragedies that are enacted every day and those things that we aren't strange to.

To say in a concluding way
"A person should be happy with what he has, strive to make it better by the sheer hard work of his , but not for avariciousness but coz it soothes him and after all who doesn't like CHALLENGING ONESELF??"

Friday, July 16, 2010

a walk , a time, a lost laughter.......

Who says that once you fight with the person then you can't talk comfortably with that person ? Or that the things don't remain same after that ?  Yeah, things are not as they used to be when we were good friends, but today all that came clear in my mind when  after a gap of about I think 8-9 months, we have actually talked, not like that daily "hi-hello". Yeah, we can't be as we were earlier nor do we want to.
Just went for walk with someone with whom a distance had come of 8-9 months. But let us leave it.
The good thing, I learnt so many nice lessons today. Each in itself like a diamond . After such a long period of time I have actually enjoyed laughing today, just poured heart out. I realized that I have actually , actually enjoyed my laughter. I had lost it at a point in time, gaining it again makes me happy.
   Someone has been true in saying that "Time heals all the wounds", but I am also not too sure about it. The current and the only thing I know is that I am feeling good after talking to that person and actually beeming with energy.
Yeah, you told me really nice things today, it has inspired me again and gave some really fantastic realizations.  I promise to keep them in mind and can I have those nice things told often ? I feel extremely rejuvenated today.
Thank you, thanks a lot..... 

Monday, July 12, 2010

when time slips from hands.....

This is a poem from the point of view of the person who has died and now he sees that the ones who loved him, never showed their love to him when he was alive and now cry for him for he is no more with them.....

Oh!! you people,
tell me , why ?
Why now you shed those tears,
Why do you say
"Tom, we loved you;
we cherished your presence,
that we loved when you cared for us,
and today we miss you"??

When I needed that caring hand,
when i needed that gentle hug,
when I also would have felt good to hear
"Hey Tom, yes...
you are someone special, really special,
to fill my heart with joys abound,
inspiration to do anything,
and feeling of a bond".
You didn't do that
And now sitting in bar
you lament, lament that
"Tom, where did you go ?"

What does it do now ?
What purpose does it fulfill ?
Never did ye realizth,
this before,
then why do you do this
why apply salt on my wounds ?

Gave I you unconditonal care,
Did I lack somewhere ?
Yes, I must have...
But didn' t I deserve that
from my friends, who were important to me ?

And now mopping your face with towel you say
"Tom, we remember,
you compromised everytime for us,
you served as us your own,
your own blood relations .."

This care, these tears,
had I seen them
when I was alive,
I would have died more peacefully,
in the abode of God,
but seeing this, I feel shattered,
why didn't it happen , when life was there
when i was "Tom",
when I was there ?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Choice is ours....

often sometimes  it happens,
when i do not feel like doing anything,
or when i become a bit casual,
when a silence dawns in my mind,

and when foolishly i think,
"chal yaar aaj time hai,
kal to jaana hi hai",
so let me just not do what i always do
as today it happened,

suddenly , my self asks me
"Hey, yeshoda, what is this ?
"What makes you think this ?
"Do you know everything ?
"Everything in this world,
Nothing is left ?
Or is this correct ?"
And then it teaches me.

And again , I realize,
So, true it says, and then I

Stopping is not my destiny,
Relaxing is not my honour,
working is my pride,
Oh! almighty, slain me,
If i flounder.

Often in life it happens, and with everybody that they might feel, "OK since,  I am going here or there tomorrow I have a right to waste the current time, and do things for which philosophy would never permit, rather if you ask , your mind, it won't allow it ". But having learnt the lessons, from past after doing it, it compells you to take another road, and a voice says "No, absolutely not, this won't happen, not again". Initially you might feel listless in it, but then you would regain you interest and after that , you would feel proud of yourself to say "Hey, that was a great thing I did today" and it will bring a smile on your face.
 Everyone says time is important , but seldom do people realize. Even I have mammoth number of times done that blunder. Yes, it happens, but just dream where we would have been , had we used much more of our time. Just dream, and then start with all that momentum and no wind can dare to STOP you. So, let us be "ON YOUR MARKS,GET SET, GO............"
This is possible, if we want it to be...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"bharat" can never be "bandh"

This is such a horrible thing, very much regrettable and indeed deplorable, that parties who bark for the welfare of the citizens after coming to power stage such imbecile, meaningless and worth-condemning acts in public that brings life to stagnance. The thing is that , if they really care for the well-being of people, if that is their actual motive, then there are a plenitude number of ways to achieve that goal. Why do not they try to make those things that they govern better ? Why do not they finish that work , that they have been imparted on account of their position ?
 I am sure if they strive to do that, if will do public much good than this bullshit. In India we make things so -ve. Instead of calling the parties not in power as "Allies" , we call them "Opposition", and those in "opposition" become so starved for power that , their real karma  falls into oblivion. Power or no power emancipation of society should continue. Things like these only create a "Ruckus".
Article published in Hindustan Times. dated 08-07-2010.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A tryst with first year time...

I remember Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru had said on the night of a "Tryst with destiny" , "A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history......",. That was a superb diction of eloquence and continues to be.

 But that moment for me is year 2009-2010 in IIITM. Now , standing on the entrance door of the next milestone of my career, I feel nostalagic when I retrospect about my "first-year-time". Full of momentum, full of learning, full of a mammoth number of events, sports, art, everything is just fantabulous about those halcyon days.

  First time to be part of AURORA, TWARAN, URJA, ALUMNI MEET was a fortune in itself, it filled our hearts with  happiness and vigour ,and we tread ahead with a new energy and flamboyance. I cannot explicitly describe what it meant to be a part of these cognitive events, they filled our life with joys infinite.  Made a couple of acquaintances who today are nice friends. AASF, a great , actually a very active forum , which carries out so many intelligent activities all year round, exhorting students to participate in events of varied textures, and then rewarding the hard work ,is a source of encouragement. Winning or not , doesn't matter because the things that one learns through these activities are itself symbolic of victory. Hiqs , Code crazzies, GDs, Extempores, programming contests (I confess, never went in any one), website designing, case studies are all just worth a great applause. And the most admirable thing, that all this is student-run. I think ,for  those who organise all this, gratitude would be a small word. I evolved from these extra-curricular activities as anybody. It fills our heart with pride that such is how the morale of students is boosted.
Coming over to the way we were taught in first year, then I know very well that we all know how the "State-of-art" teaching here is. It is good. Though I don't know how much I have seen the exposure in first year time , but whatever I have, I enjoyed it.

Hostel life but takes a cut, coz ambience is different in hostel, very energetic and full of fun and unexpected events. Who says I forgot about that dress code ? It was really hard to digest that fact. Sitting in library seemed, as if we were the "focus" in that four walled room. Passing from canteen alone was a bit tough, yet we slipped from there with the speed of light, yes... it needs courage. Calling "Ma'am" was new and a bit queer but now used to it. And the best part, batchmates, very concerned, very helpful, very understanding, very caring and far more sensible. Met some really good people at heart. The "Parichay" was the first event for us called an "Official welcome by the institute". Well that oficial parley was a nice affair. Everything just went off so well that it is easy to fall for those moments again. That was a wonderful period...
 First year for sure we shall cherish , and make the second one a learning and again full of enjoyment venture too. As I write this, I remember the beautiful campus of our institute, full of natural beauty and tranquility..... Yes, I am missing IIITM, my IIITM.....

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