Friday, June 25, 2010

The Hegemony of Honour Killings

From the D-Day I read about the first news of honour-killing in the newspaper, I have observed that the newspapers are bloating such news everyday. And its continuance makes me write about this deplorable yet endemic aspect of our Modern Indian Society. It is true that honour killings might have never happened had the so-called caring neighbourhood not reproached and taunted the girl's family of the eloping of their girl and then marrying outside caste. It is not known but these narrow-minded people make life hell for a girl's family by incessantly ridiculing them. And the news of a girl's eloping beomes the highest TRP gaining aught. So, it is the attitude of few people that needs to change coz they add fuel to fire that never was. Marrying outside caste is not a harbinger of insult to a family, but it is made to manifest as the greatest of all vile acts and hangs an albatross around the neck of the family. Why don't these people react the same way when a girl experiences atrocity in the same society ?Where do they vanish when the girl of their own caste is made a scapegoat ? But even I do not have any right to point finger to them because I myself never did something great in this regard, I agree to that. But these small evils are plaquing are country and deterring in its progress as a civilized society.
  And it is obvious that tomorrow if someone in my locality does that then it would envisage the same fate.  People who don't  have their locus standi on that issue  would still consider it their right to concoct stories.   And if this is what we are seeing then it is better to maintain a Buddha-like silence on the section 377.

Friday, June 18, 2010

never regret a thing that made you smile.....

The topic of this one is my recent status message at gtalk. What happened that one of my very ________ (no adjective can describe that person, that is why blank) friend told me that, they don't agree with the status message. And that led me to think again.

OK , so....... never regret a thing that made you smile. It certainly has different connotations for different people on account of their experiences in the sojourn of life so far. And I am no exception. Somewhere to me it narrates the fable of Great Expectations. Having expectations is an absolute normal thing, unless you are not new to it and have not had your share of lessons from its repercussions. But when you are made to understand state of things by the one who is very sensible , then you grow, your thinking becomes mature and you become practical.

It is very much satisfying to cherish the memories. If once upon a time it gave you inspiration, passion, new determination and power to excel and rejuvenation , then there is no harm in retrospecting it and smiling.

But truth is that when that happens you do not even get time to retrospect and that is the best thing. The thing that had made you crazy now ceases to even give its trailor too, it dissolves with time and you tread on , being the same person you were at heart but with great lessons in your book of life. And I believe this has a great soothing and mitigating effect.

So ,it is just that be happy with the fact that though the reverence didn't grow in the latter's bosom , it grew in yours.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

are we educated or literate...??

I leave my study to write this....What to do ? I feel like writing this since topic is in my cerebrum. Just read a comment by Garima ma'am in blog "FORTUNE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT" , and that probably turned me dithryambic.

OK, let me ask a question. What is the difference between being literate and being educated ? Or put another way, what are we upto becoming, literate, educated, tech-drudge, money-puking-machines or a just a being who is just surviving ?.What happened !!!!!tweety hovering over head???

Let us now come to business. Literacy is literacy but education is literacy plus X-factor. An educated person is an asset to the society he dwells in, he is conscious of the people of society, all that he fancies is not a penny or two, but here is this person who is happy to work and earn and does something when he can contribute. And there is a dearth of educated intellectuals in the world.

Now you would ask a very pertinent and practical question that in today's world who would risk to think like that, where does this philanthropy exist ? Agreed , it doesn't exist but a bit of it does, yes it indeed does. What happens is that even if someone tries to speak, he is intimidated, and often doesn't get support of society. Even people enjoy it, this is the veracity.

Being literate will give you luxury, opulence, comfort and your posterity will be very very happy. But being educated will make you a man of "SELF-RESPECT and an ACCOUNTABLITY". In the last lap of your life when you will retrospect you shall indeed feel proud of yourself and the genre of your having lived it.

Yes ,I am saying with in my mind , that I shall try to practice what I profess. But it is not easy always but that should not preclude us from doing what is worth it.
So if you have some time to spare , just introspect to which path are you treading and I know together we shall do miracles after all "THERE comes a moment in life when we have to come together, WE ARE THE WORLD".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fascinating facets of life...........

Ah!!! so today I don't have to pour my heart out....went to market today and that gave me what I sit to write now (and am also trying to relax after going frenzy over the problem of unresponsive touchpad ). What a relief.....
So, this Homo sapien goes to the market and sees what everyone sees. Have a look at this conversation between shopkeeper( a young boy of age I think 25-27years) and an old but shrewd lady:
LADY:Did you repair the necklace I had given you today?
BOY:Which one,did you give it today only???
LADY: Abbe, tera dhyan kahan rehta hai (What do you keep on thinking, sitting here at the shop?)
BOY: (probably remembers the deal and silently takes it out), Here it is. For rupees 25.
LADY:kyaaaa!!!! meri bhi dukaan hai sunaar ki, samjha...mujhe pata hai daam...(What!! even I own a jewellers shop and am well acquainted with it the prices, she throws a 10 rupee note)
Now what do you expect of the boy,....Yes, he throws it back and shows resistance to accept it. What this lady does is, quite flitchingly takes out a 5 rupee coin and gives it to!!..... tosses it on the table. But shopkeeper still adamant on 25 rupees. And in a second that old lady slips from there, without even caring for the boy.
I DON'T KNOW WHO WAS CORRECT, BUT I DO FELT BAD FOR THAT BOY, BUT THEN EVEN I DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH. But that boy let it go and continued to work. Definitely he must have felt a bit cheated.

Then I go to optics shop, to get my eyes checked. Number of right eye has increased..... Not able to decide which frame, he shows me all the designer frames, I shortlist too. But then , I feel, I want to have comfortable frames for studying and playing, after so much choosing-unchoosing I select the most prosaic of all, but realizing the comfort it would give me, I rejoice at it. I am more happy to it them than would have been with those fancy glasses.

Next, we think of purchasing some lemons. Here are two vendors sitting. A good adult man, unshaven , shouting "das ke aath, das ke aath", and adjacent to him another boy shouting "das ke cheh(6), das ke cheh..". We happen to come across man first , so buy the lemons. But then I remember one thing, a thing which my senior had narrated to me once.

The narratiion was:
She goes to market, sees small children selling cotton to make wick for the purpose of praying and she buys them , I think she bought 3-4 packets, which you can confirm by going in her room,, they are still kept unused....

So ,I tell my mother "let us buy these too", she says OK. But then we ask this boy , whom are you with, then he points to the man adjacent to him, then we ask that man "is this your child?", he says "yes"....then I feel a bit amused and amazed by the scene that happened. Well of lemons, now do you expect us to but from that boy...?? Exactly, we didn't.

Then we had a glass of "mausammi" juice each, and tread ahead. Then I come back to home , only to discover "MY LAPTOP'S TOUCHPAD IS UNRESPONSIVE"....then what......? I do scold my siblings, knowing that they are not at fault, but at times this is neccessary to make them cautious and prepared .

Now all is well....headache is a bit less

Monday, June 14, 2010

I CAN, I WILL.......

At times it is so very difficult to make it happen what we want to happen. We want us to have everything, we want us to know everything, we want us to excel in what we try, we want us to be ahead of everybody(come on, everyone of us longs for that), we want, we want, we want and we wish but what do we do?? Often we fall short of that karma , but we do do it.

But now it is time to realize that if we do not mend our ways (where by it means , give an extra more effort) we are the one who will be at the receiving end and the scapegoats. But we know , we can do that once we think "I CAN, I WILL" and I am sanguine all of us can do it.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

25 years of tragedy....................

Every time I happen to come across Bhopal gas tragedy in newspaper, I make sure that I just go to wikipedia and read about it and then what I read gets swept away from my mind with time(Probably that is why I write this time so that I dare not forget it ) . I think , everyone of us must know that how this ignominious manslaughtering act was staged on the stage of life.
Well to begin with, Union Carbide is an American company that opened UCIL in Bhopal.What happened on the fateful night of December 3 was the leakage of gas Methyl Isocynate, about 40 tons of it.Large amount of water entered the tank and it led to an exothermic reaction that increased the pressure due to increased temperature of 200 degree celsius. The tank was not designed to withstand such high pressure and that led to leakage of the life-killing gas. Also it is speculated that water entered tank due to corrosion of pipeline, leaky valves and poor maintainence. Even before one could make out what did happen..... hundreds of lives were lost and thousands of caracasses of animals laid scattered in the city of Bhopal. Even today the ground water remains to be contaminated, painting a gloomy life to the posterity.
The culpable CEO of UC, the notorious fugitive and disgraceful Warren Anderson convicted flees to his country just after ,on bail only to not show up his face again when called for hearing in so- called courts. Bhopal gas tragedy was the worst industrial disaster that took place. Today after 25 years of this juggernaut , people who had played spoilsport have been sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment.
What increased the gravity of the disaster was the absence of plan-B. It is often said that anything that succeeds is a function of its plan-B. Also in India authorities try to get away with anything with minutest investments so that somehow the situation is averted with least efforts. The another thing is ,whether today we have the management plan if the havoc cries again ? Are the authorities capable of curbing any emergency, have they learnt any lessons given that the justice itself comes after 2 and a half decade?

I often wonder that so many mishappenings keep on occuring in our India , inflicting pain upon its countrymen and to add to the misery are the decade long pending cases. Mangalore Air tragedy, situation made murkier by Maoist threat, daily road accidents, crimes against women and children , cold war with neighbouring countries, commonwealth games approaching, GDP growth at 7.4%, caste based census, climate change, endemic of malnutrition continue to plaque the sub-continent. I know remedy to this--complete transparency in government way of tackling issues, no corruption, no mismanagement, no insouciance, no responsibility, civilized citizens and concerned government. But this is an ideal picture and there is a yawning gap between truth and fiction.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So finally the results of the engineering exams which open door to most coveted institutes in the country are finally out. IIT-JEE,AIEEE are the exams which every engineering aspirant aspires to not only pass but crack with a good rank , so that they could get admission to a college that makes their future secure. But all said than done. Their is no doubt that IITs are the most sought after institutes in the country, students right from class 11 start their preparation to get through it and there are those who start as early as 9th class. There was this boy who got 5th AIR in IIT-JEE ,in his interview said that students should start preparation for IIT-JEE as early as class 6. Then there is this lad who was hometutored keeping in mind IIT-JEE right from class 3rd. According to his mother who is a teacher, his son started trignometry from class 3.And today he comes with all praise from all corners. Well done, friend!!!

Who doesn't want to get admitted in the premier institutes of the country, being where is an honour in itself at the first place. Even we had dreamt that . Let me see what I learnt throught that phase of my life. But I am really happy to be where I am , at ABV-IIITM. Really enjoying my sojourn here and often I think about a popular adage" If you get what you want, its good but if you don't. its even better", which I read in newspaper the day I came to know that I have to be off to Gwalior. But we shall not stop dreaming, atleast not in this lifetime.....

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