Saturday, May 29, 2010

a tale of two persons.....

Once upon a time there was a person who went to a new place, very unusual , very unknown, very much undiscovered and unexplored . There this person met another person, they talked very well as anybody on first meeting, asked each other's name and fortunately or unfortunately they incidentally fell in the same job, beside each other. I would call the first person person 1 and the other one person 2.
Then this person 1 was very well impressed by the person 2 and the manners, attitude, modesty, sensibility and benevolence. Person 1 really developed high regards for person 2. Person 1 started liking the latter as a human being and took care of person 2's needs and wishes.
But then this 2 befriended other persons who were definitely very outspoken and lively. Started to spend time with them and in a nutshell this person 1 hardly met his friend now. But even then this 1 was happy, very happy not at all concerned about 2 and earnestly did hid job and without any expectations, but that friendship was alive in him. He considered the latter his very good friend irrespective of latter considered or not.
Life continued......Then suddenly this person 1 notices person 2 coming to him, talking to him, sharing all his things, joys and sorrows and person 1 could not do anything but smile. Person 1 smiled because he had come to know that his true friendship had won. All that he endured in those times happily without any grudge, forgot those and now that he had his friend with him , he thanked the almighty.
So the moral of the story is that if you truly cherish your friend's presence , then no matter how the circumstances are, no matter how much the geographical distance is in between, no matter how the latter behaves, if you truly regard that presence and unconditionally care for them then you shall not be betrayed....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Newton's third law fails here......

So, finally the disgraceful former DGP of police SPS Rathore has been convicted of the Ruchika Girhotra murder case and sentenced 18 months behind the bars. For those of you who do not know much about this,let me tell you that about two decades before this girl had been molested by this supposed-to-be-responsible top cop and after three years in 1993 , the girl devoid of mother committed suicide. And after much travail and bickerings justice knocks at the door of Girhotras. This brings to fore yet another fact ,but not an unusual one ,that people in power often consider the judiciary as their backyard and their right to furtively vanish from scene after having had their day at spa.
A couple of conclusions transpire in sequel to this incidence. First that the judiciary still is not competent to deliver justice at time. Second that there might be so many Ruchikas still behind the scene, silently being victims to these dastardly acts. Third thing that, whenever it comes to doing justice to girls family , the path has always been full of ordeals. OK, what did happen to Soumya Vishwanathan, Arushi murder case and to that girl who was molested for 18 consecutive months and that to by her own kith and kins?
Since time immemorial , women have always been the scapegoats and after the vile incidences the disgust that has often come to their families is heart ripping. One thing that puzzles me is that Rathore's wife was very much adamant on defending her husband knowing that somewhere it was this person who happens to be her husband, who had done some mischief. Had she been the mother of Ruchika she must have well understood the agony and apathy, but what choice did she have, and now even she becomes an accomplice. And here is our DGP who is suddenly stripped off his President Medal which he was awarded by the supreme commander of forces because , once upon a time he did what he ought not to. This is ridiculous..He tried to tamper with the evidence, played with the autopsy report used all power that was conferred to him thanks to the position he was at, so that he was out of the deadly handcuffs...but in vain.
I can write on and on but it really indignates me to envisage that in our country such inhumanly tragedies are enacted every day and on the top of that their wounds are left to fester due to insouciance of our so-called-justice-givers. At one moment it feels that India is quickly scaling the heights in the international market but right the next moment it looks as if there is much to be transformed in the sub-continent.
Whatever it may be but if it happens in and around us we shall do justice to the chapter of WHISTLE-BLOWING that we studied in our class, won't we ?
Jai Hind.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

truth is stranger than fiction

Here in my neighbourhood i met 3 children, all of them siblings together, sister the eldest ,of my age only and two younger brothers one in 10 th class and the other I don't know. Actually my neighbour is their maternal aunt so they have come here. Now you might be wondering as to what is the crazy idea that out of void I begin to narrate a fable.
Actually these children have lost their parents, father died before and mother recently. And now the in-laws left them for their sorrow to fester, absolved them of responsibility, and here too her maternal aunt treats her like any other , making her do all the domestic chores while having her day at spa, not letting them sleep well and behaving flitchingly to them. Now a girl of 19 years has to complete education and see that her brothers too get their due of vital cognition. She can't go to her village for her relatives are adamant to get her married, has to live in where her father worked, Ajmer... on the money she will get due to the job of her parents.
Sad story ? No , a veracity of life and a true wound to life. YOU SEE HALF OF THE WORLD WHEN YOUR PARENTS ARE ALIVE, BUT WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE..IT IS THEN YOU DISCOVER CHAMELEONS THAT WERE ANGELS WHEN YOU HAD PARENTS. (exceptions exist). How suddenly everything changes , all relations seem futile, meaningless, everybody ready to make their tasks done. On the top of it these children suffer humiliation......unbound. When we see this then do we realize that what force parents are in the lives of children. But even then these faces smile all the time conceiving the pain of the great loss inside their heart , they got their love from parents .Who is left now to cuddle them and sincerely care for them and be benevolent ?

It is really hard to live without both mother and father in this atrocious world of strange characters. Now think of those who never knew what this "parents" is ? Yes ,the orphan kids. Who right from birth fall into a ditch , who do not know what is love and at times fall prey to wrong hands who exploit them. Every one of us is well aware of this. The truth is that without parents it is really herculean task, ordeal to live .
Now shift focus on ourselves. How fortunate are we to have both of those angels with us, for us to love us and who care for us.It is killing when that misfortune happens but what is more bludgeoning is how everything changes after that...REALITY IS REVEALED. I have always believed personally that only two relations are true in life
*that with parents.
*that of true friendship
though I would like to put the latter before the former.
May God give them the momentum to go and I know in this too their lies an opportunity and every evil that comes in their way is hurled up in sky and thrown miles away..........

Saturday, May 15, 2010

WHAT WENT WRONG..........................???

The third consecutive year of IPL WOrld cup and the second incessant dismal performance of the men in blue. It is really pity to believe and swallow the fact that even before we could enter the tournament we are back from Caribbean with sulken mood and nothing to say much on this ignominous exit.

Now the greaybeards of this ilk of game are busy anticipating and conjecturing the rationale behind this debacle. While captain Dhoni blames it on the IPL, its tough schedule and time table and the late night parties for taking toll of the fitness of players and exuding them of the vital momentum to play, cricket wizards call it lackadaiscal attitude of the team members. Right from the beginning a host of incorrect decisions were taken, from the selection of team, going with Vinay Kumar , Ravindra Jadega, Yuvraj Singh................... who is struggling to perform and has become second Harbhajan for being in too much controversies. Pragyan Ojha was no where to be seen whom we have seen performing better in past. Also Indian players are incapable of handling short pitch stuff and the same was the reason for last time's exit too but then its said "if one doesn't learn from past, it is compelled to get repeated" and that we have envisaged again. Fielding has always been inability on our side but it never created that impact as this time, we dropped catches like amateurs, collided, no good communication on the field and now end up lamenting for being OUT so early.

With this unexpected fiasco Dhoni lands in loosing captaincy and the captain cool's decisions backfired this time. But he was the captain when India became top test playing side and second in ODIs and not to forget when India bludgeoned every team in the world to conquer World Cup T-20 in 2008. Coach Gary Kirsten with Paddy Upton has an uphill task to get screws at right place and again make the team India stronger and focussed. And thankfully it was not the World Cup of cricket else a havoc would have dawned upon the sub-continent where cricket is not just a game but a sentiment.

This is a rough patch through which the players are going and it is time that we learn form our baffling blunders and come back stronger. As long as the person who has never faced such a situation in life has every right to incriminate them but not a penny right if he hasn't. So in this tough time we need to understand that they had their day at spa ,now it is time to cut ice.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

in the market place

When I was returning to home from market yesterday I met life, life which has different connotations for different people, varied connotations for varied human folk. Roads were flocked by people al alike but all together very different. Rickshaw pullers sweating in the scorching heat of sun trying very hard to pull the cart, hawkers selling stuff, green grocers wailing in their recognisable tone, juice corners swarmed, everyone busy in their lives vying to make money and students meeting ,gossiping.....and yes traffic jam was very much there. It was all so much apparent that how an aam aadmi stives to earn a living, working very hard, forgetting all his desires and just working for his family. Life is not easy for anybody; there are struggles in lives of people all alike.
People not at all caring for what they are wearing, torn clothes, dirty clothes, beards unshaved and faces as if malnourished, walking on roads expressionless but in a deep thinking in heart inside. Some playing cards in the shade of parked trucks sitting on polythene mats , eating tobacco and smoking. Work was going everywhere and noise of machines, threshors, vehicles left unclaimed on roads adding to the woes of those driving. Not even the scorching heat of sun desists these Homo sapiens from anything. A vital lesson of life..............only he who struggles to make ends meet in life is worthy of iving a dignified life and it is no joke to earn............everyone is not fortunate to have parents like ours to shower money upon us and fulfilling all our demands with a smile on there face. And yet w do not realize this and on the top of this hide things from them, deceiving them....not all but there few like these children who fail to realize the hardships they underwent to gift us a life full of luxuries.
Amidst all this I didn't realize that Iwas supposed to take rickshaw to home 4 k.m away and seeing the not at all moribund life these 4 kilometres were left back. i could then see my shirt wet in sweat, a streak of sweat dripping down from face ( that never usually happens).....and in the end I could not think anything but had a last laugh at myself.

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