Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a relation beyond everything.......................

Everyone has friends in life.Friendship is that thing that we cherish forever throughout our life.It is a true treasure a person can possess and is the most invaluable thing. At times there do come situations between the two souls when silence prevails . But if you love your friend and he/she is important for you , then never let them become indifferent even if they try very hard. They might pretend on the face that everything is all right and you would be able to predict some anomaly and would ask "what did happen?" and pat will come the reply "nothing". Do not give up and if you truly cherish your friend's presence then you can not let things go the way they head towards. It hurts when person for whom you have regard becomes indifferent. More than that is their obstinacy not to speak anything and just be quiet. The pain of it is heart-bludgeoning.
So, friends do not ever let those who are valuable to you part from you due to any misunderstanding. Because when that happens life's breaths become trivial, the existence sounds meaningless and mind gets devastated and then you realize "hey, I lost myself."
You might be very poor at convincing others............................like me, but if that heart inside and the mind above still thinks for them even then the miracle would happen,. It has happened with me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

resignation will make them all the more stronger, Mr. Chidambaram

Who would have thought that what began as farmer uprising in the sub-continent in early 1967 would one day manifest itself to become the most serious threat to the internal security of India? The gravity of situation is not only grave but beyond shame and disgust . Why are they so adamant in killing innocent people to fulfill......... not even petty errands? Why can't they understand that what they are doing is against humanity and law both? On the top of that, the sheer complacency of the government and the ministries also hold the guilt for the havoc the maoists movement is. The massacre in Chattisgarh in which 75 C.R.P.F personnel were killed is the most horrendous act by the maoists. Some people do attribute it, as Taliban is to Pakistan.
But those who have died were somebody's everything and they have been surreptiously cadavered. Who bears the accountability for this? The maoists, the government, glitches in the security scrutiny or the inefficiency of the armed forces to encounter this tumult?The government has been a debacle, its policies to bring perpetrators to bring to courts has borne no fruits and the wounds of people have been left to fester. Amidst all this tussle its the "aam aadmi" who has become the scapegoat, as always. He is now apprehensive , afraid to wander freely, having the doubt that the next moment either he would be kidnapped to become a maoist and if he anyhow desisted then would add another number to the tally of those slained by the maoists. The movement has gained momentum and in order to sabotage it a revolution awaited. I can write on and on , on the issue that plaques our motherland.
Therefore , Mr. Chidambaram I think that resignation is not a wise decision. It will make these eccentric people more intrepid, though what they do is cowardice. We are not that feeble, sir and we all know how able you are.We shall fight together.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

BILL OF GOOD HOPE.............................

The historic desision of Manmohan Singh government to make available free and compulsory education to all children of age group 6-14 is commendable. This will certainly help those children who are not able to attend school due to poor availability of funds or no affordability of it. The new decree confers to state governments and local bodies responsibility to ensure that children in the neighbourhood are going to school and receiving proper education simulating to the job markets and also instilling in them the moral virtues. CONDITIONS APPLY
Now this is not going to be an easy task at all,there are a lot of challenges ahead. Right from ignorance of poor households, to unwillingness, to inconsistency in system, to disinterest of pupil, to corruption and mismanagement of resources the ambit of exertion is wide and unending.
WE saw what did happen to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan,it began with much aplomb and hope only to see the children who could not get benifited by it.It should be seen that the very objective of the bill does not fall into oblivion and that every impostor who tries to trample the step is severly punished. It has been envisaged that the prime reason that many projects have been a fiasco is that they fell victim to the malpractices of policymakers. Also poor people seek the livelihood that their ward will earn by working rather than exhorting him to get educated. And this is why they flinch from sending their children to school. This thinking which is catastrophic in the long run needs to be trounced.
But here comes the real question "the quality of education and the consistent improvement in the system". Our current education system does not give students the time to think and analyse what he studies and therefore willingnes to study is less in students. It is due to the fact that most of what is taught in the schools is theoritical and is supposed to be learnt in order to be vomitted in the axam with some embellishment. This sabotages the zeal to study. Also there is this grievious mismanagement in genre the practicals conducted at the school level, however, exceptions do exist.
This is where the problem lies. When a student sees that he has to get his notebook checked otherwise he will be reprimanded, then he does not try to learn and that makes him unlearn what has studied. Scientific studies have proven that studying by relating to ambience around leaves a lasting impact on the mind of a child.
Next thing is that the motive of education is not to give the students a means to earn but to impart wisdom so that it manifests itself as an asset for the society and aids in its upliftment. Finally we are not out of woods yet ,we have just entered and ball too is not in our court. If plans get executed well then India will get really boosted bu it and there will be fewer problems in the society. Education is the panacea to all the evils that plaque our society. For now the biggest task will be to search students who need this.
Let us be sanguine that this will bring light in the life of destitutes who often become scapegoat due to the lack of vital boon "THE EDUCATION" and let them not become literate , please.


There is a ripe debate over the marriage of tennis ace Sania Mirza with the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Sania,whom we saw engaged to another boy is now all geared for signing the "nikahanama" with Shoaib. Shiv Sena chief accused Sania of not being an Indian and was also quoted as saying "had she been an Indian ,her heart would have beaten for an Indian. Also he said that Sania had never been popular due to her game but due to the controversies and the contentious issues, dress-code, flag dispute and the like. That greybeard also said that for Shoaib India is at antipathy both on and off the field.
And both the things he put forth are nothing but bullshit. Marriage does not know border, no book of the world advocates it and it is no blasphemy...................innocuous it is. And by the way it is the personal matter f the two families, who is he to intervene in it? Could be due to his knack of tirading in all matters. Also,second bullshit he says is that of antipathy. By saying this he makes already feeble relations more loose. The motive behind his vague talks is certainly some tumult and dusturbance and the maniac he is, opportunity like these cannot slip from his hands.
Meanwhile the new character of the story is Ayesha Siddiqqui who according ti herself and her family members is the first wife of Shoaib, contrary to the latter's family. She says to have the copy of the "nikahanama" as the testimony to the marriage.
Amidst all these debates,castigations,coaxing and elusive aught............believe it or not Indians fancy it, true life stories. We heard of cross-border terrorism, now let us see what cross-border marriage looks like

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