Thursday, March 25, 2010

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.............................

Sometimes in life i think that God has made so many good people that it it really good to sojourn here.Actually there exists beauty everywhere even in the murkiest of things, even in the eerie darkness of night and in the scorching heat of sun. It it just our perception that makes one look good or not-so-good. To find happiness you don't really have to search for it but just give happiness to others and the beauty of life and the comfort are there for you in your feet.

I write this because I have met a person who has changed my thinking about life in some way. I got to know that tension though inevitable in life should not become all-important in life. There is tension when input from your side is not sufficient and never because something wrong happened.Anything that happens to you is the result of your deeds and destiny is ,but an excuse ..................

Anyways ,today was released report about the pathetic state of malnutrition in India and that has once again raised same questions for which we have been trying to find answers , HOW CAN IT BE CURBED? ............WHEN WILL IT BE AMELIORATED?.......... BLAH,BLAH,BLAH...............

Never mind next year we shall be seeking answers to these questions again.................all the best.(But, I am no pessimist).

Monday, March 8, 2010

I love hockey............or do I?

bharat,chandi,prabhjot,sandeep,rajpal,shivendra,pillai, you know these names?ever heard of them before?ever seen them?, let me tell you that these are the names that represent India in hockey,yeah got it right they play hockey for the subcontinent,hockey..................our national sport.To be frank even I didn't know these names but when I saw the world cup matches, the jerseys they wore bore their names,then got to know.For a moment I thought that I know about cricket,its players,the players of other teams,its different formats,records(not much ,but more then that I know of hockey) and above all am curious of the next series India will be playing and the much anticipated IPL-bonaza, then why not hockey and that exhorted me to scribble what you are reading.
Hockey never enjoyed the reputation a national sport enjoys nor did the players ever got the recognition.Amidst the hoopla that cricket is ,hockey never came into limelight.How many hockey players have you seen endorsing the international brands or the national brands for that matter ?Recently there was a controversy over non-payment of funds to the players and it became such a contentious issue that players refused to play.The prime reason for this apathy is the lack of facilities, lack of good infrastructure, good coaching,sponsors, lack of that aplomb that could spur the minds of all towards hockey.Or could be possible that hockey team of ours was never that successful to merit that attention.
We jubiliated when India defeated Pakistan then it lost to world no.2 didn't affect us ,again the fate repeated itself in case of Spain and then England.We really didn't care much..........ask yourself .
The only thing is that the razzle of cricket has eclipsed the popularity of other sports in India and the complacency of the authorities and insouciance of people like M.S.Gill have further supported this impediment.

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