Saturday, February 20, 2010


Often do I wonder why there has to be a solar system ,with one of the planet being earth,sustaining life onto it.What could the crazy idea be ,was it all important for life to exist or for that matter for us to exist? Why is there after all the circle of life and death? Why can't we live forever.......being immortal,is it really important to die?Why do we grow older with time?Can't we decide ourselves rather control the stages of our life?
You can consider me a maniac if you fancy....... it is no blasphemy.

You would argue that this happens according to the dogmas of science .It all started with the formation of earth ....THE BIG BANG THEORY .As used by cosmologists, the term Big Bang time
generally refers to the idea that the Universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite the past (best available measurements in 2009 suggest that the initial conditions occurred around 13.3 to 13.9 billion years ago), and continues to expand this day(source: Wikipedia).Then the unicellular organisms namely algae and phytoplankton evolved as I can recall from the books that I read in prior classes,then multicellular organisms evolved ,then taxonomy and a plethora of things that must have participated in this process(which i dunno) and finally came the Homo sapiens in the class of mammalia.

And today we are here leading the life as we want.........happy and content or is it?But still that pertinent question arises what would have been there had life been not here.I do dream at night of the deserted roads,no trees ,no plants ,nothing.................. a silence ,an emptiness, a void, devoid of human habitation....the picture suddenly becomes awry. Then a thing arises in my mind that says "you are nobody,this life is an illusion,these relations are yet another bonds, these feelings are all ostentatious...........the only truth here is you and the deeds done by you and the only relation here is that of humanity(I know it might seem a joke for these virtues are hard to find today..............but that doesn't preclude their existence) . No need to get into the vague and futile tentacles of life or else you might find yourself into a quandary".I have always believed that there is nothing called siblings, it only means that being brothers and sisters gives only mutuality of parenthood..............that's it.As the hymn in the sanskrit literature goes
"This is mine ,this is yours is the thinking of narrow minds,for the people who are generous whole earth is a family to them"
And I believe that if we are good to others then is no need to get bias towards those who are in our family.Well you might be pondering that I deviated from the topic.....

But it still itches me why .....why that we are here?And this is about only the milky way,hundreds of thousands of galaxies remain unexplored........could be that we are aliens.
What would have been there had we been not.Science has the answer but it doesn't look convincing to me.How can suddenly the bang happens ,evolution takes place and life is born ,to be laconic.Agreed that it took time for things to be that way they are today ..............but still that nagging question what if......................

Monday, February 15, 2010


Its no bullshit to speak that knowledge sans conscience is indeed perilous.There is a yawning gap between knowledge and wisdom.Knowledge is the scientific erudition one possesses by reading books,magazines and the likes but wisdom is the blend of knowledge and conscience.In today's scenario wisdom is indespensable.

As the title goes, if a knowledgeable person doesn't possess conscience,then his being one is not-so-valuable.The reason for the panoply of rampant crimes in our country is this knowledge-sans-conscience.These crimes that occur are carefully chalked out plots of this ilk of knowledged people; not by those who are il-literates.

Wher we have people like A.P.J.Abdul Kalam we do have people like A.Q.Khan ;where we have Stephen Hawkins there do exist goons and guiles like Osama.So, its just an aught of conscience.

We can either be ingenious by spreading the light of our knowledge or become ludicrous and notorious by misusing it.In the bhagwad geeta a beautiful hymn talks about the"VIVEK BUDDHI"

"He whose intellect is united (with the Self)casts off both good and evil even here. Therefore,devote yourself to Yoga. Yoga is skill in action".
There is no dearth sagacious people who are extra-ordinarily intelligent and mindblowingly adept in the technical know- how or any thing for that matter.It is really indignant to envisage that rather than leading a healthy life,humanfolk is suffering in the presence of unprecedented technologies and brains.

I am no preacher wannabe .But friends we need conscience ,its very much like the BOURNVITA that adds xtra stamina,the only difference being this is our demeanour...........................don't we?

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