Thursday, December 30, 2010

health is happiness

Health is wealth.
We usually keep hearing this adage, but health's worth is realised only when we lose it. I abhor that time, when am sick, it makes me almost paralysed physically and mentally, not feeling like doing anything, just lying, sulken mood, and that missing momentum and energy . That time is like a hell. Mind also doesn't feel like doing anything, studies are at bay, badminton is not there.
Oh, this unhealthy period is a torture; doesn't let live happily.....
All we can do is to, wait to come back to form !!

Monday, December 20, 2010

be your life.....

Decision making is a real ordeal of life....
One of the toughest things,  in which a man often fumbles, fears, doubts, clears, analyses and after taking a decision, somewhere in his/her mind there is always this suspicion that whether the decree he took is "OK", "is it worthy of it", "Have I made a correct decision ?", "Will it prove justified ?" and a mammoth number of questions hover around the cerebrum.
But, the important thing is that who makes those decisions. They might be powered by your circumstances, people in those circumstances, things in your conscious mind, in your sub-conscious mind, opinions of others, beliefs of others, your duties and obligations, your principles and anything worth making a change to the decision.

No one is perfect, then what makes a man perfect ??
MISTAKES.................... provided you learn from them.
Mistakes are the things that bring out something better in the person, realisation of mistakes to be precise. At times you might be frustrated, "I am the only one who lands up making mistakes always, every time in everything". This thinking is quite natural and human.
Well, this is another lesson life taught me, "Let your decisions be powered by your own congnizance with opinion of others, but at the end of the day it is upto you to decide".
And as long as you don't realise you are guilty, let the folk out there keep blabbering , "how wrong you are or might be"...
you will be happy and an evolved person , believe me.
Let your life be only yours, only yours, its decisions, its mistakes everything your way. But don't forget to monitor yourself too..
jab tumhaari zindagi mai, duniya ki bhoomika bad jaaye toh soch lena dost,
tum gumnaam ho rahe ho,
u r losing your spirit of life,
duniya gayi tel lene, aish tu kar ..

Just a small thing, believe your soul, never cheat yourself, punish yourself when you deserve it, not coz others felt bad or hurt. It so happened at times, that when others said i did something wrong, when I knew I didn't , I ended up cursing self.
Be the KING and JUDGE of your life.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Life found a new meaning today
Eyes realized an old dream today
Today, this day......
my soul met my self today

a renaissance it might not be called,
a journey has culminated today,
i don't regret it took time
to make this day, today.....

having been face to face with REAL life,
having walked on the edge of knife,
i know there will be more knives,
but i am happy
coz my soul met my self today.

lost in the dust of life,
that i only created myself,
aloof, away, aware of all...
i pledge to move ahead today.....

ready for all that will come,
ready for all critcism from some,
ready for all bruises in life,
ahead i start, a step today.

enough of time spent i sobbing
enough of time spent i running
after things that matter didn't
cautious i become today.

lost my soul i ,
the connection with the world of my dreams,
that i am born for something better,
keeping that in mind, i take a stand today.

the only adage of my life
from today gets redefined today....
live today, work today, play today, smile today
in the bestest of best possible way today.

it might be too late
before we realize "what is today?"
i did a mistake, lost connection with my self
having gained consciousness today
i ask you to look for your TODAY
and hope we all LIVE TODAY,
coz life is but today and today is tomorrow's today.

It is never too late to become a person you always wished to become. Just for a time leave out all the rest and get set for the greater journey and struggle that beckons each one of us. I dont say materialistic desires are useless, but they must no and never be even a slightest reason to impede in your successful-to-become life. Mistakes , we often feel bad doing but they are the things that discover something newer in us, they make us realize facts of life.
So, just forget all that was in primitive time, your life is WHAT YOU MAKE IT TODAY.
there is never a wrong time to realize today, never a wrong time to start a new life today.
Often, in razmatazz of life we tend to get separated from our necessary goals, but it is never late to realize them again and start off FRESH, LIVELY and more SENSIBLY, and yeah CAUTIOUSLY.
All the best to you all, let your lives be full of blessings and happiness you deserve.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

lull after the storm

Writing after a very long dormant period of time. Last three months were the most demanding times I ever faced in my life. And thankfully, that time has passed.
But along with it came a bunch of lessons, lessons abound, lessons that I never knew, lessons to which I am still trying to do justice, lessons that initially very very hard to condone now make me relatively happy. Life is going well, majors are round the clock and my preparations are helter-skelter. But those three months have transformed me. Life suddenly developed a new definition, a new meaning it seemed, a complete overhaul of life HAPPENED. It always happens that period of transition is very difficult, more than it seems.
As I look back, I realise I have left behind the things that once upon a time made me restless, things that snatched myself from me, things that almost dawned a series of sorrows day in and day out upon my head. 

I don't want to write much coz its all buried in a mortuary and forever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Change is here.

The visit of American President Barack Hussein Obama, is making rounds and news channels are bloating live coverages of each and every move that is being taken. Well, the visit serves to address a couple of issues. And while I am hearing a lot about this cavalcade, am actually enjoying reading all that is coming up in news these days.
Whether it is shaking their legs with children or talking to students at St. Xavier's in Mumbai, Obamas are certainly very lively couple. And yes, India is indeed (in majority ) happy to have them here.
Coming over to few issues. Obama expressed that India is an important ally to U.S.A strategically and that U.S doesn't see India as a rising power, he said India has already risen. Also when questioned on why U.S doesn't declare Pakistan as a terrorist state, Obama ensured that he was very very cautious in speaking his mind out. He said, "Pakistan is an important strategic ally not just for U.S but for the world and a peaceful state would also, be better for India." On, Kashmir issue he said  that he can't impose its decision on any nation and that it is for India and Pakistan to sort out first easy issues and then move out to more contentious ones.
While the midterm elections in his state are going against him, Obama's visit here is least affected by it. Obama has been re-iterating the fact that India and U.S.A are indispensable, that India should open its markets more and make it liberal, that exports from here have to increase and both the nations are committed to sort out the terrorism issue.  While this all is going on, Barkha Dutt makes sure NDTV 24x7 grabs the most TRPs in showing exclusive discussion sessions with political knowns. Well, she is a great lady, I must say.
It is all so much happening.....the visit of Mr. Barack Obama.
But, the much anticipated question is that whether this visit would yield anything CONCLUSIVE. It is true that U.S.A considers India as an economic super-power and also does not side-line Pakistan.
Well, I don't know the reason for their inclination towards the state of Islamabad. But, I would love to see their view , if 9/11 happens again.

For more:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Politics: Does it happen???

I have become NUMB, due to the movie I saw last night. So much drama, yet most of it true, so much evils portrayed yet none of them baseless and fictitious except a few. How cleanly movies depicts the reality, politics, extremely ruthless and conniving people , rolling their tongues out for power and money. Politics is indeed a very very unpredictable, ever-changing gamble, replete with chameleon-like-personalities.
Only one question hovered over my head, "Does it really happen?" . Do people do this? Is it that men are killed, murdered, assassinated so brutally due to no just reason at all ? Does it happen that the one who helps you, very next moment  dies in a bomb blast ? Openly , openly anyone comes and shoots anybody.  Ohhhh...that sent a shiver in my spine, that flick.

It left me indignant, annoyed with an expression of anticipation in my head.  Behind all the castles if this the reality , then it is a very much sorry-situation for all of us.
I don't know what to write, may be I fall short of words to put forth what I have in my mind.
Rest time will speak.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

strange spice in life...............

Time changes, so fast , so fast and so strangely that you don't even get any time to ask "WHY, why after all, all that happened???" It seems as if it is yesterday's thing only, when we were knowns, when we were the best of friends, when we chatted continuously for long hours. Today, I read all the chats, and I felt , what those time were.....when everything looked beautiful, fantastic and lively. When I could say anything to you, anything and you too patiently listened to all that...... But, alas!!!! TIME CHANGED, SO DID EVERYTHING......

Except for one thing and that can never change.

People say, what happens, happens for some good. And though I am not searching for the good in this truth of my life, that time will speak fact I am doing nothing. It (the past) is falling into oblivion on its own and as I am walking ahead with time, it is going back in some black hole with the speed of light :P

Sweet memories are a treasure of life time but what matters is the PRESENT TIME, and the one who goes with time irrespective of anything, is a wise person. And , I realized I am wise :P

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kissa Kashmir Ka.......

Seeing the newspaper columns virtually flooded with the news of Kashmir agitation and tumult and the great debate over the future of Kashmir, I thought of penning down my views about it.
No one is oblivious to the fact that  the state of Jammu and Kashmir is very badly in the grip of the tension due to terrorism, discontent among the people of Kashmir, the daily tragedies and the era marked by loss of lives and human spirit which has lead to the penetration of danger in the hearts of all those living there and those who wish to visit there. The scenario is that people there want themselves to be separated from India, which does not at all mean association with Pakistan, but that also doesn't exclude that chance either and the third and obvious alternative is be with INDIA ( third most powerful nation in the world according to recent report by the U.S.A, I don't know but somewhy it makes me encouraged to hear it).
Each of these has its shares of pros and cons.  
Considering the point of Kashmir as a separate nation: If at all Kashmir becomes a separate nation, then it is not at all a surmise to say that it will fall as a nation. U.S.A and China won't let it flourish, being a nation is not that easy. Besides, the funds needed, the resources a country needs to make itself felt on the global scale, can Kashmir acheive it depending solely on itself ? Undoubtedly, NO. Pakistan would further make matter worse for the nation called Kashmir.

Considering the point of Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan: If Kashmir is handed over to Pakistan, then what is the guarantee that peace would prevail ? Looking at the state of affairs Pakistan is in even after 63 years of independence, it would be the most unwise decision to hand over the territory to Pakistan. Pakistan which itself struggles to solidify its position in the world , where the battles and bloodshed are the order of the day, where children do not get freedom and where childhood is spent in apprehension, won't it be a callous decree if Kashmir is handed over to Pakistan ? And who knows after Kashmir, if the trifle is for Punjab, then what would be done ? It would be like throwing the already agonized people from frying pan into fire.

Considering the point that Kashmir is in India: Then it is no bullshit to speak that this the best decision for everybody. India has the power to control the tumult in Kashmir, it is the best support to Kashmir in these times. Agreed the methods taken so far have not met the expectations, but who says that India is to blame ? Had Pakistan been more focussed in bringing the terrorists to the gallows and not tried to pretend impeccable and punished the ISI officials who work in collaboration with the terrorists, matter would have been under control. Had U.S.A been more involved than just remarking "Pakistan should not let its land be used for terrorist activities against India", obviously Pakistani government would have got their nerves right. Yes, paramillitary forces are very much involved in Kashmir, troops lose their lives there, blasts are a common site, land blasts are easy options. India is obviously a strong country in the world which sends stronger signals in world in every field and Kashmir being a part of the sub-continent will be looked upon with pride rather than disdain if the above two options are taken into account.

Agreed that task is more than herculean to ensure law and order in the state but efforts are being made and let us be sanguine that one day Kashmir will be a peaceful part of the nation called INDIA. It is our identity friends, isn't it.???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mandir ,Masjid ya Majjhab.....

            Majjhab nahi sikhhata aapas mai bair rakhna....................

All of us have must have heard about the Babri Masjid controversy whose verdict comes today. It is imperative for us to know what all this fuss is about.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica reports that "Rama's birthplace is marked by a mosque, erected by Babur in 1528 on the site of an early temple". This single line reports in a precise yet astute way the clear disintegration based on the religion.
History narrates the following story:
When the Muslim emperor Babur came down from Farghana in 1527, he defeated the Hindu King of Chittorgarh, Rana Sangram Singh at Fatehpur Sikri, using cannon and artillery. After this victory, Babur took over the region, leaving his general, Mir Banki, in charge as Viceroy.
Mir Banki enforced Mughal rule over the population. Mir Banki came to Ayodhya in 1528 and built the Mosque destroying the temple,[1].
Ayodhya is revered by devout Hindus as the birthplace of ancient King of India and Hindu God Rama, believed by Hindus to be an avatar of Vishnu. Mir Baqi after building the mosque on the site of the destroyed temple called it Babri Masjid (Mosque), named after his master Babar.
Before the 1940s, the mosque was called Masjid-i Janmasthan ("mosque on Rama's birthplace") by Indian Muslims. P Carnegy describes the controversy as:
"It is said that up to that time, the Hindus and Mohamedans alike used to worship in the mosque-temple. Since the British rule a railing has been put up to prevent dispute, within which, in the mosque the Mohamedans pray, while outside the fence the Hindus have raised a platform on which they make their offerings." 
Some learned men also surmise that  in the epics and other sources Ayodhya was never called a place of pilgrim, so it rules out the point that a temple ever existed. And thus there is no controversy about the establishment of the Masjid and that all is well.

And amidst all this heated aggression, further aggravated by the Bhartiya Janata Party (evidences hold L.K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi guilty of planning the demolition of Babri Masjid), it has led to riots in which a panoply number of innocent lives have been lost.
I myself don't know what the truth is but this really irks me as it invites the country wide ire that "It is an unnecessary issue made contentious for the much loved game of politics for the fun of disturbing the laws and order in the state and the country writ large. Just to fulfill some petty and baseless desires an issue is made political, caste-based and phenomenon like SAFFRON TERRORISM ensue.
What happened is consigned to history , there was no issue after all. It was made by POLITICAL FANATICS AND FUNDAMENTALISTS. The verdict comes today.
That is why it is important for spirituality to take the stage and thrash off religion.
We have Kashmir issue, the naxals, the poverty, corruption, malnutrition, unemployment,crimes against women, impostors and parasite-like-policymaker which have already crippled our nation that is further facing tumult due to this debate.
When shall we realize to come over narrow prejudices if we really want our country to flourish and progress and make a nation where no one dies due to hunger, where child do not succumb to death due to poor nutrition, where women are respected, where citizens feel and realize their stake in the nation, where caste is trampled like a used cigarette, where there is prosperity and where every one is happy like a family.

Inputs from wikipedia and thanks to the friend who reminded me of this topic on the mess table in morning today. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hindi : our national language.

Today is Hindi diwas. Yeah, before writing this I know I am writing it in english....I won't say I feel bad about it.
Just remembered what a speaker at the inauguration ceremony of Hindi Pakhwada had said, that all the countries have progressed with their own languages. China, for example flourished keeping Chinese  intact, Japan, Germany and the likes , they never ran after any other language, this is what he had said precisely. India on contrary is very adamant on accepting the language called ENGLISH and feel a bit low to speak in hindi at gatherings even if they happen to be in India. He said that those people who do not respect their language are looked in disdain by people of other nations.
Sitting over there and being bombarded with such noble thoughts a led me to think,  "Hey, after all what he is speaking is correct, that "Chinese thing" makes sense ". Suddenly a sense of pride arose in me towards my national language Hindi. Then I wondered, "Why can't Hindi become an international language or what if it became ?"
All the stuff is that hindi is still the language spoken by the majority of the people , but since the language well understood in all professions is English, it is the international language. All the delegates that meet for parleys , conversate in English. Those who are not able to speak it, wander with translators by their side . In Japan,most of the officials  are not comfortable in speaking  English, even the high school students there feel it as an herculean task. That obviously is  though a lack-of-ability but  not a deterrent in the progress. So, whether a language plays a part in the economic growth, I doubt it.( I am ready to listen to the arguments if any).
There is no doubt that hindi is the most comprehensible and easy language spoken by the majority in the sub-continent. Time demands us to make ourselves parallel with the world rather ahead of it and so it is next to norm to learn English. And after all who except in office  talks in english everywhere, there are few households I know (who want their kids to become fluent speakers in english, which is fine), but not everywhere.
Attitude is the decision-maker. Like the one speaking in hindi everytime cannot be called an ardent votary of the language, the one who speaks in any other language particularly English cannot be dubbed as a hindi fanatic.
Are we done with the problems that plaque us that we happily play hide and seek with languages ?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

strive towards excellence

                                                     Isn't it an innovative answer????? 
I remember that since my days at school, there are few mistakes I have always, always repeated (Yeah, you can call me according to the definition a fool for that). First mistake: I never read instructions given in any exam on the top of it. Second mistake: Foolishly, I often understand the question wrong. ( Recently the question was "Whether it is a tautology or not", and I thought it has to be proved that it is a Tautology, thanks to jugaad method so common, i wrote T^(XUY)=T, just to prove it was.  I know this is the worst thing, I do feel stupid and you all must know this. )

Every time these mistakes happen, I decide not to repeat but some other mistake happens in the next day's exam.
Coming to something again relevant. Often I have heard my friends saying that "I knew everything, just got confused in the middle of the exam, probably due to the tension and exam went a bit not-expected". Not that they didn't study it but coz they didn't actually study it. While writing this I only laugh at myself........

From my experience so far, Fortunate is the man who is CONFUSED, who gets confused. This is so because confusion is the best thing that can happen to anybody. So, cheer up buddy!!!!!, you learnt something new today. And it was not tension that led to the birth of confusion but lack of you know "what".
True , it is PRACTICE.  But even this is the fact that no matter how strongly you practice there are still 100% chances that you shall get confused, it is natural see. (just in case you happen to ask , "So, why practice" ?)
Exams are just the matter to help you access the next stairs of your brilliant and successful career and are indespensable.
So, my friend you are already successful, don't feel bad because it is preparing you for something better in LIFE. And also do not forget the line that teachers keep on telling to their students "STRIVE TOWARDS EXCELLENCE AND NOT PERFECTION". And there is no bar to Practice... :):)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Monday, September 6, 2010

What would have you done .....????

What do you do when you reach a place which was not the venue you were supposed to go at ? Plus knowing the fact that you are new in the city and not know the twists and turns of that city. So, do you feel going back from where you had come would be a safe haven ? Yeah I also thought that and I was just going back when a thought struck me, "Yeshoda, go on"....

Then, I went back took the correct address, some "baradari chauraha and then hurawali pe koi hanumaan mandir"...
I took the address in written and asked a shopkeeper where was it. He told me to get into a 6 number tempo. I complied. One by one everyone reached their destinations and I was alone in the tempo. Now, a girl who doesn't know the address is sitting in tempo trusting the tempo waalah, asking him again and again in a strong and deep voice "Bhaiyaa kitni door hai?". He responds "aa raha hai madam"... Then he asks me, "Madam aap kahan se ho ?". I tell him "Delh". His face lights up as he listens to it and says "Madam, Delhi main to bahut bade bade college hain", I say "Yes, there are".  Then with a strange smile or it seemed to be as it, he says "Ham to pade hi nahi Madam".  I keep silence at this note.
He drops me , this was half way covered. Now at the stand I ask the address written on the slip to only a person. Within 1 minute all drivers of auto gather thinking they got something to discuss and surmise. Then I took one auto sat in it,but  realizing 20 rupees was too much to cost, I came out. Then one agreed for 5 pennies less.
While on the way I was saying, "Main bahut baar gayi hoon , theekh hai...!!!!".. realizing how stupid it was but sometimes you have to. Then finally I reached the destination, which was unknown and I overcame that too. The feeling of it was so encouraging and I could only smile, what happened afterwards was all very good.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We are all "the shephard"

Just finished reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and first of everything wanna thank the person who exhorted me to read it. "Thank you friend, keep exhorting me :)"...
The Alchemist, is a story of a boy, a shephard who has a dream to get the treasure buried in the pyramids at Egypt. He sets in search of that treasure and amidst this exploration  meets a girl and begins to adore her. Now he has a question, to pursue his dream or to pursue his love. He is in a quandary.
Coelho has beautifully given the surmise of life after he marries her and not goes to achieve his dream. "You marry her", he says, "you are happy in the first year, second year and by the third year , you remember the treasure, your dream which you  didn't pursue, now you feel bad that the sole craze of your life, you couldn't achieve it, and now RESTLESSNESS creeps in. And it is also not easy to restart it all over again with the same aplomb as before."...........
But the girl says that she would be the proudest of all girls if he comes back after pursuing his dream to marry her. So she asks him to live his dream. So the boy moves , of course with much pain inside but with firm resolution to achieve his dream. At times he does think of Fatima, the girl.  He meets people who pose danger to his life but he clears all of them thanks to "The Alchemist" whom he finds on the way and they spend some time together. The boy learns a lot from "The Alchemist" and finally the day comes when his eyes discover the long-longed treasure. Immediately after getting it he remembers Fatima. Then obviously you afterwards what happened can make out.

Very simply written story, yet very logical . A must read for everybody , I would say.
Everyone of us is "the shephard" here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Philanthropy vs Politics

                                                    LOOKS LIKE AN "AJGARR"

 It has come to news that there are cogent evidences to suggest that Mayawati has to her name the possession of assets not proportionate to her sources of income. And this time it is no surmise but credible proofs. UP chief minister had 1 crore in 2003 which multiplied to 50 crores in 2007. The astute politician defends herself by saying that she received money as donations from party workers and as gift on birthdays. Mayawati is pleading to drop the case against her but it seems CBI till now is adamant in its decree.

This is Mayawati. But there are lots and lots of He-Mayawatis and Mayawatis going to same path. The oath that any minister shall not have possession of any business except for office is seldom seen to be followed. In movies as we all might have seen that black-marketing, smuggling, bribery are popular ways of confiscating money . Every year a particular ministry is given funds to assist it in carrying out the tasks it ought to for the welfare of society.Where those pounds go at the end of year continues to seek answer.
Policy makers have enough money to adorn their necks with heavy garlands made up of money, that money if invested honestly in bringing up the underprivileged can make our nation develop economically. Azim Premji was correct in saying that GDP growth is meaningless if it doesn't uplift the most underprivileged from the society. If a World Bank report has to be believed then there are more poor people in 8 Indian states than in poorest African countries combined. 81% of Bihar population is poor. India needs more schools and existing schools require better infrastructure. This will require to spend 6% of our GDP on education but we manage only 1/2 of that figure.
There are many truths we need to know as we grow up, about the land where we live and where we are born. I am not the vanguard at incriminating the state of affairs in our country but I think knowing about these things is the least we can do. Who knows,  tomorrow anyone among us might become the skipper of the team called "INDIA" ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Change that happens and is not imposed

ज़िन्दगी में कई ऐसी बातें ऐसी होती हैं जिनसे हम चाहकर भी अनदेखा नहीं कर सकते. वो बातें जो हम सोचना भी नहीं चाहते लेकिन वक़्त तो उनसे मुलाक़ात करा ही देता है.  कब तक कोई भाग सकता है, कब तक आंखें बंद  कर के कोई ज़िन्दगी जी सकता है, यह तो वैसे ही हुआ जैसे हवा में उड़ने का डर लगता है तो कभी हवाई जहाज़ में नहीं बैठेंगे.
इंसान अक्सर अपने आस-पास का वातावरण खुद ते करता है और जो चीज़ उसके सिद्धांत से परे हो उनसे राम-राम करना ही ठीख समझता है, बार-बार उसका पाला उनसे पड़ता है तो वो भी आंखें बंद कर अपने रास्स्ते चला जाता है. लेकिन मनं में उसे पता है, "यार में तो डर रहा हूँ, यह भी कोई बात होती है ....., जीना है तो डरकर क्यूँ ..आखिर" ???  फिर आता है असली वक़्त , जब उसे निर्णय लेना ही होता है, "डर या जीत ". हाँ यह आसान भी नहीं होता , क्यूँ ????
क्यूंकि उस इंसान को अभी भी यह डर सताता है कि , क्या ऐसा हो पायेगा ? क्या वो उन चीजों को अपनाकर , उनके बीच रहकर शान्ति से जी पायेगा ? कहीं वो खुद तो अपने किसी सिद्धांत से पलट नहीं रहा, कहीं यह "बदलाव" हाँ.......यह बदलाव उसे सही रास्ते पर तो ले जाएगा ना ? 
 जानता वह भी है कि, एक समझदार इंसान होने के बावजूद उससे यह आशा है कि वह अपने "आत्म-संयम", "आत्म-गरिमा" को बनाए रखेगा. पर धीरे धीरे उसकी सोच बदलती है. सोच बदलती है उन अच्छे लोगों कि वजह से, जिसे वो अपना दोस्त मानता है, जो जानते हैं कि उनका दोस्त थोड़ा सा चुप-चाप सा है और उसने खुद ही अपने ऊपर प्रतिबन्ध लगाए हैं, जिनकी वजह से वह भी डर डर के जी रहा है.  हौले हौले , एक दम सही तर्क दे कर उसके दोस्त उसे समझाते हैं, कि जीवन कि सच्चाई मान ना , चीज़ों को अनदेखा ना करना, दूसरों के नज़रिए से भी हालत देखना और फिर आगे बदने को ही साहस कहते हैं.
और यही तो असली संघर्ष है........वही संघर्ष जिसके लिए यह इंसान भी पागल है.

बात सिर्फ इतनी सी है, कि रेल-गाड़ी में आज आते हुए, एक सोच मन में आई .....कि I changed. और विश्वास मानिये, जिन चीज़ों से कभी हम भी मुह  फेरा करते थे, आज उनसे "सीधी-बात" कर के जीने में कोई और ही आनंद आता है.  सही ही तो है, दुनिया तुम्हारे हिसाब से नहीं चलती, ऐसी हज़ारों बातें होगी जो तुम्हे कतई पसंद ना होगी, जो बार-बार तुम्हारे सामने प्रश्न बनकर आएँगी, कब तक उनसे मुह-फेरकर जी सकोगे ?

असल में , ज़िन्दगी में हम वक़्त से मिलते हैं, उन्हें हमें दूर नहीं करना चाहिए, उसे अपनाएं, उनके बारे में अटूट निर्णय लें, फिर उसकी क्या बस कि , कि वो हमें परेशान करे ???
सच है .........."डर के आगे जीत है".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothing to fear..what is right is right....

Recently something happened with me. I was scolded for doing something right. Those whom I spoke my problem said, "Have you seen anyone else taking any initiative ? Have you seen anyone seriously caring about the things that matter ? No, coz they know it that in the end they shall be incriminated, misunderstood and rumours would fly in air about them. That made me decide ,"OK! I did something correct , it wasn't liked, so I should stop".

Then I told that to my friend , what all happened. And she cleared all doubts in my mind. Inspiring me and backing me for what little thing I did, she said, "What you did was absolutely correct. You should not fear anything under heaven. And those who don't like it, let them behave so, atleast they would get the thing that there are people who speak up when it is time. Do not stop due to petty fools who try to make you detain, rather do what you feel is right , everything else will be fine".

My sir said, people would never like any voice raised no matter it is right or for wrong reason. But that should not preclude us from doing our duty. There is nothing to fear he said and left me with much needed aplomb and mental courage. Thank you Sir.

I am very fortunate to have Sir and Upma there with me.
Will always need you, be there.  :):)

samjhane ki koshish.....

Yesterday was just an ordinary day. After the hell-like monotonous and spiritless lecture of Data Communication, it was time for Programming Languages. As soon as the DC teacher went out of class, students left the SH like birds which have been caged since long time. Keeping my notebook in  my bag, and putting on my bag, I too started to go out...confused whether it was worth doing or not. Came out...lingering here and there, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go for I thought that "I really do not understand anything, in that class", but something desisted me from doing that . Then saw the teacher coming, so I finally decided not to skip the class and sat inside the SH.

Started to teach he "Mininmization of FA(Finite Automata). But what he taught meant sense, it was comprehensible and wasn't that tedious to understand. Reason was that I went in to SH thinking that I have to somehow understand whatever he teaches, won't let it slip from hands, and it worked.

It was surprising that when it was time for class to stop, we anticipated "Time ho gaya??". After the class we did tell our sir, "You taught well today sir, we understood everything". That must have made him a happy man.

The thing is that "We don't try to understand things sometimes, dont want to, and that is mainly what makes us flinch from things, but the truth remains "we cannot run from reality or destiny".
Attitude can make a nice thing horrible and a weird thing worth something. Attitude matters.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence in making....

Happy Independence day to everyone with the awareness  in mind of the contribution made by the martyrs to gift us free India .
I am not a preacher who preaches do this, do that, deny that, accept this.... but someone who speaks what comes to her. At this time I am in a confusion. And my confusion is that what is independence ? I really do not know what it is. Is it going to market with freedom, spend few bucks, buy the things that charm us ? Or is it fighting with anybody on correct reason, is it freedom to skip red light when road is free of traffic ? I really do not understand what this independence is ? Is it taking 2 packets of refreshments when we know we can take only one. Rather rhetorically we are independent in every way we have just seen but still under the clutches.
I know speaking is futile , deeds speak better, all I but would like to say is that there is long way to become independent in true sense.

When we shall be able to provide food to hundreds of thousands of people dying of starvation, children dying before birth due to malnutrition, when there would be no homeless people, when the disgusting ailment of corruption would be devastated, when education would turn up responsible citizens for the nation, when people in power would stop filling their pockets with money of aam aadmi, when women would get their due of dignity, when every child would go to school and one would not see child labours, when our demands would be met and when the opposition and party in power would understand their main objective "INDIA", when everyone would travel in trains with a ticket, when we won't see people sleeping on railway stations, puking in public, when spitting beetle in public would become a thing of past, when we shall actuallu understand that "WE CAN BE HAPPY AS A TEAM, AS A COMMUNITY", then we would say with full vigour "YESSSS !!!!!!, We are independent".

Friday, August 13, 2010

making of a maoist

Naxalism is the word everyone has heard of. But how do people become naxalites. The reality is that this group of people are actually the alienated chunk of our society, deprived of basic facilities of education, sanitation, food and are the prey to those people who exploit them for their own interests. Frustrated due to the mistreatment they received from the police, they raised their voice and that further made solid havens for activities like we know to become rampant.
They go to villages, help people in need , help them meet their requirements and then find youths who can be a part of their association. Mostly they take those who are cheated and seek revenge from some one or the other, like failed personal lives, failed family life and relations or those who happen to be the victim to the atrocity of police.
Squandered of their wealth and rights , these people are all set to become maoists. But few who become discontent after joining it , surrender too.
And the objective of such an act was to emancipate marginalised and cheated people in rural India. But now it has taken different dimensions. It carries out activities that are attributed to terrorists, politics has been involved in it, there is lack of good leaders and that their action of killing innocent civilians has invited the tag of "terrorists".
That means that as long as we don't see the reality with our own eyes it is difficult to decide what naxalism is, why is it existing and what do these people actually want . It is true that agression is born out of humiliation and exploitation. While sympathy is for such people but the they are indeed despicable for the pogrom they cause.
Only a meaninful dialogue and true governance that is ready to actually work for welfare of people and without any corruption can only redeem these people and those who are suffering without any reason .

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pride Or Contrition ?

Common wealth games naam to suna hi hoga. The very games that India , Delhi will be hosting in coming month of October. And the contentious issues surrounding it are also not latent, almost everyone of us is well apprised of how superbly the preparations have been made to unveil India to the world.
I don't want to sound a pessimist or an ardent cynical person in writing this, but I must add that whatever is happening was absolutely not at all not-expected. Thanks to our responsible government and honest and dutiful policymakers that we are, rather the world is envisaging the India before CWGs.
Controversies surrounding the surreptious transaction of funds with London based firm, stealithly possession of money by the contractors and using low-quality material in infrastructure services, incomplete work even after deadlines and wreckage of newly built structures, for instance : the caving of roads due to excess water exuding due to water logging are testimony to the fact that how incompetently and with how much lackaidaisical attitude the thing that could bring pride to the country and its country men has become synonymous to mulling it.
And now in news we hear Mrs. Dixit iterating "YOU WANT ME TO GO TO JAIL", and Kalmadi saying "I am ready for every scrutiny" and "No question of my quitting", emphasizing the fact that they are absolutely impeccable. But who knows what is true ? The elusive state of affairs would become clear when CWG shenanigans would  bring to fore how everything has happened and how funds were distributed. If it happens then it would be the biggest miracle .

What is the most amusing part ?? That the event has not even kicked off and panoply haggles are pointing towards the dubious filching of funds.  Let them be kept aside for the time being else it would impede in the smooth runnning of CWGs in India.  Another thing, the oppostion behaves as if it is not their country , at this time too instead of feeling the responsibility of the CWG , they leave no opportunity to disparage the party in power.

Every time things like these happen, we are reminded of the fact that this is INDIA. At one place where I am proud to be born in the holy land of sages and values, sheer corruption and the state of affairs in our country under the tutelage of policymakers though not affects me much but does makes me question "WHY" ?

India is the greatest nation of world and shall always be. The only thing that can redeem its people is corruption-free and dutiful government machinery and yes co-operative citizens. But citizens would only co-operate when they feel that their chosen representatives actually care for their needs and rights and that justice is delivered to them and they are not deceited. That will take time.

Maosists, Srinagar, CWG, crimes, corruption, bribery seem to burn India in a cauldron and no one (strangely) is not feeling this ambush. There are so many great things that have happened only in India and have brought laurels to our nation but some why issues like these shadow that pride.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Attitude matters..............

I don't know but I know one thing that I am a person who is very unknown and formal kind of when it comes to any relation  in life. I don't know why, but somewhere that trait exists and have always seen it in myself. I become dumb when I want to speak, hesitate when long to discuss, lost when lost .

Can't help it, nor do want to,  after all can't tamper with my naturality in temperament. But this time I have received a very , very strong lesson, never to forget..... yeah, this is learning from life.....

The only person who can bring happiness in your life is you yourself and all that matters in life is your conduct and attitude towards life and its situations. Rest will take care of itself.

Friday, July 30, 2010

known yet not-known.........

Had a wonderful discussion yesterday @ 119 on reservation and other programmes that government has initiated to uplift the condition of marginalised section of society and whether they are meeting their goals or not. It is indeed deplorable that those for whom these welfare schemes are chalked out are idiotly unaware of it thanks to little to no literacy and awareness factors. They are happy to make their children earn in childhood only, and for that their ideology is that "More children , more hands to earn" but then who realizes "More hands means more abdomens to feed " ? Thus they don't try to look outside their four-walled lives. Nor does any body care for them. 

It is absolutely true that those who needed such assistance and have availed it are virtually happy and content and observing that happening does evoke a sense of satisfaction. But seeing the few ones who desperately need it  being ,shooed away also invites disappointment and disgust. The question is not that how many people have been benefitted rather the query is that how many who need this have been delivered justice. It is absolutley true that as long downtrodden don't start to walk it would impede in the nation's economic development and growth both. It must be understood  that economic development and economic growth are not same.

Then comes siblings that are crying havoc in our country: Corruption and thus poverty. One who goes to expose corruption is treacherously murdered, this further deepens people's apprehension in speaking something true and must-to-know thing. And this is something that adds fuel to the fire.

India has enough grain to let it rot for three years but not sufficient to feed those who starve to death . It is very apparent veracity that those in power are not at all in any problems but it is the aam aadami who is churned like wheat in a flour mill amidst all this maze.

Many things have to change but before that our own thinking has to change, so that tomorrow when we are at those super-seats, we don't cheat ourselves and our motherland writ large. And the time never comes, this is the TIME. After all we too have a stake in our motherland, don't we ?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Now this is a serious issue : CASTE BASED CENSUS. The 2011 census is going to be caste based, and this is a topic of great debate and discussion as to whether it is justified or not. Like any issue this too has its shares of both 'yes's and 'no's and politicians are giving there various opinions powered by the idea in their astute minds.
While it is not at all a joke to expect Mayawati to staunchly support this idea, it is rather apologetic that Chidambaram's voice against it fails to gather any stone. Before reaching to any conclusion it is always better to take into account the pros and cons of any issue.

At the helm of this caste based census, those who support it say that it will expose the people who hitherto were alienated from the fruits of reservation, or rather they would be able to avail the benefits of development.

By the way , do you know 18,740 is the number of categories of only SCs and STs ? A knowledgeable person expresses dismay when he/she is informed that the Mandal Commission listed 2300 backward classes alone. I am sure you didn't know this. Even I didn't.
It is not that the caste based census never existed , the first caste based census came in 1935 but then it was discontinued due to its "divisive" nature. Today too this contoversy is rife but then this is a cauldron of diverse views. The aim of census is to look to a safer and securer future of the public, whether that happens or not is not their concern but whether it is caste based or not excites our policy makers more.
 Most people advocate idea of public welfare to keep on a back burner and bring the idea of caste and other related issues to the fore and play a sure but dangerous game. But I still do not understand that why after all there is Caste System in India, when there is Right to Equality then which norm confers or rather supports this division among people of flesh and bone. I know varna system, I know marriages are preferred in same caste , even the matrimonial section of newspapers advertise "Boy/Girl should be of same caste", but I feel caste system and caste based census is divisive in nature. Right at this point I am reminded by what Father of our constitution had said

Caste or no caste if the purpose of human welfare is overlooked ,then everything is a pure and precise BLASPHEMY. And would you call  this DEMOCRACY ??

towards a new step to success and glory...................

This thing happened with me yesterday. Has it ever happened with you that you wait for someone but then when they come or when you meet it is just a normal meeting like any other. This thing is of  about 14:45 hours yesterday. Actually when we met I realized that "Hey, I liked distance " , don't know why ? But then that thinking came naturally , very naturally. 

Time made me a bit mature from mind and smart in actions. And actually now I do not feel like three months have passed. Time passes so very quickly and stealithly. I am happy to realize and feel that I have changed in my demeanour and become rational and now is the quest to see life in an optimistic way and be happy come what may.

A new journey beckons all of us and here is wishing all and everybody "A great sojourn ahead, full of trials , tribulations, lessons and of course ENERGY and MOMENTUM" everything else will be all right by itself.

And in this time these thoughts bombarded my mind, thought of sharing them:

No person is not-important in this world and no one too-important , everyone is important, everyone has a dignity and everyone commands respect and honour.

Second thing, we don't have any right to enjoy our rights if we don't exercise our duties.

Third thing the one who feel shy in saying correct thing is worst than an assassin.

And last "भावनाओं में आकर सही और गलत कि पहचान नहीं भूलनी चाहिए". This is something my mother tells me everytime I go to my home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time for spring to come........

Often you would have listened to human folk saying that "If winter comes can spring be far behind ?". Yes, that is true that if winter has to come then spring is utter reality of coming future.
The pangs  of separation have always laid their icy hands on everybody sometime or another. And it has often been difficult to live after that separation but then TIME came to rescue. Time makes everything fine. Time is the greatest healing medicine of all times.
But now the time of meeting again beckons us all together. Once again life will be more beautiful, once again we shall meet, once again we shall go to college.....oops , "THIS IS NOT A COLLEGE, THIS IS AN INSTITUTE" to learn , once again third floor  or rather the ambience here would beam with energy and vitality and momentum and once again WE SHALL MEET.

This is dogma of life, you meet, you separate, you again meet to separate but in those "keyframes" of life those remembrances never fade, those memories never loose their sheen and even after an era has passed, retrospecting them brings smile on your face. So, live in those keyframes and so that when you do  CONTROL-----> TEST MOVIE, all that comes on your face is a smile full of warmth.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

virtue of living

आत्मसम्मान और स्वाभिमान जीवन के दो ऐसे पहलू हैं जिन्हें कभी अनदेखा नहीं किया जा सकता है. कदापि भी नहीं. उसके खुद के जेहन में जो स्वयं के लिए आदर है और जो खुद के लिए जो प्रतिष्ठा है वही सत्य और बाकी सब झूट. चरित्र वो नहीं जो दूसरे कि आँखों में दिखे वरन मर्यादा तो वो है जो खुद कि आँखों में झलकती हो.
अक्सर लोग अपना छोटा छोटा काम दूसरों से करवाते हैं, लेकिन उसे में भी आत्मसम्मान कि कहीं बात तो है ही. जब तक कोई काम इन दो haathon से हो सकता है, तो फिर क्यूँ अपना काम खुद न किया जाए  ?

क्युंकी यही दो चीज़ें हमें बहुत कुछ सिखा जाती हैं. वो इंसान कभी झूठा हो ही नहीं सकता जिसे अपने आत्मसम्मान और स्वाभिमान कि कीमत का एहसास हो. सच ही तो है..... आत्मसम्मान और स्वाभिमान एक हीरा  है, और किसके पास है, वो कभी किसी का गलत नहीं कर सकता ....कभी नहीं.

इसलिए जो चीज़ करना के लिए तुम्हारा स्वाभिमान और आत्मसम्मान  गवाही न दे वो नहीं करनी चाहिए हाँ लेकिन अपवाद तो होते ही हैं....

और कहीं न कहीं सबके पास यह होते हैं, सिर्फ ज़रुरत है तो उसको अपनाने की फिर देखना  ज़िन्दगी और भी खूबसूरत हो जाएगी.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

to be or not to be.....

Satisfaction is not a small word. In life there are two type of people one, who immediately get satisfied on getting what they always longed for, and second those who after getting what they aspired , again dream for something more and just start working towards achieving that, interestingly there this ilk of people also who aspire more but  don't work, yet another who never got satisfied or to speak in other words, always have an expression of disdain on their face even if they achieve  all the opulence in life and that too for free. Yeah, Indians are very fond of getting things for free.......and surprisingly feel proud when that happens....
Being satisfied and being zealous are two different things. While you may be satisfied with what you have but having zeal for something else does not at all showcase dissatisfaction. It is all but a game of people-to-people perception. It is a great habit and discipline to always keep striving for more , because when that aspiration occurs, then the zeal to work towards it also unveils. And as long as a person is getting what he wants after travailing himself  then it is a "hats-off" aught.

The thing of real satisfaction is mandatory when we have limited resources. For eg. a middle class family is satisfied to compromise standard of living for the future of its children for they have invested money in them, which is more important than anything. Here it pays to be satisfied.

But many people say "jo hai usi main khush rehna chahiye"... as for my opinion this ideology works well when it comes to resources.. i.e. roti, kapda aur makaan.  See, satisfaction will always remain way different from unrealistic dreams and obstinacies.

Had people been satisfied with black and white television then had there been LCD TV today ? It is noteworthy that here it is not the dissatisfaction that triggered the discovery rather the zeal to make it more better.

So, I would just say that as long as something can be made more state-of-art or if there is a scope of achieving more to make things better then it is always fine as long as it is not compromising with the comfort zone of someone else.

Also, if there are things that merit the dissatisfactory behavior then they are nothing else but the evil and vile tragedies that are enacted every day and those things that we aren't strange to.

To say in a concluding way
"A person should be happy with what he has, strive to make it better by the sheer hard work of his , but not for avariciousness but coz it soothes him and after all who doesn't like CHALLENGING ONESELF??"

Friday, July 16, 2010

a walk , a time, a lost laughter.......

Who says that once you fight with the person then you can't talk comfortably with that person ? Or that the things don't remain same after that ?  Yeah, things are not as they used to be when we were good friends, but today all that came clear in my mind when  after a gap of about I think 8-9 months, we have actually talked, not like that daily "hi-hello". Yeah, we can't be as we were earlier nor do we want to.
Just went for walk with someone with whom a distance had come of 8-9 months. But let us leave it.
The good thing, I learnt so many nice lessons today. Each in itself like a diamond . After such a long period of time I have actually enjoyed laughing today, just poured heart out. I realized that I have actually , actually enjoyed my laughter. I had lost it at a point in time, gaining it again makes me happy.
   Someone has been true in saying that "Time heals all the wounds", but I am also not too sure about it. The current and the only thing I know is that I am feeling good after talking to that person and actually beeming with energy.
Yeah, you told me really nice things today, it has inspired me again and gave some really fantastic realizations.  I promise to keep them in mind and can I have those nice things told often ? I feel extremely rejuvenated today.
Thank you, thanks a lot..... 

Monday, July 12, 2010

when time slips from hands.....

This is a poem from the point of view of the person who has died and now he sees that the ones who loved him, never showed their love to him when he was alive and now cry for him for he is no more with them.....

Oh!! you people,
tell me , why ?
Why now you shed those tears,
Why do you say
"Tom, we loved you;
we cherished your presence,
that we loved when you cared for us,
and today we miss you"??

When I needed that caring hand,
when i needed that gentle hug,
when I also would have felt good to hear
"Hey Tom, yes...
you are someone special, really special,
to fill my heart with joys abound,
inspiration to do anything,
and feeling of a bond".
You didn't do that
And now sitting in bar
you lament, lament that
"Tom, where did you go ?"

What does it do now ?
What purpose does it fulfill ?
Never did ye realizth,
this before,
then why do you do this
why apply salt on my wounds ?

Gave I you unconditonal care,
Did I lack somewhere ?
Yes, I must have...
But didn' t I deserve that
from my friends, who were important to me ?

And now mopping your face with towel you say
"Tom, we remember,
you compromised everytime for us,
you served as us your own,
your own blood relations .."

This care, these tears,
had I seen them
when I was alive,
I would have died more peacefully,
in the abode of God,
but seeing this, I feel shattered,
why didn't it happen , when life was there
when i was "Tom",
when I was there ?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Choice is ours....

often sometimes  it happens,
when i do not feel like doing anything,
or when i become a bit casual,
when a silence dawns in my mind,

and when foolishly i think,
"chal yaar aaj time hai,
kal to jaana hi hai",
so let me just not do what i always do
as today it happened,

suddenly , my self asks me
"Hey, yeshoda, what is this ?
"What makes you think this ?
"Do you know everything ?
"Everything in this world,
Nothing is left ?
Or is this correct ?"
And then it teaches me.

And again , I realize,
So, true it says, and then I

Stopping is not my destiny,
Relaxing is not my honour,
working is my pride,
Oh! almighty, slain me,
If i flounder.

Often in life it happens, and with everybody that they might feel, "OK since,  I am going here or there tomorrow I have a right to waste the current time, and do things for which philosophy would never permit, rather if you ask , your mind, it won't allow it ". But having learnt the lessons, from past after doing it, it compells you to take another road, and a voice says "No, absolutely not, this won't happen, not again". Initially you might feel listless in it, but then you would regain you interest and after that , you would feel proud of yourself to say "Hey, that was a great thing I did today" and it will bring a smile on your face.
 Everyone says time is important , but seldom do people realize. Even I have mammoth number of times done that blunder. Yes, it happens, but just dream where we would have been , had we used much more of our time. Just dream, and then start with all that momentum and no wind can dare to STOP you. So, let us be "ON YOUR MARKS,GET SET, GO............"
This is possible, if we want it to be...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"bharat" can never be "bandh"

This is such a horrible thing, very much regrettable and indeed deplorable, that parties who bark for the welfare of the citizens after coming to power stage such imbecile, meaningless and worth-condemning acts in public that brings life to stagnance. The thing is that , if they really care for the well-being of people, if that is their actual motive, then there are a plenitude number of ways to achieve that goal. Why do not they try to make those things that they govern better ? Why do not they finish that work , that they have been imparted on account of their position ?
 I am sure if they strive to do that, if will do public much good than this bullshit. In India we make things so -ve. Instead of calling the parties not in power as "Allies" , we call them "Opposition", and those in "opposition" become so starved for power that , their real karma  falls into oblivion. Power or no power emancipation of society should continue. Things like these only create a "Ruckus".
Article published in Hindustan Times. dated 08-07-2010.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A tryst with first year time...

I remember Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru had said on the night of a "Tryst with destiny" , "A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history......",. That was a superb diction of eloquence and continues to be.

 But that moment for me is year 2009-2010 in IIITM. Now , standing on the entrance door of the next milestone of my career, I feel nostalagic when I retrospect about my "first-year-time". Full of momentum, full of learning, full of a mammoth number of events, sports, art, everything is just fantabulous about those halcyon days.

  First time to be part of AURORA, TWARAN, URJA, ALUMNI MEET was a fortune in itself, it filled our hearts with  happiness and vigour ,and we tread ahead with a new energy and flamboyance. I cannot explicitly describe what it meant to be a part of these cognitive events, they filled our life with joys infinite.  Made a couple of acquaintances who today are nice friends. AASF, a great , actually a very active forum , which carries out so many intelligent activities all year round, exhorting students to participate in events of varied textures, and then rewarding the hard work ,is a source of encouragement. Winning or not , doesn't matter because the things that one learns through these activities are itself symbolic of victory. Hiqs , Code crazzies, GDs, Extempores, programming contests (I confess, never went in any one), website designing, case studies are all just worth a great applause. And the most admirable thing, that all this is student-run. I think ,for  those who organise all this, gratitude would be a small word. I evolved from these extra-curricular activities as anybody. It fills our heart with pride that such is how the morale of students is boosted.
Coming over to the way we were taught in first year, then I know very well that we all know how the "State-of-art" teaching here is. It is good. Though I don't know how much I have seen the exposure in first year time , but whatever I have, I enjoyed it.

Hostel life but takes a cut, coz ambience is different in hostel, very energetic and full of fun and unexpected events. Who says I forgot about that dress code ? It was really hard to digest that fact. Sitting in library seemed, as if we were the "focus" in that four walled room. Passing from canteen alone was a bit tough, yet we slipped from there with the speed of light, yes... it needs courage. Calling "Ma'am" was new and a bit queer but now used to it. And the best part, batchmates, very concerned, very helpful, very understanding, very caring and far more sensible. Met some really good people at heart. The "Parichay" was the first event for us called an "Official welcome by the institute". Well that oficial parley was a nice affair. Everything just went off so well that it is easy to fall for those moments again. That was a wonderful period...
 First year for sure we shall cherish , and make the second one a learning and again full of enjoyment venture too. As I write this, I remember the beautiful campus of our institute, full of natural beauty and tranquility..... Yes, I am missing IIITM, my IIITM.....

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Hegemony of Honour Killings

From the D-Day I read about the first news of honour-killing in the newspaper, I have observed that the newspapers are bloating such news everyday. And its continuance makes me write about this deplorable yet endemic aspect of our Modern Indian Society. It is true that honour killings might have never happened had the so-called caring neighbourhood not reproached and taunted the girl's family of the eloping of their girl and then marrying outside caste. It is not known but these narrow-minded people make life hell for a girl's family by incessantly ridiculing them. And the news of a girl's eloping beomes the highest TRP gaining aught. So, it is the attitude of few people that needs to change coz they add fuel to fire that never was. Marrying outside caste is not a harbinger of insult to a family, but it is made to manifest as the greatest of all vile acts and hangs an albatross around the neck of the family. Why don't these people react the same way when a girl experiences atrocity in the same society ?Where do they vanish when the girl of their own caste is made a scapegoat ? But even I do not have any right to point finger to them because I myself never did something great in this regard, I agree to that. But these small evils are plaquing are country and deterring in its progress as a civilized society.
  And it is obvious that tomorrow if someone in my locality does that then it would envisage the same fate.  People who don't  have their locus standi on that issue  would still consider it their right to concoct stories.   And if this is what we are seeing then it is better to maintain a Buddha-like silence on the section 377.

Friday, June 18, 2010

never regret a thing that made you smile.....

The topic of this one is my recent status message at gtalk. What happened that one of my very ________ (no adjective can describe that person, that is why blank) friend told me that, they don't agree with the status message. And that led me to think again.

OK , so....... never regret a thing that made you smile. It certainly has different connotations for different people on account of their experiences in the sojourn of life so far. And I am no exception. Somewhere to me it narrates the fable of Great Expectations. Having expectations is an absolute normal thing, unless you are not new to it and have not had your share of lessons from its repercussions. But when you are made to understand state of things by the one who is very sensible , then you grow, your thinking becomes mature and you become practical.

It is very much satisfying to cherish the memories. If once upon a time it gave you inspiration, passion, new determination and power to excel and rejuvenation , then there is no harm in retrospecting it and smiling.

But truth is that when that happens you do not even get time to retrospect and that is the best thing. The thing that had made you crazy now ceases to even give its trailor too, it dissolves with time and you tread on , being the same person you were at heart but with great lessons in your book of life. And I believe this has a great soothing and mitigating effect.

So ,it is just that be happy with the fact that though the reverence didn't grow in the latter's bosom , it grew in yours.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

are we educated or literate...??

I leave my study to write this....What to do ? I feel like writing this since topic is in my cerebrum. Just read a comment by Garima ma'am in blog "FORTUNE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT" , and that probably turned me dithryambic.

OK, let me ask a question. What is the difference between being literate and being educated ? Or put another way, what are we upto becoming, literate, educated, tech-drudge, money-puking-machines or a just a being who is just surviving ?.What happened !!!!!tweety hovering over head???

Let us now come to business. Literacy is literacy but education is literacy plus X-factor. An educated person is an asset to the society he dwells in, he is conscious of the people of society, all that he fancies is not a penny or two, but here is this person who is happy to work and earn and does something when he can contribute. And there is a dearth of educated intellectuals in the world.

Now you would ask a very pertinent and practical question that in today's world who would risk to think like that, where does this philanthropy exist ? Agreed , it doesn't exist but a bit of it does, yes it indeed does. What happens is that even if someone tries to speak, he is intimidated, and often doesn't get support of society. Even people enjoy it, this is the veracity.

Being literate will give you luxury, opulence, comfort and your posterity will be very very happy. But being educated will make you a man of "SELF-RESPECT and an ACCOUNTABLITY". In the last lap of your life when you will retrospect you shall indeed feel proud of yourself and the genre of your having lived it.

Yes ,I am saying with in my mind , that I shall try to practice what I profess. But it is not easy always but that should not preclude us from doing what is worth it.
So if you have some time to spare , just introspect to which path are you treading and I know together we shall do miracles after all "THERE comes a moment in life when we have to come together, WE ARE THE WORLD".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fascinating facets of life...........

Ah!!! so today I don't have to pour my heart out....went to market today and that gave me what I sit to write now (and am also trying to relax after going frenzy over the problem of unresponsive touchpad ). What a relief.....
So, this Homo sapien goes to the market and sees what everyone sees. Have a look at this conversation between shopkeeper( a young boy of age I think 25-27years) and an old but shrewd lady:
LADY:Did you repair the necklace I had given you today?
BOY:Which one,did you give it today only???
LADY: Abbe, tera dhyan kahan rehta hai (What do you keep on thinking, sitting here at the shop?)
BOY: (probably remembers the deal and silently takes it out), Here it is. For rupees 25.
LADY:kyaaaa!!!! meri bhi dukaan hai sunaar ki, samjha...mujhe pata hai daam...(What!! even I own a jewellers shop and am well acquainted with it the prices, she throws a 10 rupee note)
Now what do you expect of the boy,....Yes, he throws it back and shows resistance to accept it. What this lady does is, quite flitchingly takes out a 5 rupee coin and gives it to!!..... tosses it on the table. But shopkeeper still adamant on 25 rupees. And in a second that old lady slips from there, without even caring for the boy.
I DON'T KNOW WHO WAS CORRECT, BUT I DO FELT BAD FOR THAT BOY, BUT THEN EVEN I DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH. But that boy let it go and continued to work. Definitely he must have felt a bit cheated.

Then I go to optics shop, to get my eyes checked. Number of right eye has increased..... Not able to decide which frame, he shows me all the designer frames, I shortlist too. But then , I feel, I want to have comfortable frames for studying and playing, after so much choosing-unchoosing I select the most prosaic of all, but realizing the comfort it would give me, I rejoice at it. I am more happy to it them than would have been with those fancy glasses.

Next, we think of purchasing some lemons. Here are two vendors sitting. A good adult man, unshaven , shouting "das ke aath, das ke aath", and adjacent to him another boy shouting "das ke cheh(6), das ke cheh..". We happen to come across man first , so buy the lemons. But then I remember one thing, a thing which my senior had narrated to me once.

The narratiion was:
She goes to market, sees small children selling cotton to make wick for the purpose of praying and she buys them , I think she bought 3-4 packets, which you can confirm by going in her room,, they are still kept unused....

So ,I tell my mother "let us buy these too", she says OK. But then we ask this boy , whom are you with, then he points to the man adjacent to him, then we ask that man "is this your child?", he says "yes"....then I feel a bit amused and amazed by the scene that happened. Well of lemons, now do you expect us to but from that boy...?? Exactly, we didn't.

Then we had a glass of "mausammi" juice each, and tread ahead. Then I come back to home , only to discover "MY LAPTOP'S TOUCHPAD IS UNRESPONSIVE"....then what......? I do scold my siblings, knowing that they are not at fault, but at times this is neccessary to make them cautious and prepared .

Now all is well....headache is a bit less

Monday, June 14, 2010

I CAN, I WILL.......

At times it is so very difficult to make it happen what we want to happen. We want us to have everything, we want us to know everything, we want us to excel in what we try, we want us to be ahead of everybody(come on, everyone of us longs for that), we want, we want, we want and we wish but what do we do?? Often we fall short of that karma , but we do do it.

But now it is time to realize that if we do not mend our ways (where by it means , give an extra more effort) we are the one who will be at the receiving end and the scapegoats. But we know , we can do that once we think "I CAN, I WILL" and I am sanguine all of us can do it.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

25 years of tragedy....................

Every time I happen to come across Bhopal gas tragedy in newspaper, I make sure that I just go to wikipedia and read about it and then what I read gets swept away from my mind with time(Probably that is why I write this time so that I dare not forget it ) . I think , everyone of us must know that how this ignominious manslaughtering act was staged on the stage of life.
Well to begin with, Union Carbide is an American company that opened UCIL in Bhopal.What happened on the fateful night of December 3 was the leakage of gas Methyl Isocynate, about 40 tons of it.Large amount of water entered the tank and it led to an exothermic reaction that increased the pressure due to increased temperature of 200 degree celsius. The tank was not designed to withstand such high pressure and that led to leakage of the life-killing gas. Also it is speculated that water entered tank due to corrosion of pipeline, leaky valves and poor maintainence. Even before one could make out what did happen..... hundreds of lives were lost and thousands of caracasses of animals laid scattered in the city of Bhopal. Even today the ground water remains to be contaminated, painting a gloomy life to the posterity.
The culpable CEO of UC, the notorious fugitive and disgraceful Warren Anderson convicted flees to his country just after ,on bail only to not show up his face again when called for hearing in so- called courts. Bhopal gas tragedy was the worst industrial disaster that took place. Today after 25 years of this juggernaut , people who had played spoilsport have been sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment.
What increased the gravity of the disaster was the absence of plan-B. It is often said that anything that succeeds is a function of its plan-B. Also in India authorities try to get away with anything with minutest investments so that somehow the situation is averted with least efforts. The another thing is ,whether today we have the management plan if the havoc cries again ? Are the authorities capable of curbing any emergency, have they learnt any lessons given that the justice itself comes after 2 and a half decade?

I often wonder that so many mishappenings keep on occuring in our India , inflicting pain upon its countrymen and to add to the misery are the decade long pending cases. Mangalore Air tragedy, situation made murkier by Maoist threat, daily road accidents, crimes against women and children , cold war with neighbouring countries, commonwealth games approaching, GDP growth at 7.4%, caste based census, climate change, endemic of malnutrition continue to plaque the sub-continent. I know remedy to this--complete transparency in government way of tackling issues, no corruption, no mismanagement, no insouciance, no responsibility, civilized citizens and concerned government. But this is an ideal picture and there is a yawning gap between truth and fiction.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So finally the results of the engineering exams which open door to most coveted institutes in the country are finally out. IIT-JEE,AIEEE are the exams which every engineering aspirant aspires to not only pass but crack with a good rank , so that they could get admission to a college that makes their future secure. But all said than done. Their is no doubt that IITs are the most sought after institutes in the country, students right from class 11 start their preparation to get through it and there are those who start as early as 9th class. There was this boy who got 5th AIR in IIT-JEE ,in his interview said that students should start preparation for IIT-JEE as early as class 6. Then there is this lad who was hometutored keeping in mind IIT-JEE right from class 3rd. According to his mother who is a teacher, his son started trignometry from class 3.And today he comes with all praise from all corners. Well done, friend!!!

Who doesn't want to get admitted in the premier institutes of the country, being where is an honour in itself at the first place. Even we had dreamt that . Let me see what I learnt throught that phase of my life. But I am really happy to be where I am , at ABV-IIITM. Really enjoying my sojourn here and often I think about a popular adage" If you get what you want, its good but if you don't. its even better", which I read in newspaper the day I came to know that I have to be off to Gwalior. But we shall not stop dreaming, atleast not in this lifetime.....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

a tale of two persons.....

Once upon a time there was a person who went to a new place, very unusual , very unknown, very much undiscovered and unexplored . There this person met another person, they talked very well as anybody on first meeting, asked each other's name and fortunately or unfortunately they incidentally fell in the same job, beside each other. I would call the first person person 1 and the other one person 2.
Then this person 1 was very well impressed by the person 2 and the manners, attitude, modesty, sensibility and benevolence. Person 1 really developed high regards for person 2. Person 1 started liking the latter as a human being and took care of person 2's needs and wishes.
But then this 2 befriended other persons who were definitely very outspoken and lively. Started to spend time with them and in a nutshell this person 1 hardly met his friend now. But even then this 1 was happy, very happy not at all concerned about 2 and earnestly did hid job and without any expectations, but that friendship was alive in him. He considered the latter his very good friend irrespective of latter considered or not.
Life continued......Then suddenly this person 1 notices person 2 coming to him, talking to him, sharing all his things, joys and sorrows and person 1 could not do anything but smile. Person 1 smiled because he had come to know that his true friendship had won. All that he endured in those times happily without any grudge, forgot those and now that he had his friend with him , he thanked the almighty.
So the moral of the story is that if you truly cherish your friend's presence , then no matter how the circumstances are, no matter how much the geographical distance is in between, no matter how the latter behaves, if you truly regard that presence and unconditionally care for them then you shall not be betrayed....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Newton's third law fails here......

So, finally the disgraceful former DGP of police SPS Rathore has been convicted of the Ruchika Girhotra murder case and sentenced 18 months behind the bars. For those of you who do not know much about this,let me tell you that about two decades before this girl had been molested by this supposed-to-be-responsible top cop and after three years in 1993 , the girl devoid of mother committed suicide. And after much travail and bickerings justice knocks at the door of Girhotras. This brings to fore yet another fact ,but not an unusual one ,that people in power often consider the judiciary as their backyard and their right to furtively vanish from scene after having had their day at spa.
A couple of conclusions transpire in sequel to this incidence. First that the judiciary still is not competent to deliver justice at time. Second that there might be so many Ruchikas still behind the scene, silently being victims to these dastardly acts. Third thing that, whenever it comes to doing justice to girls family , the path has always been full of ordeals. OK, what did happen to Soumya Vishwanathan, Arushi murder case and to that girl who was molested for 18 consecutive months and that to by her own kith and kins?
Since time immemorial , women have always been the scapegoats and after the vile incidences the disgust that has often come to their families is heart ripping. One thing that puzzles me is that Rathore's wife was very much adamant on defending her husband knowing that somewhere it was this person who happens to be her husband, who had done some mischief. Had she been the mother of Ruchika she must have well understood the agony and apathy, but what choice did she have, and now even she becomes an accomplice. And here is our DGP who is suddenly stripped off his President Medal which he was awarded by the supreme commander of forces because , once upon a time he did what he ought not to. This is ridiculous..He tried to tamper with the evidence, played with the autopsy report used all power that was conferred to him thanks to the position he was at, so that he was out of the deadly handcuffs...but in vain.
I can write on and on but it really indignates me to envisage that in our country such inhumanly tragedies are enacted every day and on the top of that their wounds are left to fester due to insouciance of our so-called-justice-givers. At one moment it feels that India is quickly scaling the heights in the international market but right the next moment it looks as if there is much to be transformed in the sub-continent.
Whatever it may be but if it happens in and around us we shall do justice to the chapter of WHISTLE-BLOWING that we studied in our class, won't we ?
Jai Hind.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

truth is stranger than fiction

Here in my neighbourhood i met 3 children, all of them siblings together, sister the eldest ,of my age only and two younger brothers one in 10 th class and the other I don't know. Actually my neighbour is their maternal aunt so they have come here. Now you might be wondering as to what is the crazy idea that out of void I begin to narrate a fable.
Actually these children have lost their parents, father died before and mother recently. And now the in-laws left them for their sorrow to fester, absolved them of responsibility, and here too her maternal aunt treats her like any other , making her do all the domestic chores while having her day at spa, not letting them sleep well and behaving flitchingly to them. Now a girl of 19 years has to complete education and see that her brothers too get their due of vital cognition. She can't go to her village for her relatives are adamant to get her married, has to live in where her father worked, Ajmer... on the money she will get due to the job of her parents.
Sad story ? No , a veracity of life and a true wound to life. YOU SEE HALF OF THE WORLD WHEN YOUR PARENTS ARE ALIVE, BUT WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE..IT IS THEN YOU DISCOVER CHAMELEONS THAT WERE ANGELS WHEN YOU HAD PARENTS. (exceptions exist). How suddenly everything changes , all relations seem futile, meaningless, everybody ready to make their tasks done. On the top of it these children suffer humiliation......unbound. When we see this then do we realize that what force parents are in the lives of children. But even then these faces smile all the time conceiving the pain of the great loss inside their heart , they got their love from parents .Who is left now to cuddle them and sincerely care for them and be benevolent ?

It is really hard to live without both mother and father in this atrocious world of strange characters. Now think of those who never knew what this "parents" is ? Yes ,the orphan kids. Who right from birth fall into a ditch , who do not know what is love and at times fall prey to wrong hands who exploit them. Every one of us is well aware of this. The truth is that without parents it is really herculean task, ordeal to live .
Now shift focus on ourselves. How fortunate are we to have both of those angels with us, for us to love us and who care for us.It is killing when that misfortune happens but what is more bludgeoning is how everything changes after that...REALITY IS REVEALED. I have always believed personally that only two relations are true in life
*that with parents.
*that of true friendship
though I would like to put the latter before the former.
May God give them the momentum to go and I know in this too their lies an opportunity and every evil that comes in their way is hurled up in sky and thrown miles away..........

Saturday, May 15, 2010

WHAT WENT WRONG..........................???

The third consecutive year of IPL WOrld cup and the second incessant dismal performance of the men in blue. It is really pity to believe and swallow the fact that even before we could enter the tournament we are back from Caribbean with sulken mood and nothing to say much on this ignominous exit.

Now the greaybeards of this ilk of game are busy anticipating and conjecturing the rationale behind this debacle. While captain Dhoni blames it on the IPL, its tough schedule and time table and the late night parties for taking toll of the fitness of players and exuding them of the vital momentum to play, cricket wizards call it lackadaiscal attitude of the team members. Right from the beginning a host of incorrect decisions were taken, from the selection of team, going with Vinay Kumar , Ravindra Jadega, Yuvraj Singh................... who is struggling to perform and has become second Harbhajan for being in too much controversies. Pragyan Ojha was no where to be seen whom we have seen performing better in past. Also Indian players are incapable of handling short pitch stuff and the same was the reason for last time's exit too but then its said "if one doesn't learn from past, it is compelled to get repeated" and that we have envisaged again. Fielding has always been inability on our side but it never created that impact as this time, we dropped catches like amateurs, collided, no good communication on the field and now end up lamenting for being OUT so early.

With this unexpected fiasco Dhoni lands in loosing captaincy and the captain cool's decisions backfired this time. But he was the captain when India became top test playing side and second in ODIs and not to forget when India bludgeoned every team in the world to conquer World Cup T-20 in 2008. Coach Gary Kirsten with Paddy Upton has an uphill task to get screws at right place and again make the team India stronger and focussed. And thankfully it was not the World Cup of cricket else a havoc would have dawned upon the sub-continent where cricket is not just a game but a sentiment.

This is a rough patch through which the players are going and it is time that we learn form our baffling blunders and come back stronger. As long as the person who has never faced such a situation in life has every right to incriminate them but not a penny right if he hasn't. So in this tough time we need to understand that they had their day at spa ,now it is time to cut ice.

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